Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony use Inauguration to quiet divorce rumors

January 21st, 2009 // 35 Comments

You might have thought last night was about Barack Obama becoming the first black president? But, nope, it’s not. It’s about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony using the Inaugural Ball to make everyone believe they’re happily married. People reports:

Earlier in the evening, Anthony had said, “I wrote this next song about Jennifer. I must have been psychic.” The song was his decade-old “You Sang to Me.”
“She didn’t get the point, but eventually it worked,” said Anthony, the Associated Press reports.
The couple ended their duet with a kiss. “Man, she’s cute,” Anthony said after Lopez exited the stage.

Typical. This is just like that time they showed up to Prince Adam’s birthday and sang a duet instead of letting Orko do his magic show. Damn youse, Skeletor!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Patrix

    first. they suck ass tho.

  2. God I hope this couple can work it out. I was so disappointed when I heard about Madonna and Guy Ritchie. What’s next, Christina and Jordan?? How am I supposed to have any faith in lasting love when beautiful women and hideous men can’t make it work??

  3. bloop

    FedEx her fat ass to Mexico.

  4. Racer X

    I can’t see that ass biotch!!!

  5. Ok, I’m better now, I took my “I don’t give a shit” pill. Gotta remember to do that when I first wake up, dammit!!

  6. Two completely worthless “celebs”. Neither has a sliver of talent and if he isn’t the ugliest man on the planet then Bush was the best President ever!

    How these two get invited to anything is beyond me.

  7. CakeSniffer

    Wow! Who’s the designed that dress? Stay-Free?

  8. CakeSniffer

    Wow! Who’s the designed that dress? Stay-Free?

  9. Jules

    @3 She’s Puerto Rican. They both are. Moron.

  10. TO:

    She is Puerto Rican Dumb ass do you even know where thats at?

  11. missywissy

    Who gives a fuck if they’re Mexican or Puerto Rican? They still suck!

  12. Jrz

    Her dress looks like part of a Mummer’s costume.
    And he’s just…..oily.

  13. JLo’s dress: When Bedazzling Goes Horribly Wrong

  14. Hoook Aires?


  15. lola richie

    I like the dress a lot. My problem is with the completely airbrushed face. That is not her real face and it is obvious

  16. Liz

    OMG are you guys f-ing blind? This woman is drop dead gorgeous with killer legs, beautiful face, the whole package. I would love to see just how nasty in real life you people are and what kind of comments would be put up if you had your pictures up. You are all jealous, shes hot so get over it.

  17. Poor Frist (kindly concerned personage with small penis)

    Dearest Frist, I am sorry to hear that life is so terrible for you that you have to wake up and immediately drug yourself. Is it perhaps that you are incapable of findintg a man that will stay with you. I am sure that it must be tough when you introduce you new man to your lady friends and he pays more attention to them it must suck. Looks aren’t everything though and there is always long lonely walks through parks and libraries full of the classics and always plenty of romance novels for the holidays, sugar.

    Love you (very very concerned)

  18. mamamiasweetpeaches

    1. Of course he sang You Sang To Me. What the hell ELSE is he gonna sing? Maybe I Need To Know I Need To Know Tell Me Baby Girl Cuz I Need To Know. Those are the only two ummm…errrrr…”Hits” the man had!

    2. Am I crazy , or are they starting to look alike? And, no, not in the good “he’s starting to look like her”way. I mean SHES starting to look like HIM> Check around the nose and mouth.

    3. Anyone who wants to act surprised and shocked that this “Sweet Couple” are breaking up- HOW many times has this broad been engaged and or married? And this guy left his WIFE for his “just friends” relationship with J LO. Girl, if he’ll cheat on his wife with YOU , he’ll cheat on YOU whenh the next best thing comes along.

  19. Claudia

    Hey!! #3 Get your facts straight!! she’s Puerto Rican. And I don’t know why everyone is hating…she’s Beautiful. For those that have bad comments to make….I feel sorry for you all…you must really hate your life and just get pleasure in degrading others!!! what a sad world this is!!

  20. The sad world produces another person with no life

    She has a plain face at best. Why does this negro assed whore have no calves? Can you imagine what he looks like naked with those skinny legs and that big divl swinging between them?

  21. Jen Looks great. He doesnt and never does. But Jen is always on point.

    The JLo Spot

  22. Jupiter Girl

    She finally looks perfect again! :)

  23. Mija! Presta me tu chonchon!

  24. p

    actually they both look pretty good, she’s lost the baby fat and he doesn’t look like he’s dying……

  25. V

    I think she got a little mommy makeover from DR. 90210.
    Her eyelids look picked up slightly…little nip-tuck. Also, maybe some facial injections.. She looks good– – but definitely NOT all natural- – I mean she is almost 40.

  26. Pastor Rick Warren

    I hope they stay together for the rest of their lives. Not because they are good people or good entertainers, since they aren’t. But because they deserve eachother and the best thing for the rest of the world, and God, would be for them to make eachother miserable as long as possible.

    PS – I fucked him in 2005; nothing special. Kind of loose actually, boy has a streched out ass and doesn’t bathe properly. Just saying. BTW God said he forgives me for anything I do when temtation is stronger than me.

  27. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Marc Antony’s skinny Latino penis

  28. me

    Oh, nevermind what I say. I’m obsessed with all cock and butthole.

    Just ignore me, always, because I’m irrelevent, perverted and jealous.

  29. genny


  30. I’m sure now americans are raised with “FAKING SMILES”, folks!!

  31. minky

    Her eyes, lips, and teeth all look different. Maybe the nose, not sure. Why is this not being investigated? Where is Dateline on this???

  32. MizZy

    shes trying too hard to look like jessica alba with the lip liner hair and eye makeup!

  33. MizZy

    shes trying too hard to look like jessica alba with the lip liner hair and eye makeup!

  34. MizZy

    shes trying too hard to look like jessica alba with the lip liner hair and eye makeup!

  35. This woman is drop Dead Gorgeous with killer legs, pretty face, the whole package. It would be nice to see how bad people in real life you have and what kind of comments would be packed if you had your picture on.

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