Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony still married

February 16th, 2009 // 46 Comments

In a blatant effort to shoot down rumors they were divorcing on Valentine’s Day, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were photographed extensively in public this weekend. And, wow, thank God. Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve been curled up under my desk with my fingers crossed these two stay together. Who wants to live in a world where Jennifer Lopez weasels out of her deal with Satan and gets to leave Marc Anthony? Seriously.

Photos: Splash News

  1. scalpel head

    What did she do to her face??????? She doesn’t even look the same. No wonder we haven’t seen her in a month- she’s been recovering from yet another plastic surgery. Ugh.

  2. Repentant Sinner

    FAKE!!! You can tell it’s photoshop because they’re holding hands. DUH

  3. Mike

    21. Do FreeBird – February 16, 2009 2:41 PM

    Hey, who dug up RIcky RIcardo’s grave?

    Its either that or he’s on the concentration camp diet plan

  4. Ben

    Even in the marginally interesting world of celebrity gossip, WHO CARES?!?! At this point, it’s even a stretch to still call them celebrities. Honestly, when was the last time either of these self absorbed ass-clowns did anything of note?

    And 15, lighten up and learn what racism means. What, begin something other than white makes you exempt from criticism??

  5. Spenceer

    Cute couple. They appear to be happy. But I saw his personal ID on millionaire & celebrity dating club____MillionaireLoving. C O M____yesterday. What is he looking for on that site?

  6. Ein

    El Skeletor wants to ditch her for Heman.

  7. Tom K

    I can’t stand these two dirty Puerto Ricans from New York and those ugly gremlins they call kids!

    Nothing against the real ones from Puerto Rico, I just have a problem with the ghetto “Nuyoricans”, the ones that try to copy ghetto black people and can’t speak either english or spanish.

  8. chuck

    my precioussssssssssssss

  9. fashionvictim

    So carrying around a red jelly vibrator proves the HAWT is still in their romance?

  10. Pilatunes

    March, George A Romero called, he needs an extra and wants to know if you are available.

  11. STINK

    That first pic looks like a bad Photoshop. Daisy?

  12. RaraAvis

    He’s morphing into Don Knotts…

  13. Courtyardpigeon

    WTF is up with the first photo? When did her husband die?

  14. Cruella Deville is a bitch!

    i see the bitch is still torturing animals for fur. can’t stand that no talent pig!

  15. Anthony

    Are they in a science-fiction movie or… no… that’s not real?

  16. that dude has the most terrible fake smile ive ever seen. he does not know how to hide a frown. poor loser.

  17. YUCK


  18. I wonder why they would be divorcing. She just gave birth. Maybe it is post-partum stuff –

  19. sin

    Notice they are not really touching. He looks like he has AIDS and she is afraid to touch him.

  20. vivian

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  21. Banquo

    Marc Antony is the love child of Adam Ant and Steve Buscemi

  22. At least Jen and her babies look beautiful.

    The JLo Spot

  23. Pilatunes

    It suddenly hit me….Marc is the guy that got punished for ‘sloth’ in the movie Se7en. Phew, glad I finally figured that out.

  24. Markus

    NO WAY!
    She’s posing with a wax figure!

  25. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been curled up under my desk with my fingers crossed these two stay together.

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