Jennifer Lopez > Kim Kardashian

April 2nd, 2009 // 98 Comments

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian took their respective asses out on the town last night, and give me the aerobically toned J-Butt any day. Not that I’m suggesting these two engage in an epic ass-off because, after the dust settled, there’d only be one loser: Civilization. And, okay, chairs.


  1. felixelgato

    jennifer lopez is HOT

  2. House264

    first bitch

  3. Jesse

    That’s about all the dysgenic rabble are good for – producing big butts.

  4. amanda

    and jennifer had TWINS
    eat it kim!

  5. Salmon

    JLo IS HOT!

  6. Jennifer Lopez has an athletic butt from all her dancing since she was young and does not require a butt bra or butt girdle like Kim.

    It appears that Kim Kardashian has had liposuction (or liposculpture) on her lower back, upper thighs and hips. This sculpts the butt into looking bigger and perkier by defining it, but Kim still needs to wear a butt girdle or butt bra. The butt bra Kim is wearing today is a big improvement from her other butt bras and butt girdles.

  7. Kevin


    Kim looks like she had twins the way her big fat butt sags and her big hips for a short chick lol! Kim is not shit without airbrushing, she did liposculpture on her back flab, upper thigh flab, and flabby hips. Now Kim looks out of proportion lol!

  8. blackout

    Kim has a FUPA :-\

  9. Trish

    Now remember ladies; when you take a side profile picture, you need to bend the leg that faces the camera so the butt looks nice and perky.

  10. Somewhere, with “Baby Got Back” on repeat, Sir Mix A lot has just had a coronary.

  11. havoc

    Whats his name looks like a Puerto Rican Thurston Howell III from Gilligans Island….


  12. THREESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Lain

    J. Lo is an okay singer, not much of an actress, but I do think she is pretty. Why is she married to that freak?

  14. lol


  15. Jamie's Uterus

    The original fat ass no talent bitch is coming back – she must have more bad music or ugly clothes to sell.

    By the way, what did this stupid selfish worn out skanky slut do to her face? It doesn’t even look like her anymore.

    I think she has denounced her ethnic features and is trying to look white. Her nose job, skin tone, all wanting to be as white as Gwenyth Paltrow. The Latin community should be outraged. She is a disgrace to her people, women, this nation and its ancestors.

  16. KK GO AWAY

    both are fake as hell and neither is talented.

  17. Zed

    ummm…well, to borrow from the last story, I’d say both of their pussies say “CHEESE!!!”

  18. testing

    Agreed JLo has a way better ass

  19. .

    Kim is stunning from the waist up but her backside is crazy looking (And this is coming from a girl with a bubble butt)

  20. KK GO AWAY

    #16, you are right! She totally did something to her face…too much botox. She looks quite plastic.

  21. jo

    Hahaha @ comment #12

  22. Jesse

    “I think she has denounced her ethnic features and is trying to look white.”

    Good move, always. Well, if you want to be successful (spics, you might want to look up that word in your English-to-Spanish dictionaries…ahh, who am I kidding?!! You don’t buy books!).

  23. megustanlostotos

    jlo is hotter

  24. nose

    Please spare me the rancid stench of their double-wide snailtrails.

  25. I can tell that I’m going to fall in love with Kim just because everyone else hates her.

  26. shake32

    c’mon …any man that doesn’t think both of these girls are beautiful must prefer men!

  27. .

    #27 any man who frequently comments on a celebrity blog must prefer men. Straight men don’t critisize women’s bodies in minute detail. Thats what girls and gays do.

  28. Fati

    #28 – Right on. And any woman who says so is just jealous. Eat your hearts out, you fat uglies!

  29. Amused

    I think its funny how some men come on of all places to try to sound macho. Its a freaking PINK website about celebrities.

  30. Sexy Techy

    #28 & 29

    You have not worked in a male dominated environment if you believe this. I work in a big company in the engineering department and men love these sites and critiquing women. Every female that walks by our area gets critiqued. Believe it or not but most of the men prefer shapely bodies and not fat induced curves like Kim. They make fun of all the girdle butts that walk in our area or the fat chicks with flab hanging out of their clothes. I am the same height as Kim and I could not imagine carrying around all that extra weight. In fact I can’t even imagine eating a lot of food like Kim or eating one of Kim’s favorite snacks which are fried Oreos yikes! I can honestly say that I am relieved that I do not overeat like Kim, have to rely on airbrushed pictures, liposuction, and butt girdles. Sometimes working in the technical field makes a person crave mindless worthless information like this site.

  31. _____________________________________________

    31 I don’t beleive you because I know you post the same thing every time theres a story about KK. You are unhealthily obsessed. You always have exactly the same thing to say. I know you’re the same person who goes on about being a size 4 and being able to “push yourself from the plate” Well I’m a healthy size 2 and I’m defending women of every shape and size by telling you to fuck right off back to your stressful unfullfilling office job.
    I know a lot of people and pretty much every straight guy I’ve ever known just liked women with pretty faces and female bodies of any shape (except morbidly obese and anorexic). If you think men are that horrible then you are a twisted person with a VERY distorted view of human psychology. Some men say bitchy things because it gives them a feeling of power and superiority like they are the judge and jury on female beauty, but they are normally as fucked in the head as you are.

  32. Jake


    You sound obsessed since you have memorized comments lol! You are probably short and have a big fat saggy butt with big hips on your short stout body like Kim. You need to lose weight and feel good about yourself so you do not take these posts personally. Take off your body shaper and relax!

  33. _____________________________________________

    Yeah I’ve been reading the superficial for years and someone (i’m guessing you) has said the same thing so many times I remember it! And the I remeber someone (I’m guessing you) saying I had an eating disorder because I’m a size 2 on a KK post the other day. To be honest i souldn’t care but It really bugs me when people think every curvy girl like kim is the same as being fat and every skinny girl like me has an eating disorder. I’m tired of body facism. And its people like you who keep it going for your own ammusement, not realising the damage it does.

  34. sushi

    You can just see the plastic surgery face already. She’s such a fucking whore.

  35. Dr. Phil

    “And its people like you who keep it going for your own ammusement, not realising the damage it does.”

    It’s a fucking celebrity blog.

    Grow the fuck up.

  36. Karen

    Any girl with the least bit of positive mental health will be completely unfazed by these comments, or any other commentary on women’s bodies. Your life is your own and nobody else’s. You do something good, it’s your achievement; you do something bad, it’s your failure. Blaming is for weak-minded people.

    If reading a blog makes you develop a serious mental disorder, at least have the common courtesy to develop one that involves suicide. And do it right – not with a handful of pills, just to get attention; have some spine and blow your brains out with a gun. Please. As soon as you can.

  37. Nathan Lane

    It cracks me up (no pun intended) how many “straight” guys become fixated on girls’ asses. Eventually all they really want is oral and anal sex, whether or not their girlfriends and wives realize that and can handle the truth. Most men only partially understand women (at best) and remain focused on activities they prefer to do with other men. But only a small percentage have the courage to recognize that and at least try a gay relationship to see if it’s what will make them happiest. Look at all the unhappy hetero relationships, and how many are abusive. Guys are basically gay, and anti-women. Someday we’ll all have the courage to face that, and we’ll finally become civilized.

  38. Only thing worse

    than a spic is one that tries to be white. JLOlife is an old woman now. So she had hersself done up to look like a true human. Can’t say I blame her. Who would want to look like a tired and stretched out over the hill mexican? Or peurto rattan or whatever they are all the same.
    I would personally like to thank the Latin community for the fine graffit they have posted all over the place here. Why can’t we just deport them all for god’s sake?

  39. kingofbeer

    J has been looking hot lately. Love the ass!

    Her husband on the other hand, looks like a douche… seriously the scarf on the neck thing…douche

  40. Jl

    Kim K > JLO anyday

  41. Kardashian is far better looking. It isnt even a contest. Personally ive always found Lopez’ face rather mannish especially around the jaw.

  42. MosesGabby

    Between J-Ho and Phat Ass Kardash, you could not find two less talented pieces of shite who think they are hot. Fock off both of you brownies.

  43. MosesGabby

    Between J-Ho and Phat Ass Black Dick Loving Kardash, you could not find two less talented skanks. Fock off you two brownie bitches.

  44. tc

    Sounds like #38 needs some ass-to-mouth.

  45. timmy the dying boy

    J.Lo’s ass is firm and shapely.

    Kim’s ass looks like two cats fighting in a bag.

  46. Delgo (The Gustoppo)

    I wonder if either or both’s asscrack/asshole is bleached?
    Prob not JLo right? She’s a mom with Golem babies now.
    Kim’s is definitely not. I know because Ray J sang about it in a song.

  47. you want a faking couple who loves to trick NAIVE AMERICANS, the ##lopez-clan## is the right choice.
    Although you want more honesty and “SEE WHAT YOU GET” kim kardashian will be yours, folks!!

  48. Dude

    Sexy Techy, you sound like one of those skinny bitches that no real man would give a second glance at. All you cows are good for is head anyway and believe me, that’s NOT the way to get some guy to marry your tired ass, no matter WHAT your other skinny friends say!

  49. 1moreidiotintheworld

    JLO looks like she showed up with her pervert uncle – wardrobe by Goodwill.
    His taste in clothing is about the same as…… Oh well, if you get to fuck her, I guess you can dress however the hell you want.

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