Jennifer Lopez is pregnant or smuggling Hobbits in her dress

December 3rd, 2007 // 69 Comments

These pictures of Jennifer Lopez were taken last night, and they answer my burning question of what J-Lo would look like if she were super pregnant and standing next to Skeletor. Now I finally know and it turned out to be way more sweaty and awkward then I could’ve possibly imagined. Awesome. I guess being pregnant isn’t so bad after all. I don’t see why women (i.e. my girlfriend) complain about it all the time (i.e. when I’m watching TV). You get to play Whale-Woman, Queen of the Bitchy Faces. C’mon, that looks like a blast! Or, okay, you can start crying and throw an entire bookcase at me. That seems like fun too.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. J-lo looks like an actor in that maternity dress.Its looks fake …some women should not be seen while pregnant

  2. sillypanda!

    WOW. j.lo looks great! the dress, the hair, the baby bump, etc.etc. she looks gorgeous! i love that dress!! <3 <3

  3. Why?

    By the Power of Greyskull!
    He-Man needs to take a sword to both of this retarded ugly bastards whose lack of talent is only made up for in an overabundance of image.
    I’m in the independent party but I would vote republican if there campaign promises include putting up a fence around JLo’s ego.
    And ensuring she will be in no more films.
    Any takers?
    Romney I know you are looking for votes.

  4. LayDeeBug

    24 – That’s because shes a fucking Puerto Rican from Spanish HArlem who still thinks like a goddamn hick. She has no class and believes the money can buy it.

    And for all you fucko’s who are going to start with the racial crap, I am ALSO a SPIC, so eat me. Only I’m Dumb-in-a-can and we actually know about class (tho most of us are broke)

  5. nakedatall

    She is so sexy, gorgeous woman
    The most beautiful pregnant celebrity i´ve ever seen
    (this site is a sh××t)

  6. bay

    OKAY # 28 AND 34 need to get a life….24 you want to talk about cruel look at your fucking name numb nuts….and for JLo being rude and mean…get the fuck over it everyone has their days and it’s their fault if they stick aroud for the “mean treatment” and so what if she spends 10,000 on getting her brows waxed, she earned her $ who the fuck are you to tell her what to do with it, make your own $ and lets see how much of it you give to “charity” and 28 you need to get over it too, it’s their $ not your, people always HATING on the celebrities…here you are on The superficial, Perez Hilton and X17 online checking them out, so get a fucking life because you are all loving the celebs cause you spend your fucking time “educating” yourselves on how much a celeb spends on this and that….well they thank your dumb asses for making them rich! Now fuck off and stop HATING on JLo she is divalicious and she can do what ever she wants with her money she made the money right! and for Mark Anthony, so what he’s thin…if he were fat you would be calling him a fat ass, He is one of the most talented soanish singers out there, he is magnificent why don’t you do your reserch on his music and lets see what you have to say then….only PR cans can appreciate! AND she is pregnant fuck asses! Since when is a pregnant woman THIN…..get smart!

  7. shallow val

    56 – WHO needs to get a life?????? Nuff said. Anyone who says “hating on” is a douche. What the eff are you doing here. GET OUT!

    Bring it.

  8. Roses

    Oh my god, what the hell does she see in that gimp of a husband?

  9. Shallo Val

    58 – She sees in him the singing talent that she lacks.


  10. Bogart

    He’s starting to look like Billy Crystal to me.

  11. What is hilarious is that while I am 8 months pregnant myself, I haven’t felt the need to arch my back so severely as she is, to look more preggers than she is. If she can manage to walk while thrusting out her pelvis like she has some degenerative disease, it’s a miracle.

  12. amy

    Enough with the peach lipgloss – it doesn’t look good on you. And what is going on with all that eye concealer. These two are such a freakshow. By the way, unlike JLH he really is a size 2.

  13. extracheeseplease

    Whoahhhh J-Lo got totally fat, lay off the fried plantains and arroz girlfriend! sheesh, oh she’s pregnant! How’d that happen?

  14. fckdahatrs,gitalife

    #13, why do you hate her so much? Because you can NEVER be as successful as she or because she is a latina with fame and fortune? No matter how bad the photog made her look,posting nothing but the bad pics, you can’t take NOTHING away from her!!! MF, go talk shit on Brit whore

  15. LayDeeBug

    64 – because she’s a pig.

  16. Narcissist

    AHH! A pregnant fug is being attacked by a 6000 year old zombie! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!

  17. Hello

    # 16 VERY, VERY FUNNY. She’s wearing too much make up so she could look like an angel.

  18. extracheeseplease

    Last Picture
    Marc Anthony: “after the child is born I will vacuum his life force and the process will be complete!”

  19. Mark Antoni and Jennifer look here reale life

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