Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. Maybe.

jlopez_pregnant.jpgJennifer Lopez has sparked rumors that she’s pregnant after she was spotted shopping for baby clothes in Petit Tresor and telling staff the clothes were for her. A source tells a British newspaper, “J.Lo came in to buy some little outfits. We all presumed it was for a niece or a family friend but she said, ‘It’s for me.’ She then smiled and carried on looking around before buying some early-learning books.”

Keep in mind that this baby store is the same pathetic bunch that was milking Britney Spears’ visit for as much publicity as possible. As much as I want to believe that Jennifer Lopez is making a horrible monster baby with Marc Anthony, I’m pretty sure Petit Tresor is just pulling crap out of their asses for some publicity. And if we give it to them, then the terrorists have finally won.