Jennifer Lopez is having twins

October 8th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Jennifer Lopez’s constantly rumored pregnancy is being confirmed. Ok! Magazine is reporting that J-Lo has not one, but two, buns in the oven:

“Jennifer is having twins, and she’s over the moon about it,” a source close to the singer reveals exclusively to OK!. “She is absolutely glowing with happiness. She’s spending time relaxing with Marc and enjoying being pregnant, which is something she has always wanted.”

So, how about those Webkinz? Kids are going nuts for those things. They’re like Beanie Babies but with a better chance of a pedophile finding your child attached. Oh, whoops, sorry about that. I was talking about Jennifer Lopez then changed the subject to something that’s actually culturally relevant. Where are my manners?


  1. Twins are what she’s packing in her blouse.

  2. Age

    Out of her butt.

  3. adeliza

    Let’s hope they don’t inherit her fashion sense.

  4. freakwad


  5. leatherdaddy

    so this is what jo lo looks like ‘thick’.

  6. melbee

    if she’s having twins, i doubt she’d be flailing around, i mean dancing, all over the stage. if it’s true, that tour is going to be cancelled pretty soon, which is good considering those frightening outfits, jesus h. christ!

  7. Frick

    The evil diva bitch has spawned; what a bummer :(

  8. viviane

    she better quit smoking if she’s having kids.

  9. MonkeyHead

    That woman’s ratio of talent-to-arrogance is off the scale. She’s only a *slightty* better actress than Britney, she can’t sing, she dances like a doofus, and she’s about as classy as Mariah. She used to be famous for having the best BigAss — but Kim K. took over than position.

    She should tour with Celine Dion. They could compare ugly husbands and discuss diamond rings.

  10. Holy shit, when are these morons going to stop reproducing?

  11. havoc

    I wonder who the father is?????


  12. no1justminda

    I can’t help it. Every time I hear about J Lo or see her, I have recurring nightmares about her huge ass in Selena! That shit’s scary!

  13. Dan-O

    I hope I’m not the father

  14. muffin is in her 3rd trimester

    Good for JLo. She will make a good mother.

  15. Alex

    Someone needs to burn her wardrobe.

  16. She even looks gorgeous and fashionable in that llate stage of pregnancy

    But you have to wonder about that onstage dancing – is it really healthy???

  17. I hope they look like her and not Marc Anthony. He looks like a gargoyle.

  18. Age

    Pic #4, is that her left nipple or a trick of light?

  19. ssdd

    IF the Father is Marc.. can you imagine If the kids get one bit of looks from his skeletor looking ass?!?!?! Holy fucking hell. And we thought Suri and Zahara were ugly. …

    ANyways how does it work when a baby is passed meth from the parents??…. What sort of complications??…

    Ok .. well now that Ive thought about it … Zahara will always beat out whatever heinous spawn jho could shit out…… simply because zaharas daddy, flavor flav gave her some hideous motherfucking looks.

  20. OMG I hopez she getz fat and strech mark?????
    I kant stand her ugly azz?????
    She iz zo ugly even I am hotter zan her??
    Wat iz up wit her face she look like a man!?????

  21. havoc

    #18…I think you’re right. We have nipplage……


  22. LP

    oh G how i would hate to be jlo’s kid. poor bastards.

  23. BJ

    Marc and JLO have 3 shows coming up in about 3 weeks in Miami, while I love Marc Anthony’s Music, I couldn’t stomach having to sit through her performance, or even a duet. As for top ass today, KimK is definitely Queen!

  24. Tits McGee

    You can’t take the Bronx or the Puerto Rican out of those fucking monstrosities/outfits.

  25. Homesup

    Looks like a nip slip in the picture with the 2 guys flanking her.

  26. Uncle Eccoli

    This nasty slag has been lying through her teeth about this for the past month. Classy. There is a HUGE difference between a refusal to confirm and a flat denial – the former is consistent with the custom of “not saying anything” until a certain point in the pregnancy, while the latter is downright dishonest and wholly uncouth. Any sliver of respect I may have had for this woman is now gone.

  27. PunkA

    “Over the moon about it…”??? WTH? Is this the 1920′s? From the pictures, you’d think she was some retard flapper girl. But still, who SAYS that?? That mole is just plain a hyenna’s butt.

  28. Ahem Roid

    The first time the twins see Dad:


  29. i gots a question

    so, since lots of celebrities end up having twins, does anyone else believe they pay doctors to make sure they do, in fact, have twins? i’m just sayin. when you’ve got that kind of money can’t you just pay someone to make it happen? that’s what i think anyway.

  30. Yea those 2 guys in pic #4 probably know her dress slipped but they kinda think its funny. I would.
    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  31. I hope the kids are cuter than those clothes

  32. BunnyButt

    #29, due to a recent news report on TV (so we know it must be true ;) ), multiple births, especially twins and triplets, are increasing due to the increased use of fertility treatment. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two went the fertility treatment route since, although they aren’t old, they aren’t exactly young anymore either.

    BTW, nice clown outfit JLo’s wearing in the first six pics. Didn’t know she was touring with the Ringling Bros.

  33. Pat

    So she’ll be giving birth to 2 living dead, not just one. Way to go, dad.

  34. miggs

    A couple of zombies with big fat asses. Just what the world needs.

  35. jrzmommy

    “Aw, look honey, this one’s got your ego! And this one’s got my narcissism!!!”

  36. Chesnicki

    Now, if somebody reported that HER husband said he’s going to eat the placentas, I’d believe it.

  37. lola

    OMG she totally stole BEYONCE style

  38. 29 I don’t think you can actually pay someone to ensure twins, but you CAN be sterile from ridiculous diets and too much botox or whatever, which necessitates in vitro fertilisation. They put a bunch of fucking embryos in there and if too many take, they kill them. Which is fine. I hate embryos. All wiggly and shit.

    20, I want to punch you in the goddamn face. Unless you’re 14. Then I’ll wait a few years.

  39. remember when a giant snake regurgitated john voit up in her face? that shit was crazy yo.

  40. qroos

    looks kind of cheap and scary at the same time, especially in the bellbottoms.

  41. CS

    I can’t wait til her boobs grow

  42. qroos

    everything will grow, so they will look the same.

  43. caleb

    ….and people feel sorry for Britney’s kids.

  44. McBlumpkin

    “And I will name then Taco and Burrito!”

  45. eeks

    I hope that fur-monger fucking loses the babies. An asshole of her caliber should NOT be breeding!

  46. LSU #1

    Those poor pitiful children. What did they do to deserve this? They’ll look like a pair of hispanic cryptkeepers. No doubt they will find their 15 minutes, just like their aging hipster wannabe parents.

    No better than Britney. The only difference is that the papparazzi watch every move Brit makes but don’t seem to give much of a shit about JLo & Skeletor.

    In summary, Britney the redneck trainwreck is more important, interesting and newsworthy than Mr. & Mrs. Skeletor. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    The fairy suit in the 1st 6 pics look like something straight out of David Beckhams closet.

  47. Dalai Lama

    Man she is gonna get soooooooooooooooooooooo FAT. I can feel it. She already is a gaint fattie by my standards anyway.
    She’s one of those women thaty would be 200 pounds if she wasn’t famous and didn’t have a TEAM of people making her look like a mediocre chubbyass. This women has always repulsed me. She’s revolting.

    Once when I was bored out of my mind I watched some documentary about her. Do you know that she flies in an expert to wax her eyebrows and the fee is $10,000 dollars. That’s sick, what fucking greedy fat ass bitch. And I love women who aren’t strong enough to be alone fat ass couldn’t have Ben Afflec cause he started something on the set of Electra with Jen Garner (has confirmed this) so she went and got herslef the man version of the taco bell dog. How did that guy even impregnate her he’s got to have a pecker the size of a lipstick.

    I bet J-lo will dress her poor kids in matching baby panda coats and baby seal jumpers. she’s such a sicko.

  48. jacknasty

    well if the look she wanted was pregnant circus then BRAVO!

  49. wow pregnant with twins and dancing on the stage! awesome mum!

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