Jennifer Lopez is cleavagey

December 9th, 2008 // 128 Comments

Jennifer Lopez also attended the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night and reminded the world she has breasts; A fact all too many of us seem to forget these days. Honestly, I blame myself. Somehow I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me – and not just for the make-up sex.

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  1. Que

    Que dang.

  2. misterboobytoyou

    I’ll be the FIRST to motorboat those

  3. I wonder how many “I’d hit that” we will get this time?

  4. Kerry

    she is the most beautifully aging celebrity.she is gorgeous!!! Ilove J-Lo!!!!!!

  5. Que

    Que dang.

  6. Bill Clintion

    I’d Hit That!

  7. Aja

    I am a whore, but not as much of a whore as JLo. Compared to her, I’m just a tart. OK, maybe a strumpet, but no more than that.

  8. Jrz

    Hey, Kerry!! I love Jello, too! Whee!!!!

  9. Is that jelly, cause jam sure don’t shake that way!

  10. Jho is a talentless whore

    Hey Kerry,

    Do you realize that Jho is aging “so beautifully” because of a little thing called plastic surgery? Look at her face…she looks NOTHING like she looked years before.

    Why is she even a celebrity? She can’t act, sure as hell can’t sing and only started giving to charity a few years ago when her publicist told her she need to better her image in the media.

  11. Anonymous

    Hate this skank. Passionately.

  12. Suzee

    no wedding band? and no skeletor?? hmmm

  13. Jrz

    Could you imagine having to sit through a movie dressed in an evening gown? Fuck. That.

  14. verga

    this stupid cunt isn’t even famous any more.

  15. Kerry husband is a plastic surgeon and when i make 40 I sure as heck would get some things done too. She has great skin as well. I love the fact that she takes advantage of all the nice luxuries that the medical field has to offer…though I am too frightened to go near a knife…so I will lay off that for as long as possible! I am glad she doesn’t have implants…or goes to whoever Shauna Sand goes to! It is sad about the charity thing though…i didn’t know about that….anyhow take care!!

  16. They dont look bad, im so over Jenny from the block!!! She knows exactly what she should flaunt to make me happy…shes the latina kardashian!!

  17. jennyjenjen

    @ #7, Aja: Oh c’mon honey, you know you’re a whore. You’re a professional three-holer, remember? You’re just as big a whore as JLo, maybe even bigger. You’re certainly no tart, and you’re for sure more than just a strumpet, so I’m thinking you’re a whore, a big, FAT, no-talent, three-holing whore.

    If there’s anyone here who’s just a tart or a strumpet, it’s me, jennyjenjen. That’s right, I’m a strumpet, and a damn good one too, I might add. I’m certainly no three-holing whore like Aja.

    Yours truly,

    jennyjenjen, Professional Strumpet but no more than that

  18. FRIST!!!

    nice push up bra. Her spic tits look like tiny pancakes without it. Plus all spics have dirty assholes and their pussies smelled like a 3 day old undiscovered corpse stuffed with rotting fish.

  19. Deacon Jones

    Man, she’s falling apart in a hurry (body wise)

    Also, her eyes look like she’s been up for two days blowing lines.

  20. havoc

    Pic #6 has “Havoc, fuck me” written all over it……


  21. Luchadora

    J LO looks good, so whats a lil Botox in the face? Life is stressful, you get those lines. Body looks bangin too.

  22. me

    um, is she NOT wearing her wedding ring??

  23. Kerry

    #21 hahahahahah thats right!!!!!!

  24. God

    Kerry–the first thing you should have Dr. Mr. Kerry do is to remove your mouth.

  25. Douchie, I would assume you are referencing her ass, but still, the latina kardashian? Mrs. Lopez has way more talent than KK, not that I enjoy any of her music or her acting, but still. What has KK done besides get peed on and “star” in a reality show about what a vapid cunt she is.

  26. Beaner

    I was always very amused by Lopez. It’s amazing how someone so talentless could become so famous just because a whole race of illegal aliens were so starved for anyone out of their ethnic group to become famous/celebrity. You could literally put up a sock puppet with greasy hair, brown skin, and a last name ending in -uez or -ez and it would be embraced by 40 million unintelligable latinos.

  27. Funeral Guy

    Not only “cleavagey” but “big assey” too.

  28. Sam

    She’s focusing on the cleavage now because Kim K has overtaken her in the “giant hairy brown ass” department.

  29. Massa'

    What’s the difference between Blacks and Latino’s?

    Sometimes blacks make it the the NFL, NBA, & MLB.

    Latino’s don’t.

    So at least a black mother with 14 bastard kids by 14 different dead beat fathers has a chance that one of her bobo’s will make it to the professional level in sports and “get paid.”

    The Latino mother just gets another welfare check.

  30. Guy

    My name is Jennifer Ropez, I like tacos and burritos.

  31. Bickus Dickus

    there’s definately something about her…..something that makes me wanna smash her skull in with a sledgehammer and jump up and down on her brain matter.

  32. Listen asswipe, the girl was in a relationship, with the dude! and when youre in a relationship you do things like that to please your partner! She did it with the wrong dude thats all! and her talent is to look hot, when she walks in somewhere she gets everything for free, thats her talent!,,,now theres a bus departing from your area in a few minutes, be under it!

  33. wow

    She looks amazing.

  34. wtf

    Seriously, what is up with all the constant, unironic racism in comments on this site? it’s like the KKK found the internet and instead of reading tabloids in line at the grocery store they now congregrate through “hurrr spic this, spic that” at

  35. Tim

    #34 – you must be new to the internet. Welcome!

  36. Bickus Dickus

    I heard Ben Affleck once lost Matt Damon in her vagina.

  37. Douchie, she knows how cameras work, so when her boyfriend pointed one at her and started peeing on her she knew exactly what was going to happen. She was using it advance her “fame” People giving you stuff is not a talent…

  38. I’d mix my chocolate with her peanut butter…

  39. Massa'

    oh yeah #36,

    well I heard that Marc Anthony lost his wig in her vagina, and it was there for a week before he remembered where he put it. So he reached in to get it, and half of his wig came out her pussy, and half came out of her ass. So he gave her an internal flossing with it before he completely pulled it out.

  40. bibi

    SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  41. Mongoloid? Im telling you being knowledgeable about fashion is a talent, there’s certain things she knows you may not and can bank on it!
    Did she knows? its up for debate! youre the only one who cares about this and her haters! so she likes fluids on her beautiful soft skin! what man in his right mind would turn that down? the real question is how many time your caretakers dropped you on your head….answer if you please,,,i know it happened!

  42. Tigger

    She is known to have a foot fetish….

  43. Jesus thy Savior

    It doesn’t matter what she looks like, she’s fornicated with farm animals. Same with Carmen Electra. They’re both going to burn in hell for beastiality.

  44. Jose

    As they say at the donkey show, “what can brown do for you?”

  45. jt

    I’d Hit That!

  46. Ell

    Why she have that weird face in all her pictures?

  47. asd

    These are NOT breasts, only cherries!
    Pamela Anderson has BREASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Massa'

    I heard Puff Doody or whatever the fuck that ape’s name is lost a bottle of Krystal up her ass.

  49. Jamie's Uterus

    You can polish a turd, she’s still a disgusting self indulged no talent slut.

  50. Backwood boy is such a fake! pretending to look down upon a sextape, which is sign of the time! and when porn stars are going mainstream! who is he kidding? leave my kimmy alone dickweed…

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