Jennifer Lopez: ‘I deserved an Oscar’

January 6th, 2010 // 125 Comments

In the latest issue of Latina Magazine, Jennifer Lopez laments not winning an Oscar for a movie nobody saw:

“I feel like I had that [Oscar worthy role] in El Cantante, but I don’t even think the academy members saw it. I feel like it’s their responsibility to do that, to see everything that’s out there, everything that could be great.” “Well, it is a little bit frustrating. It was funny; when the Oscars were on, I had just given birth on the 22nd, and the Oscars, I think, were a day or two later. I was sitting there with my twins–I couldn’t have been happier–but I was like, ‘How dope would it have been if I would’ve won the Oscar and been here in my hospital bed accepting the award?’ ‘Thank you so much! I just want to thank the academy!’ But we joked about it. It’s all good. Things will happen when they’re supposed to happen. I have the utmost faith and no doubt that it will one day, when and if it’s supposed to. You can’t get all crazy twisted over it.”

Ha ha ha, celebrities are delusional. Zany! Now someone explain to my why the hell Jennifer Lopez’s vagina needed to be on the outside of her outfit and the answer better include warding off terrorists.

NOTE: Also, ladies, I’d never make something like this up. *wink*

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  1. marme

    #86 Good One!!!! hahaha

  2. marme

    #86 Good One!!!! hahaha

  3. nuno

    you deserve my 19 cm oscar

  4. Erm, *why* is this woman whining?

    Didn’t she get special treatment and even Ben Affleck on South Park?

    Oh, wait. It was Hennifer Hlopez– Cartman’s singing thumb– that got all that stuff. Sorry.

  5. Julie

    Hmm, I feel like most women who give birth consider that to be one of the happiest times of their lives. J Lo’s more like, “Yeah, having kids was a cool publicity stunt, but imagine if I’d won an Oscar!” I hope her kids read that quote one day and realize how valuable they really are to her. Family is ok, but material possessions are more important if you’re the undeserving J Lo.

  6. Nastygirl

    What the fuck is she wearing? I heard there was a matching hat but her head was too big for it. Delusional bitch.

  7. Smack down

    What the fuck is she wearing? I heard there was a matching hat but her head was too big for it. Delusional bitch.

  8. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Music industry man: What kind of song do you want?
    Jennifer Lopez: Something hot and spicy!
    [melody comes on]
    Jennifer Lopez: Spicier.
    [melody changes]
    Jennifer Lopez: Spicier!
    [spicy melody comes on]

    [Jennifer Lopez (aka Eric Cartman's left hand)]
    Burrito. Taco taco. Burrito. Taco. Taco taco.
    Don’t think just because I got a lot of money,
    I’ll give you taco-flavored kisses, honey.
    Fulfill all your wishes
    with my taco-flavored kisses.

    Taco taco. Burrito burrito. Taco taco.
    Fulfill all your wishes
    with my taco-flavored kisses! Taco taco.

    Music industry dude: She’s fantastic! Who is she?
    Different music man: Believe it or not, her name is Jennifer Lopez!
    First guy: That makes sense, she reminds me of J-Lo.
    2nd guy: Yeah, but she’s younger and spicier!
    Jennifer Lopez (singing): Taco taco. Burrito burrito. Taco taco.
    2nd guy: I don’t think J-Lo would like it very much if we signed this new girl.
    1st guy: No, you’re right. We’re gonna have to fire J-Lo.
    [melody changes]
    Different guy: All right, Ms. Lopez, let’s take it from the top.

    [Jennifer Lopez (aka Eric Cartman's left hand)]
    Baby, let’s make a run for the border,
    I’ve got a hunger only tacos can stop.
    I know exactly what I’ll order
    three tacos, two tostadas, and a soda pop.

    [Music industry dude]
    Gentlemen, we have ourselves a hit.

    [Jennifer Lopez (aka Eric Cartman's left hand)]
    I need to make a run for the border.
    If you pay, I’ll take off my top.
    Do you remember what I want to order?
    Three tacos, two tostadas, and a soda pop.

    Yea-ah, and don’t forget the hot sauce, chulo.


  10. abby

    Jlo- you are new money , with bad taste

  11. I don’t think she deserves me knowing her name.

  12. Eris

    Remember JLO you’re the one who sang, “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Jenny from the block.” You’re right, we’re not fooled. MAC cosmetics and designer dresses will never hide your inner ugly. Salma Hayek is ten times the classy woman you wish you were.

  13. an oscar for what… fattest ass?

  14. Tiger Dic Woods

    I rather Kim Kardashian Ass

  15. OMG !

    FAT ASS !!!!! hahahaha xD

  16. AMO

    Marc, where were you when she left the house in this terrible outfit? Isn’t she supposed to be a fashion designer? I know new mom’s get all excited when they get their body back, but damn… do NOT wear anthing like this ever again! J NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I even got my husband’s opinion and he said oh hell no!

  17. Steve

    That was nothing but pure “throw-up in my mouth” nastiness. Please, I’m begging you; for the love of god; don’t ever do that again.
    Censors: Where were you bastardos? I would rather see Janet’s nipple anytime!

  18. Turd da Third

    Jeeze, she is packed so tight into a full body girdle under that brown thing that if it lets go there is going to be a huge earthquake somewhere…

  19. fuck off

    @77 i cant stand jho either but u sound like a racist mutherfucker talking about all the beautiful hair colors and eye colors that whites have. well when are whites gonna stop putting orange shit all over themselves trying to get our color?. we get the beautiful golden brown sunkissed skin. u get the pale skin. when are white girls gonna realize that?

  20. asddx

    shit, what happened to that perfect ass? Where did you leave it?

  21. But you really can not see nothing , so it is not a big deal

  22. Cork

    Heya babe
    you can get my OSCAR anytime

  23. Commented on this photo:

    send fore me sexy video of fucking ass jlo

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