Jennifer Lopez: ‘I deserved an Oscar’

January 6th, 2010 // 125 Comments

In the latest issue of Latina Magazine, Jennifer Lopez laments not winning an Oscar for a movie nobody saw:

“I feel like I had that [Oscar worthy role] in El Cantante, but I don’t even think the academy members saw it. I feel like it’s their responsibility to do that, to see everything that’s out there, everything that could be great.” “Well, it is a little bit frustrating. It was funny; when the Oscars were on, I had just given birth on the 22nd, and the Oscars, I think, were a day or two later. I was sitting there with my twins–I couldn’t have been happier–but I was like, ‘How dope would it have been if I would’ve won the Oscar and been here in my hospital bed accepting the award?’ ‘Thank you so much! I just want to thank the academy!’ But we joked about it. It’s all good. Things will happen when they’re supposed to happen. I have the utmost faith and no doubt that it will one day, when and if it’s supposed to. You can’t get all crazy twisted over it.”

Ha ha ha, celebrities are delusional. Zany! Now someone explain to my why the hell Jennifer Lopez’s vagina needed to be on the outside of her outfit and the answer better include warding off terrorists.

NOTE: Also, ladies, I’d never make something like this up. *wink*

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  1. qman

    eww. jho, please do not ever wear that outfit again.

  2. life's supposed to be dandy

    I guess it tells you everything you need to know about my sex life that I had to look up cunnilingus in a dictionary…

  3. kimberly

    Nothing can take away from the nastiness of that outfit… not even if it sparkles.

  4. LOLZ


  5. pimp

    she looks like the average sex deprived housewife…i think i got a shot…

  6. stupidass


    she deserves an oscar for fooling most of the world that she’s really into marc anthony.

  7. gosyco

    Who needs TSA body screeners.

  8. OTP

    She deserves anal and a facial. That is all.

  9. LaBori

    J.Lo, what happened to your booty??? You had kids and it started saggin, lol. Dress your age, mamita. Stop trying so hard to be sexy, it’s painful to watch! SMH

  10. Wacker

    It was freezing there and she took it like the pro she is. A real classy lady that performed great. Been watching her since ” In Living Color” and she has gotten better with age. She’s been getting wacks a long time. Good luck J-Lo.

  11. joe schlabotnik

    Back in the day, actors worked hard to become stars. These days, stars work hard to become actors!

  12. JiggaJay

    @8 WELL SAID

  13. Queenmab

    An Oscar? Is she kidding? So delusional.

  14. Charlie Wong

    Its pathetic to think that this 5 and dime whore thinks that she deserves an Oscar and here she is walking around practically naked. It so degrading to think that the only way she could get on TV it to wear that outfit. Lets face it, her greatest accomplishment to date has been screwing with Diddy, and all of that diva attitude has gotten her to the tiolet. Now I love vagina like every normal guy does but when I see something that looks like a roast beef sandwich it makes me gag.

  15. Damn, whatever happened to the hot buns she had.

    Bitch, get back to reality and start acting like a woman with kids. Back inside the kitchen, ho!

  16. cc

    The Academy Award for having the biggest ass in Hollwood? Um, pretty sure there isn’t one. And if there was, they should take it away for that goddam outfit.

  17. SO RIGHT

    Right on # 6

  18. sunshine

    I think her stylist accidentally grabbed a costume off the “2010 Winter Olympics Mens Ice Skating” rack.

  19. Deacon Jones

    She looks like she’s getting ready to charge a matador in pic 7.

  20. So did I, Jennifer, so did I.

  21. Jade

    This is what happens when you marry Skelator…I think he nawled her ass off. Wtf happened to that thing, used to be huge.

  22. An aside, does anyone know just how much plastic surgery she’s had?

  23. Omar

    What happened to the legendary ass?

  24. TopCat

    Tiene culo de caballo

  25. Doc Schweinstrudel

    You didn’t see the film so you couldn’t say for sure, bitches.
    I for one had tears in my eyes to her singing ” I love you so much, Ben it almost makes me forget about tacos” in that South Park episode.
    I believe It’s D&G dress and she deserves an Asscar!

  26. Aunt Jemima

    She deserves to be deported, that’s all.

  27. Can you imagine? I’ve always loved Lopez but she seems to suffer from Narcissist/Borderline personality disorder. Yes, it does fall under ‘psychiatric disorders’. Check WebMD, the Merck Manual or links to tests to see if you suffer from them on my site somewhere. Get help & spare us all.

  28. Willie Dixon

    Someone forgot to check the expiration date on their booty when they put on that outfit.

  29. Has a personality disorder that got exasperated with the abundance of wealth from lower-middle class to upper middle class. Never gonna be upper class, as you are born into such.

  30. glace neuf

    i’d hit it and quit it

  31. What?

    I have seen other pics from this concert, so why is it ok for a dancer to give her vag oral yet Adam Lambert does it and all hell breaks loose over the world?

  32. somethingoriginal

    Superfish – call me

    No seriously, this woman is married to skeletor, of course she’s delusional.

  33. Bridget the Midget

    One Word: Gigli.

  34. Sheena

    What the FUCK is she wearing? Sparkling sausage costume = FAIL.

    Oh yeah, well said #6.

  35. SO RIGHT

    OMG! FUNNY posts! but this one takes it

    “she deserves an Asscar!”

  36. Nome King

    How dope!

  37. jay

    fucking nasty. she cant sing. she cant act. and she has a fat ass that just got fatter and nastier after 2 kids with skeletor. she has no talent and wishes she won an oscar for some movie nobody has heard of. fuck her and her no talent ass. she just needs to stop singing or acting or whatever u call that thing she does. and just have babies and get fat. cant believe she wants an oscar. A FUCKING OSCAR! for some film no one gives a shit about. thats like the “new guy” from the movie “The New Guy” asking for an oscar for HIS role. what a fucking stupid bitch. she cant act, sing, or cook. she needs to get outta the spotlight and give it to real latinas that know how to act like penelope cruz or salma hayek or elizabeth pena or charo or tela tequila.

  38. not me

    What I can believe is she is deliberately showing off her ass to the audience. Either there where no mirrors in her dressing room or she is delusional.

  39. Basil Bonerath

    Jennifer your movie has a 4.9 at IMDB. Wake up. Also, it sounds ridiculous when a grown woman with kids says “dope”. Grow up. And anyone who says “it’s all good” annoys me.

  40. Sport

    You can take the Hood out of the girl…

  41. gotmilk?

    when is this dried up cunt going to get over herself?

    she’s delusional about being a good actress, singer, dancer and capable of wearing that outfit.

  42. Sarah

    Superficial Writer–

    I need your number.


  43. Twinkle

    She must be wearing double Spanx underneath that body suit. Everyone knows it because The Superficial posts photos of her in her bikini all the time and NO WAY is she that sleek and tight. Haha!

  44. NORAD

    @26 God, you’re stupid. Just because she’s Latin doesn’t mean she’s an illegal alien, unless the Bronx suddenly became its own sovereign state. Even if she was born in Puerto Rico, that’s still a US territory.

    You. Are. A raging. Fucktard.

  45. batman

    holy assbag! it’s the penguin!

  46. How dope would it have been? Crazy twisted? Why is she talking like a ghetto Puerto Rican?

    Oh, wait…

  47. See Alice

    She deserves ass reduction surgery .

  48. MaryN

    It looks saggy. Ew.

  49. Turd da Third

    I just shat a turd that looks just like her in thee pictures… I think I am going to put it on ebay….

  50. nastyjay

    this shit makes me wanna jack off so hard

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