Jennifer Lopez has spies watching Marc Anthony

December 23rd, 2008 // 33 Comments

The Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony divorce rumors have been piling up ever since the couple stopped wearing their wedding rings a few months back. This latest one from Page Six finds a suspicious J-Lo spying on Marc Anthony:

Despite the fact that the couple renewed its vows in October, a source tells Page Six that Lopez used to send her assistant on tour with Anthony while she stayed at home with their twins. “She wanted reports back so he didn’t cheat on her,” says our source.

Jennifer Lopez is worried that Marc Anthony is cheating on her. Has she even looked at her husband lately? I mean, for more than five seconds before bursting into tears. Then again, there is a single Latin-man-hungry Madonna on the loose. Together they could form their army of undead skeleton soldiers – who will dance you into the night! Bailamos! Let the rhythm take you over! Bailamos!

Okay, maybe that was Enrique Inglesias. Someone brought in egg-nog today. (This guy!)

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  1. jrz

    Shit…her assistant didn’t see shit ‘cuz she was DOIN shit.

  2. adgbad

    Everybody who posts after me eats JLo’s poop.

  3. supersex

    i’d plug her pooper with my dick then adgbad suck it clean


  4. hatejho

    This selfish, talentless diva deserves nothing more.

  5. Marc Anthony has had more ass than a seat in the New York City subway.

    The injustice of it all… I know…

  6. paranoid

    She also sent her assistant to spy on me so I wouldn’t say anything bad about her.

    I love you J-Lo. You’re the best!

  7. F-Obama

    She also has spies watching the Krispy Kream donuts shops when they turn on the FRESH light so she can run over and get her fresh donuts for free.

  8. Sport

    Another no-talent self absorbed celeb.

  9. Dr Feel Me

    It’s the drugs that were prescribed for her post-partum symptoms.

    She actually believes Marc is attractive and a chick magnet. Hopefully, her meds will help her see reality and she will understand she has NOTHING to worry about.

  10. Wow.

    Salsa Nebula. Forever and Ever.

  11. jrz

    AHAHAHAH Rich!

  12. Adam sandler doing security for j lo?

  13. #11 – I haven’t seen Meems back here… I guess she eats when she’s depressed… which of course means she must be depressed alot… much like the cushion on her chair…

  14. jrz

    Meems. Now THERE’S a fat sack of shit.

  15. mimi

    I love the JLo experience! She is beautiful and so talented. She can do so much better than that skinny spic husband of hers. She should have stayed with P-Diddy.

    Praying for Amy for the holidays!!!

  16. F

    Omg, is it Britney Spears in the back?

  17. She’s not checking for infidelity, sillies.

    That assistant’s the first line of defense against an escape attempt.

  18. CJ

    WHO CARES? More Hugh Jackman

  19. CJ

    WHO CARES? More Hugh Jackman

  20. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  21. amanda

    didnt he cheat on miss usa with her?
    she knew what she was getting into when she married the zombie

  22. Fati

    i think mark anthony is attractive. maybe not in the conventional way but he definitely has charizma. i don’t know what everyone is talking about when they say he is ugly. he is not.

  23. Are you sure this is america again, folks?

    • Educated

      It was the King and Queen of Spain that sent the ships Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria and claimed America for Spain idiot. This was four hundred years before England and France came over to claim property in the new world. Yes, America is the new world with people from around the world making it great.

      You must have been smoking pot during your school years. Get a clue, visit your local library and crack open a history book then you might not embarrass yourself on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Better yet, go back where your ancestors came from and stop stinking America up with your ignorance.

  24. Laura

    Actually, the dumb bitch is starting to wise up. Here’s a little glipse at Marc Anthony’s relationship record:
    1-Mother of his daughter Arianna: found out she was dumped when he announced his engagement to Dayanara Torres.
    2-Dayanara-mother of his 2 sons, former Miss Universe: after a real wedding and a month after their very elaborate renewal of vows gets divorced and the day after his divorce comes through he marries…
    3-J.Lo-talentless diva and whore, now mother to 2 more of his children.
    Ladies, as soon as you pop those babies out it is bye bye Marc time.
    Read em and weep.

  25. M24K

    It’s a conquest thing for him. Once he knew he had her tamed, he was off to do his own thing. Typical of men who date & marry someone “above their level”. So, J-Lo knew his track record, but thought there was no way it could happen to her. She thought wrong. A cheater is a cheater, and she should have never been flattered that he wanted her. And they got married kind of fast – you know, the old folks used to say “Marry in haste – repent at leisure”!

  26. JESSIE


  27. In L.A.

    Jennifer Lopez should be happy if Marc A is cheating on her – now she can go out and get a real man with Marc’s money!

  28. TonyS

    27 posts and not a single racist comment. Surely this is a record for this site?

  29. lvthekings

    yeh jlo should have stayed with that nigger P-diddy their both getto. Besides Marc anthony has more money than both of them put together.

    • J

      Its a shame you lack so much of the intelligence you utterly desire…nigger is a word used by half wit motherfuckers like yourself that lack the vocabulary to truly express themselves.

      -A VERY intelligent Black Man

  30. He actually believes Mark is attractive and has a chick magnet. Hopefully, it will help her see reality meds and he will understand that he will not worry.

  31. mary

    Jennifer lopez was too good for Marc Anthony! They did not look good together, she can do better. I think between the both of them, they don’t know what they want, look at how many times each of them have been married. He cheats too much and she never found the right man. So sad!

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