Jennifer Lopez gets paid money


Jennifer Lopez is reportedly being paid $2 million to sing at a birthday party being thrown by a Russian tycoon for his wife. Andrei Melnichenko – worth close to $5 billion – is paying JLo $1.2 million plus $800,000 for expenses for 40 minutes of singing.

“Andrei and Aleksandra are both very great fans of J. Lo, so Andrei put the call in and personally put the offer to [Lopez,]” a source told London’s Daily Mail. “She accepted immediately. She will sing for about 40 minutes – not bad money for the work.”

$2 million for 40 minutes comes out to $50,000 per minute. For that kind of money she better be doing the whole thing naked. Or flying around in a rocket pack. If she just stands up there and sings I think Andrei Melnichenko is required by law to let a tiger loose on her.

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