Jennifer Lopez gets paid money

April 23rd, 2007 // 62 Comments

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly being paid $2 million to sing at a birthday party being thrown by a Russian tycoon for his wife. Andrei Melnichenko – worth close to $5 billion – is paying JLo $1.2 million plus $800,000 for expenses for 40 minutes of singing.

“Andrei and Aleksandra are both very great fans of J. Lo, so Andrei put the call in and personally put the offer to [Lopez,]” a source told London’s Daily Mail. “She accepted immediately. She will sing for about 40 minutes – not bad money for the work.”

$2 million for 40 minutes comes out to $50,000 per minute. For that kind of money she better be doing the whole thing naked. Or flying around in a rocket pack. If she just stands up there and sings I think Andrei Melnichenko is required by law to let a tiger loose on her.

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  1. pana1718

    she is fine

  2. pana1718

    yes first post!

  3. pana1718

    that bitch is worth it. 2 million i would pay them if i had the money.

  4. rukdngme

    not only is she not worth it, she comes with attitude..fn serial wife!

  5. NoSHIT?

    not worth, but he doesnt care, hes full of money, 2mil less or more, who cares

  6. wooljay

    Pfft, I make this in an afternoon letting people touch my abs in the street. Overpriced biatch.

  7. Liverpool FC

    She’s a fat whore who is only good for 4 things.

    cooking & cleaning

    sucking & fucking

  8. supposably

    hmm she’s looking pretty old there.

    Would be nice to get paid that much! She’s used to getting paid obscene amounts for doing nothing though so it’s hardly news, except the fact that I didn’t think JLO did concerts..? Or so i heard a long time ago

  9. I doubt she can do ANYTHING worth $2 million dollars.

  10. Tara_reid_loves_you

    I thought she was in porn now

  11. biatcho

    Russians like their women matronly. I’m sure the contract says she has to strip nude and let him pour vodka over her gigantic fatass. At this point it’s got lots of cellulite, pimples, and moles with black hairs growing out, but that’s exactly what they like (along with an anus moustache to match the one on the upper lip).

  12. That evidence is inadmissible and will not hold up in court.

    Your witness counselor.

  13. chaunceygardner

    $2,000,000? For that kind of scratch, the kids should get to run a train on the bitch after the performance.

  14. chaunceygardner

    Or, better yet, they should pitch a tent on her massive ass and use it as a bounce house.

  15. DrPhowstus

    @13 — Agreed. or that payday, she better be running around nude with a dick in her mouth, passionately humming The Hymn of the Russian Federation. I have a long list of Hollywood hoochies I’d like to blow me for $2 million a (ahem) pop, but alas, I am but a thousandaire…

  16. NicotineEyePatch

    It would be funny if she were performing at this party, and halfway through the first song the crowd started booing, and pulled a total Apollo on her, yelling at her to get off the stage. Then have the Sandman come out and sweep her up. Then when she finds the hosts and says ‘wtf is going on?’ they can tell her it was worth 2 million just to watch her get booed off stage, thank her for coming, and then boot her big ass the fuck out.

  17. jaffo

    2 mil for J-Lo? Doesn’t Russia have a single illegal who can sing?! Man, times are tough over there…

  18. Morticia

    J-Ho blows. And she probably doesn’t even do that well. He’s an idiot.

  19. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Oh, those zany Russsian tycoons. A gift for his wife? Yeah right!! I bet she’s like “I’d much rather see J. Lo get that money than receive it myself. I’m very happy with the $1.40 in mad money I’m doled out per week.”

  20. djmaryjane

    Man, this guy must feel really guilty about cheating on his wife constantly. Who the fuck does that shit? That’s almost as bad as watching “My super sweet 16″, only this is called, “My big 40th flop.” I’d rather have Gallagher at my bday party. What a shitty husband. J.Lo is more bachelor party material.

  21. sportsdvl

    I wouldn’t even pay that no-talent skank $50 for a BJ! she is another example of completely talentless people becomming “famous”

    #16 – best idea yet!

  22. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    LMFAO@ Gallagher & bounce house =))

  23. #7 & 16–perfect comment…a homewrecker,becoz she can’t find a she doin B-day parties,,next it will be Blow-jobies. your done, face it bitch…we hate your stupid, old, ugly,ass,,ho yea, when in America, sing American….dumbass.

  24. suzy

    She’s not even a good singer.

  25. Ah what is her talent again?

  26. guymorgan


    What the hell are you saying? that Americans speak ‘American’ not English?

    Do you think the country England is just named after the language?

  27. Hey homewrecker, glad your spanish boy can now be the father he was until your stupid ass took him away,,and now of course you don’t have the balls to make a marriage work after taking him from his are weak and you suck totally as a person and a singer. get lost….

  28. Speaking American is English asshole, go back to bed and get back up again,your ffffff””nnnnnn sssllllooooowwwwww,,

  29. well, that melnichenko guy is listed as 258th world’s richest guy, according to forbes.
    he can afford it.

  30. lambman

    you’d think you would pay that money for somebody who can actually sing.

  31. wedge1

    I’d pay the same percentage of my income for a private gig from JLo. But no absolutely none of her “singing” would be allowed. I’ve never received a dirty sanchez from an actual mexican, so that’s probably what I’d order up – any mic that JLo has would be put to better use as a strapon anyway. Maybe we could record everything and put it out as Bjork’s latest single.

  32. elf


  33. ABYO

    #28 let me speak american so you can understand… shut the fuck up you stupid bitch

  34. You shut the fuck up, you must want to do her old ass, u know u want her babies..i like how u changed your screen name,asshole.

  35. And yea,,the Donald wants you also, so call Drplowshit and he join in on the fun…….

  36. islandgirl

    She is a bit washed up now.Dont u think?

  37. ABYO

    how about no, vete a comer tu caca krazidumbasswhore

  38. Lowlands

    That’s very nice for Jennifer and after that she can pass Amsterdam and have a drink with me.Don’t forget to take the money with you.

  39. bobbygou87


  40. Lowlands

    Shall we meet at the starbucks?

  41. Trott Felipe rode her booty.

  42. Mr.Z


  43. ffordegroupie

    For two million, she’d better just stand there… while other people throw random objects and dishes at her.

  44. Lowlands

    Normally the price for shaking ass and oral is 20 dollars.Does this russian guy know how this can have a bad effect on the usual marketprices?

  45. Lowlands

    2 million for 40 minutes ‘work’ is quite easy made.Probably even Rasputin will step out his grave for that and dance the Polka in front of them.

  46. iamsosmrt

    So what did she get 1 million for each ass cheek? Oh okay, if we are talking about $1 per square foot of ASS than $2 million makes TOTAL sense.

    But fucking seriously now, she is a massively GREEDY whore. Take a look at the world, why should this bitch be paid $2 million? You know, what with all the starving and the disease and all the shit that needs funding. But hey let people die and live in squalor cause Bitch-Lo needs a new fur wardrobe or exotic monkey gizz serum for her fountain of youth injections.

    Yup she’s totally worth it. I just watched ten firefighters put out a big brush fire close to homes full of families and oh, it was very entertaining, they had matching costumes and props like a big hose and a firetruck…whew FUN TIMES! So they get paid what $30,000 A YEAR to SAVE LIVES and J-Lo dances and “sings” for rich people who have it all and she gets paid $2 million for 40 minutes of “entertainment”. WOW the world makes soooooooooo much sense.

    The only person more worthless than J-Lo for choosing her greedy whore life is idiots who have $2 Million and think hmmmm “donate it to a hospital?” or “get J.lo to sing for us?”, Ummmm, let’s go with J-Lo that definitely the most honourable choice.


  47. td

    I wouldn’t pay her 2 bucks for some nookie. Ok, I’m lying, I would.

  48. Manistoned

    Russians like their women matronly. I’m sure the contract says she has to strip nude and let him pour vodka over her gigantic fatass. At this point it’s got lots of cellulite, pimples, and moles with black hairs growing out, but that’s exactly what they like (along with an anus moustache to match the one on the upper lip).


  49. pana1718

    #26 tenes toda la razon. i agree with u.

  50. j

    Iamsosmart i bow down and worship thee. i think though she is getting paid for performing sex favors and not singing

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