Jennifer Lopez gets depressed

jlopez_sad.jpgApparently Elle magazine made Jennifer Lopez sad when they asked how she felt about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner expecting a baby. When asked of the pregnancy, she replied, “I hope that they’re happy. You know, it’s a beautiful thing. There are no hard feelings.” But when Elle apologized for raising the subject, Lopez – who later admitted that becoming a mother is one of her ultimate dreams – responded, “Yeah, you depressed me.”

If I worked for a magazine – which I don’t, so start sending in offers – I would be the worst interviewer in the history of the world. Not only would I ask the most personal and hurtful questions possible, I’d also bring up totally inappropriate topics like the Holocaust and short people. “So Jennifer, what are your views on Jewish people? Do you hate them as much you hate midgets?” And just to make them even more uncomfortable, I’d bring along my pet alligator to bite them in the leg every now and then. It’s not very professional, but I’ll be damned if I let professionalism stand in the way of me doing whatever the heck I want.