Jennifer Lopez Feels Fat

January 24th, 2005 // 2 Comments

20050124lopez.jpgJennifer Lopez says she feel fat every time she’s in Hollywood. Although she says she’s comfortable with her body, Jennifer admits she feels like a “giant” when she meets other actresses, saying “I’m probably still the biggest actress in Hollywood in that sense. The thing is, I’m not huge. On a good day I’m a size 6, and on a bad day, I’m an 8. To me, that’s okay. It’s still pretty much the normal size for a woman. But when I go to Hollywood, most actresses are a size 0… sometimes even less! When you shake hands with them, it’s like holding a tiny bird’s hand!” Oh shut up, Jennifer. You’re fat and everybody knows it.


  1. ladee Unique

    she may have a eating disorder but there is no need to call her ethiopian as i myself being a ethiopian find that very offencive not all ethiopian people have eating disoreders they all come in differnt shapes and sizes.

  2. This is when Nigga Spic and lived in harmony. Now 50 face. If Pun remained around 50 would be defeated and nothing could be done about Em. All regards Em

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