Jennifer Lopez doesn’t pay her bills

October 6th, 2006 // 26 Comments

A Los Angeles private aircraft company sued Jennifer Lopez Wednesday for failing to pay her bill after she and Marc Anthony chartered a jet to fly them and four friends from New York to Puerto Rico, and then again to fly from Farmingdale to Burbank. Neither of the $16,000 trips has been paid for and Lopez allegedly owes over $34,000. $34,000. For two flights. I swear to God, if I’m ever in a position where I can throw down $34,000 to fly to two places it’s time to start giving that stuff away. And by give away, I mean stuff into a huge pile and sleep on. Because why sleep on a regular bed when you could be sleeping on one made of cash? Just do the math.


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  2. YankeeRedNeck40

    friggin’ no talent low life losers!

  3. Eye-Dish Lass

    So she had to pay for their press junket for El Cantaloupe-e-o?! I guess Los Hombres Pobrecitos Productiones went belly up. What a bummer Ese….now pass me a Tecate and some of those empanadas!

  4. Eye-Dish Lass

    I liked J-Ho so much better whoring herself suckin PDid’s wanger & lettin him bang-her so she could suck/fuck her way to success. Now she’s looking lovingly into “Would you like hot or mild sauce with that?”‘s eyes. Fame is one fleeting mutha fucka.

  5. RichPort

    Yes he’s the posterchild for methadone as an effective treatment for smack addiction, but this motherfucker is hardcore. Fuck that. And I would tap J Ho like a fucking telegraph. I’d do morse code on that crica. Then I would dot-dot-dot her face before I dashed.

  6. Binky

    Fat bottom girls are often ‘flighty’
    (well according to Queen anyway)

  7. MsNicole

    marc anthony must have a huge dick because I’m pretty positive that jennifer lopez can do better than that greasy hamster

  8. AmishDude

    Jennifer Lopez has a great ass.

  9. HollyJ

    She’s got a big fat ja-booty bubble ass. Nasty. 1/3 of her body weight is yellow-fat cells globbed together on her posterior. You KNOW that thing is RIDDLED with dimples and creases. ::gag::

    That marriage is either completely fake or completely flacid, cuz they have ZERO chemistry together.


  10. Sheva

    Deadbeat from the block. Yeah that’s Jenny.

  11. krisdylee

    I am so proud to say, I have not heard any of her shit, as I am usually tuned to Alt Nation. (pssst. sirius.)

    Madison, if you’re out there, I’d like to drink a bit of a fine Reisling with you, maybe punch you in the jaw a couple times when you start beaking off like a numb cunt, and then afterwards, perhaps we could make out a bit, you know, right after we smoke a funny cigarette…..

    Hey, what do you say?

  12. j-invitro-ho and her skeletor hubby can’t afford to pay those bills.. they’ve spent all their cash trying to infuse life into his rigor mortified jizz and her stone cold ho’varies..

  13. frenchtoaststix

    J-Lo Math:

    1 talent-free big-bootied Latina diva
    1 tiny nasty-looking ferret husband
    0 interest from anyone, especially us whities.

    Still getting coverage for your uninteresting shit?

  14. NipsyHustle

    jlo loves uncut dick cheese on a warm tortilla

  15. Nortcliff

    ” 1/3 of her body weight is yellow-fat cells globbed together on her posterior. You KNOW that thing is RIDDLED with dimples and creases. ::gag::”

    Eee-yeuw! Gross. Sniffed any good cornflakes lately Ms Reksik?

    Dang! Lookee here Paw – ‘Murricaine racists.

  16. Binky phat bottom ladies make the world go ’round.

    Hi Holly J.

    I was gonna say something towards Mark is hitin’ it, but half of the celeb world already has. I wonder what it is like to live knowing you have had sloppy seconds, thirds, forths, fifths . . . .

  17. llllllllll

    Marc Anthony is the only man that I know who wears his ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Halloween face year round.

  18. saltpeanuts

    I would tap tap tap that caliente chiquita esfinge with my gordo tamale, until she screamed “No Mas! No Mas, Papi, No Mas!” Then, I’d give her the sucio sanchez! Ole’!

  19. Why is this news?? I can see trying to keeping JLO in the limelight, but this?

    Look, JLO is freakin’ HOT, alright. If you want to do a story on her, title it:



  20. jrzmommy

    She’s a beautiful chick, however, I’ve noticed she’s gotten a little less beautiful since marrying Latin America’s answer to ‘Squiggy’ from Laverne & Shirley.

  21. My God look at the grease on his left shoulder that’s dribbled off his hair…

  22. commissioner

    Girlfriend needs to stick a pry-bar in her wallet and pay the man.

    By the way, the COLTS are five and zero! Five and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  23. The-Guslet

    * she has a fat ass
    * she’s the most demanding bint on the planet
    * she wears fur
    * her cosmetics company tests on animals

    … she’s allowed in the gene pool because?

  24. man, can’t they just hire are person to open the mail??

  25. Is she fond of it or she is addicted to do it.Really awfull one.

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