Jennifer Lopez booed to tears

February 16th, 2007 // 160 Comments


Jennifer Lopez had a screening at the Berlin Film Festival for her new movie Bordertown but started crying after the audience responded with muted applause and boos. I almost feel bad for her, except maybe this’ll stop her from making any more movies. I mean Anaconda was a masterpiece, but what are the odds she’ll ever recreate that magic?



  1. beautiful-x-crash


  2. J-Ho is the worst actress in all of hollywood!
    She’s not worthy of the piss from R Kellys dick!
    She should never ever act again as far as I go I never have, and never will pay to see one of her craptacular movies.
    She even managed to make Kevin Smith look bad for casting her in Jersey Girl!
    She needs to retire with her fat ass, and ugly ass face which looks like it’s had alot of work done.

  3. kinah

    Being from Germany, I’d like to make one thing very clear:


    There you have it. *lol* It’s a common assumption among US people for some reason (and probably based on David Hasselhoff’s view of HIMSELF and how he likes to… you know, bathe in his long-lost fame or something).
    To repeat: GERMANS DO NOT LOVE HASSELHOFF and any German will tell you that.

  4. ha ha…that’s so great – at least somewhere you have an audience that doesn’t go licking at every wannabe movie star’s heels!

  5. caucasus

    Who know any anti j.lo site?

  6. Maria M.Spencer

    Yes she is kind of a bad actress, and yes Celebrities are self center,DO NOT WEAR DIAMONDS If you try to play real labor people , but for Christ sake DID ANYONE actually knows about the object of the movie in general.DO YOU CARE WHAT THE REAL PROBLEM IS. We live in a fuck.up world let’s face It.and this kind of thing happens every day,in many places and country’s. AND DO YOU FUc.. CARE?or are you more worry about how bad her acting was. And probably many of you criticize her are just sitting in front of you computer trying to get off in others doing actually something about real things in life you Fucks…Just look in the mirror and face what you have in front. Your selfs. YOU FEEL SAVE ?,IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK?

  7. Some people are against the wearing of fur, others are for it. You demand that others accept your view, I ask that you try to understand theirs. In any conflict, all parties involved think that they are unquestionably RIGHT. Very rarely is any one worldview infallibly correct. Accept this message, and others may accept yours.

  8. mike

    She is a nice person of considerable talent and manners. These attributes are sadly lacking in her castigators.

  9. mike

    She is a nice person of considerable talent and manners. These attributes are sadly lacking in her castigators.

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