Jennifer Lopez booed to tears

February 16th, 2007 // 160 Comments


Jennifer Lopez had a screening at the Berlin Film Festival for her new movie Bordertown but started crying after the audience responded with muted applause and boos. I almost feel bad for her, except maybe this’ll stop her from making any more movies. I mean Anaconda was a masterpiece, but what are the odds she’ll ever recreate that magic?



  1. Danklin

    Anyone else think she looks like E.T in the second pic?

  2. Tracy

    That’s not a booger, it’s a teensy little thetan.

  3. Aw, she really looks sad in the second picture, I feel bad for her! On the other hand, if should could manage to bring that kind of real emotion to her roles, instead of using the same old prefabricated facial expressions over and over again any time she is supposed to emote, she wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.

    Also, lawlz. Boogers.

  4. RichPort

    #42 – I’ll make this simple, so even you can understand it: say something funny, or STFU.

  5. magickal

    Eewww, poc mark alert! What the hell – cover that shit up, woman! Aint nobody tryin’ to look at that mess.

  6. magickal

    #54 – Why do you keep talking to it? Don’t waste your energy trying to reason with it. It needs the taste slapped out its mouth, that’s for sure. Johnny One-Nut will have to move on, eventually.

  7. NikkiLynn

    To voice what comes to everyone’s mind when JLo comes up: “Well, she was good in Selena.”

  8. RichPort

    #56 – “Johnny One-Nut” haahahahaha! That’s the perfect name for #42. Well done.

  9. polypam

    Serves her right. Anyone who brings gives life to that horrific “Dancelife” show deserves what she gets. Karma’s a bitch, eh?

  10. She was only in Anaconda because she loves getting the big snake.

  11. sweetassrack


  12. crazyotto

    This no-talent whore’s first and last gig should have been on Living Colour as the Wayans Brothers fluffer.

  13. believeintrouble

    maybe theyre booing because she looks like craaaaap

  14. believeintrouble

    maybe they’re booing because she looks like craaaaaap

  15. believeintrouble

    damn double post. damn it to hell!

  16. MLM

    @19…. INCREDIBLY racist. Besides, she’s Puerto Rican… not Mexican. So that would make her BORIQUA not Chicana.

  17. WiseMan


  18. mia

    @#20 & #28: I’m sure #17, being the only person who made a funny joke here, meant “their celebrities” as in “celebrities from EUROPE”. by the way, vienna is the capital of austria, smart-asses.

  19. justsmartenough

    @50 – If you gotta ass like that (or some other amazing feature to look at), then by all means get to hollywood. If not, then get over it. People who can act do it LIVE, just ask people who saw Julia Roberts on Broadway. Hollywood is for a few actors and a lot of talking robots.

  20. Meritocrat

    That’s sad. I happen to think she’s pretty good as an actress. She comes across as very sweet and endearing on the big screen. I would like her to continue acting and give up her music, because it’s kind of obnoxious.

  21. Morticia

    It’s such a fugly slut.

  22. kamihi

    Can’t believe the number of people feeling sorry for her, what is this? Sentimental Saturday?? this is a woman who puts herself in a public arena doing stuff shes crap at (acting), shes only lucky public haven’t worked out shes a banal singer too. Shes famous for having a big arse dating P Diddy and being very pretty (but not in these pics – Oh No!)

  23. supafreak

    Fans around the world are finally being heard. Next to be kicked to the curb for attemtping to act should be fugly ass Julia Roberts. Worst acting stars ever!

    Why does it look like J-Blo lost her teeth in pic 2? Weird.

    And this further proves why Germans love the Hasselhoff.

  24. abdomtv

    like madonna she is a bad actress….but she is hell of a singer….j.lo keep on singin..and stop acting!!!!!

  25. RooneyPunch

    Jennifer Lopez is an evil (as in eeee-ville) bitch, and I hate her. I may even hate her more than I hate ANS, and I really, REALLY hate her, but now she’s dead (Yay!) so… yeah. I hate Jennifer Lopez more.

    Dear God, please drop a piano or possibly an anvil on Jennifer Lopez’s head.

  26. the-man-himself

    Germans boo JLO, but they frenetically adore “The Hoff”

    “I’ve been looking for freedom…”

    Crying 40yo housewifes with 80s style haircut: “DAVID!, DAVID!, I WANT A BABY FROM YOU. AAAAAAAAH!….”

    “…I’ve been looking so long…”

    Yeah, thats Germany, I love this country.

  27. BarbadoSlim

    She not only needs to be booed for her craptastic films she should be booed constantly for being herself, I mean everywhere, at all times. Pretentious stuck-up fat ass.

  28. redreise

    Thank god. The only talent Jennifer Lopez has is her ability to hire good stylists. She’s a pretentious bitch with little, if any, ability to sing or act. Narcissist!!!

  29. Mylene

    DACHLaender Rock, two american Disgraces in one week successfully confronted with their own shiteousness. And hello, girlfriend is born in Brooklyn, lay off the Boriqua Geschichte. She looks old and fake, with too much plastic surgery. Popez sucks.

  30. fame is funny

    “I remember before the J-Lo…back then it was just ‘Hey Ho’”

    - Jamie Foxx on J-Lo being a fly girl on In Living Color

  31. fame is funny

    Oh yeah, check out J-Lo’s tour rider for a charity event. Fucking shameful.

  32. thunderkat69


  33. biatcho

    This & Britney’s shaved head just made my hangover go away. And there was great rejoicing, hooray… Plus, there’s nothing I love more than an asshole who has to wear a tackle box worth of makeup on her face and then see how awful it all looks in bad lighting. Fugly ass fug.

  34. BarbadoSlim

    @81…A fucking shame indeed, it just shows a what a ghetto piece of shit she is. This bitch should thank her lucky stars every fucking day for the fact that she’s not still living off food stamps and government cheese.

    Get some humility, skank!

  35. supanigga

    holy shit she’s ugly.

    she sucks at acting AND singing.

    just quit being in the public eye. stupid hoe

  36. Triumph Insult Dog

    Hey, regardless of how kooky JLO is, there is no reason for that type of behavior(except if it’s R.Kelly).

    Booing is low class. It ranks right up there with throwing food, peeing in public or watching “Grey’s Anatomy”…

  37. greatestntheworld

    Payback for putting us through her “music” career.
    Booing was the only available expression since I heard they prohibited people from bringing in stuff that could easily be thrown after what happened in Austria with Paris Hilton.

  38. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    I haven’t liked her since I read that when she was filming “The Cell” in Toronto, she decided the $3,000 a night suite they got for her wasn’t good enough and insisted on being upgraded. Sure, like this bitch really cares about poor women.

    I love the pics…like in the first one, she’s thinking she’s all that, not knowing about the crispy in her nose, standing up for what she thinks will be a thunderous standing ovation…oh, man, does the truth hurt.

    Bravo to the Europeans for putting these twats in their places!

  39. kojac

    Why is skelator crying?

  40. fame is funny

    86…booing is perfectly acceptable, it’s instant feedback.

  41. CarnieWilson

    Looks like she got a boogie up there

  42. Kevin_FederSwine

    WONDERFUL! A lesson in humility for JLo. Listen, my friend, you are NOT a “diva,” you are NOT an “actress,” you are NOT a “singing sensation,” you are an opportunistic, egotistical excuse for a human being and while I tremble in the sight of your heartfelt tears, you are OFF…MY…RADAR. Have a nice life.

  43. sunsetsmoon



  44. NicotineEyePatch

    They’re saying booooooo-gies… boooooo-gies…

  45. Lowlands

    I still have to verify this and look for it in wikipedia but “boo” could be also a sleng what dates from the ‘iron curtain’ time.If that’s right then it means ‘bravo!’At least she trying to do something with this movie and not only busy with filling her pockets,i think.

  46. Lowlands

    She’s crying because of skeletor wants to hump her every time he gets the chance to do.That thought just passed her mind…

  47. Lowlands

    The creeps and the colt sweat are running all over my back…What a horrific thought.

  48. Shadow*Walker

    #9 I can see the craters in pic 2. However, I don’t think we’ll find any signs of intelligent life on this “J-Lo” thing.

  49. PatinNJ

    How did she ever get famous? She’s ugly, and can’t sing or act. Plus I heard that her perfume stinks.

    What’s up with this?

  50. fame is funny

    Later that night, Marc held her in the darkness and they both cried together.

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