Jennifer Lopez booed to tears

February 16th, 2007 // 160 Comments


Jennifer Lopez had a screening at the Berlin Film Festival for her new movie Bordertown but started crying after the audience responded with muted applause and boos. I almost feel bad for her, except maybe this’ll stop her from making any more movies. I mean Anaconda was a masterpiece, but what are the odds she’ll ever recreate that magic?



  1. promisehersmack

    thats horrible.

  2. Kristin

    Aww. That’s sad.

  3. mrs.t

    She was in Anaconda? Baby really DOES got back.

  4. misanthrope

    They’re not saying ‘boo’. They’re saying ‘looooser’.

  5. JungleRed

    First thing first: Um, Miss Lopez, you have a bat in the cave.

    Second, it’s about time somebody let her know that she’s a terrible, terrible actor.

    Third, I wish she’d shed enough tears to wash away those trantulas she pastes onto her eyes.

  6. Stink

    Very nice (panty?) butt shot in Anaconda. Can’t remember a damn word she said in that movie but I remember Thee Butt.


    The Berliner Zeitung says the film is “funny, but unintentionally” reporting that viewers at the press screening had reacted with “frenetic laughter” at supposedly serious scenes. However the film is also “pretty distasteful” at the same time: the critic accuses J-Lo of exploiting the real suffering of the Mexican women in order to become a star in the Central American market. “It’s no coincidence that the film is coming out at the same time as her new record, the first where she sings entirely in Spanish,” the paper said.

  8. JungleRed

    What’s with all the posts today? Did somebody slip Superfish guy a hit of meth?

  9. Jafoo

    Whoa…Extreme Close-up. Is that what they’re doing with the Hubble Telescope these days?

  10. misanthrope

    @8… I think he’s excited that there was only one ANS story today.

  11. RAMistheMAN

    It’s funny how people are sad for her but if the same thing happened to Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan everyone would make fun of them.

  12. niner11

    yep she is kind of worthless

  13. Stink

    She should be crying because she was shot carrying a nose goblin. Definite career killer.



    “They’re not saying ‘boo’. They’re saying ‘looooser’.”

    OR maybe ‘Boooooo-tee’ in reference to her legendary rump…

  15. Aww… I feel bad for her…

  16. misanthrope

    @14… Could very well be. Or ‘Booooger’.

  17. Jafoo

    Throwing trash at Paris now booing J.Lo. That’s not cool. We don’t do that to their stupid celebrities when they come over here. We elect them Governor of California.

  18. BitterOldBastard

    She deserves every negative incident possible, now that she’s thrown in with that despicable scientology crew.

  19. TNB Alerts

    They booed her for being a nigger lover, the nigger loving chicana.

  20. schlumpfgruen


    Arnold Schwarzenegger will not, ist not, and has never even been a german celebrity.

    In fact, he is not even german.

  21. That’s a pretty standard reaction. She’s rich, who cares? Isn’t that what happiness is all about?

  22. Binky

    My sources tell me ‘The Block’ still has a few sublets Jen.

  23. woodhorse

    I feel really bad for her. It always sucks when slobs are cruel but what really brings tears to her eyes are how bad they SMELL!! Those people never bathe, I can’t believe she didn’t throw up too. There was a news article under WEIRD & ODD about how these german girls set off the smoke alarm using so much spray deoderant. They eventually stink so bad that even THEY notice they stink like a month old corpse left out in the sun and there was J Lo in a whole AUDITORIUM of the smelly bastards. It’s amazing she didn’t have to be hospitalized for having her NOSE HAIRS BURNT OFF FROM THE FUMES. Why don’t Germans bathe?? I don’t know. The Germans invaded France around 60 years ago and it still smells like a sewer there. I hope she can get the stink off – I hear bathing in tomato juice works.

  24. Stink

    Celebrity Rule #24: If you want to be taken seriously when defending your film about slave labor, don’t wear diamond jewelry.

  25. oh, you sly boots.

    …Oh goodie, another slut in tears. Yesss.

  26. ja5on

    I’m sorry but “Out of Sight” was pretty freakin good.

  27. Wrench

    @ 17 – I guess if by German you actually mean Austrian, you’d be correct. If you were taught world geography in American public schools, especially in California, I guess we can forgive you.

  28. Anexio

    Alright, I guess nobody is going to say it, but we all know that Gigli was a special film.

    For god’s sake give this classy woman a break!

    She’s got talent, she’s got beauty, she can sing like a songbird…..

    …..and married to a fuckin’ skeletor!


  29. awww! she’s so sad! she’s gonna pull some crazy-ass scientology shit on them

  30. Or maybe what they really meant was…

    wind up, pitch “BAM”

  31. Baby Moon

    Why does she look like that ape woman from the Planet of Apes in the second picture?

    It’s like she’s evolving in reverse

  32. Baby Moon

    HAHAHA #17 genius

  33. sol

    it’s a good thing they don’t have kids, because the second picture is exactly what she’d look like if she stormed back home and started screaming “No wire hangers…EVER!”

  34. RichPort

    No, this is all wrong, she isn’t reacting to the audience’s response to her film. She’s upset because she just spotted her husband gnawing on Roger Ebert’s head.

  35. logger

    i feel sorry for her!

  36. biatcho

    She’s crying because she heard somebody in the audience say – in a loud, clear voice – “From the waist down, she’s starting to look like Hillary Clinton.”

  37. Grizzlies

    #5, I love you! I only clicked on the comments to see if anyone had a booger comment. Thanks for noticeing and making me laugh my ass off.

  38. greeneyedcat

    Never had a problem with Germans bathing….

  39. kellioso

    she has a booger in her nose in the first picture. ew.

  40. julema

    She deserve that…she s so selfish, she has no respect for people who works for her!! Im still, im still jenny from the bloc yeah!right!
    Why not concentrate on one thing…like singing or dancing

  41. RichPort



    We are blinded by your brilliance. Continue, please.

  42. sid

    This is so boring the sidebar text ads were funnier:

    “Do You know the Truth about Anna Nicole? If you tell us you can Qualify for a Free iPod now”

    Fuck’s sake!

  43. Snake cuts through tall grass,
    A careless bird’s last regret.
    RichPort the cock loves.

  44. fritobandito

    This woman should NEVER and I mean EVER be photographed this close up again! This is the reason they invented the zoom lens, so you can zoom out!!

  45. woodhorse

    on another note, those are some seriously bushy false eyelashes

  46. woodhorse


    Teen’s heavy deodorant use sets off alarm Mon Feb 12, 10:43 AM ET

    BERLIN (Reuters) – A group of young German women used so much spray deodorant in the bathroom of a North Sea youth hostel that it set off a fire alarm and brought the local fire brigade rushing to the rescue, police said on Monday.
    “The fumes of the pleasant-smelling deodorant were so intense that they drifted up to the ceiling and set off a fire detector,” said Volker Buttgereit of the Buesum police force.

    Local authorities said they were also surprised the heavy use of deodorant could set off the alarm. “Hopefully the girls will get by with a little less spray next time,” said Buttgereit.

  47. bedbugsandballyhoo

    You’re very late on this one, Mr. Fish.

  48. bedbugsandballyhoo

    But anyway, Ha! Ha! Two Ha! Ha!’s in the same week is awesome!

  49. its better than bad its good

    i cant believe the train wrecks that pass for actors and singers these days. how did this imbecile get rich? i cant sing or act for shit, where are my millions?

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