Jennifer Lopez blames career on fame

Jennifer Lopez claims her acting career is being ruined by her fame, and is desperate to land more serious movie roles but says directors refuse to consider her because her personal life is so public.

“In the beginning I was a blank slate. Then when I became famous I was being offered movies that I could star in but that’s all. When I think I should be seeing the big directors, they don’t even consider me. They see me as a sexy singer who is in the media too much.”

What a coincidence, because the exact same thing happens to me whenever I try to meet with big directors. They always pass on me, and it’s because they see me as the most beautiful and talented person in the entire Universe. Sure, everybody hates me, I whine a lot, and I can’t really act, but I was in Anaconda and Maid in Manhatten, which means I’m practically Julia Roberts. You know, if Julia Roberts was an arrogant and annoying Latino woman with no discernible talent whatsoever who enjoys draping dead animals around her body.