Jennifer Lopez basically admits she’s a Scientologist

Jennifer Lopez has been successfully converted to Scientology by her best friend and King of Queens star Leah Remini (above). In an interview with The Daily Beast, J. Lo admits she’d let her children attend a Scientology school then basically confesses she’s a follower herself:

“I do know a lot about Scientology. And I know about the practices. I know all about what the technology is and all that kind of stuff. It’s very helpful. So in a sense, yeah, you do call on it.”
“Do you consider yourself a Scientologist?”
“No…I wouldn’t have a problem saying [I was] because I know what it is. I have no problems with it and it really actually bothers me that people have such a negative feeling towards it.”
“That it is too exotic? Too cultish?”
“Just negative feelings.”
“Would you consider schooling Emme and Max in a Scientology school?”
“Yeah. I wouldn’t mind. Not at all. Because I know that the technologies that they have are very helpful…It’s all about communication. That’s the thing I really don’t like about talking about this. I do know so many great people who do do it, who choose it as a lifestyle and really follow it and it is their religion…I just wish that people wouldn’t judge it without knowing what it is.”

Yes. I, too, wish people wouldn’t judge a religion that drains your bank account and tells you invisible beings control your daily life. But enough about Christianity. Now, as for Scientology, c’mon, it was invented by a science fiction writer who wanted to make a quick buck. That’s like George Lucas claiming Star Wars is real and for $1,000 he’ll teach you how to use the Force to get laid. — Do you think he takes PayPal?

Photos: Splash News