Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony separating?

April 11th, 2007 // 85 Comments

OK! magazine is saying Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are calling it quits because Anthony is too “controlling” and “suffocating” his wife.

Despite marriage counseling, the couple “had a huge argument” last summer, causing Lopez to flee to a friend’s New York apartment. Another argument came in December. Instead of spending New Year’s Eve together, the mag reports, Lopez came to a Miami party solo. “Marc expected Jennifer to follow him back to New York and beg for forgiveness, but she didn’t,” a friend tells OK! “Marc is very machismo,” the mag quotes a source as saying. “Marc won’t let her even do a photo shoot by herself. He is always there watching, waiting.” At a Golden Globes party, “Marc [dragged] Jennifer away after spotting her dancing with another man. He has also insisted that Jennifer sell her beloved Miami home and the Los Angeles house where they wed.”

I doubt this is true, but I like that they make Marc Anthony sound like some sort of jungle cat. It’s not bad enough he looks the way he does, they have to describe him as an insane psycho person. It’s like they copy and pasted an article about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and just replaced all the names.

UPDATE: JLo’s rep is strongly denying the OK! magazine article, saying it’s “a disgusting story full of lies. We’re consulting lawyers.”

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  1. Jslash

    It was just a matter of time.

  2. Solaera

    Barf. They irritate me.

  3. jrzmommy♠

    That little skinny, greasy little fuck? Pfft…..c’mon Jen….beat his ass…show him who’s boss!

  4. katzie

    damn i was so close to first! uhhh

    who cares both their careers died ages agooo

  5. Cabaret

    When you look like Marc Anthony and sleep with someone as decent as Jennifer Lopez.. you just might be that insecure and jealous.

  6. Nsomniac

    Who says machismo? How about sexist controlling pig. She wouldn’t have to worry about that with me. I wouldn’t sit there watching, waiting. I wouldn’t have to. She’d never get off the leash in the first place.

  7. Cabaret

    BTW You know your career is dead when your supposed to be a “celebrity” and you have enough time to follow your celebrity wife to photo shoots.. like anything sexual will happen with 400 people walking around doing your make up and picking out your clothes

  8. OK! magazine is going to get sued.

  9. schack

    he looks like a mexican version of the Terminator, and she looks like herbie the frog

  10. a jlo marc anthony haiku:

    you both suck at life
    dear lord please give them cancer
    die die die die die

  11. anothershityear

    say what you will they are an award-winning couple
    what is the award?

    Most Boring Couple Ever

    yeah he’s 5 feet 2 inches of pure machismo-power
    must be all that orthopteral energy

  12. That’s right Jennifer, bring that big, sexy ass back over here to your true daddy.

  13. whitegold

    I hope this is true! She’s been going downhill fast ever since she got together with that bum. She was cool was Diddy, decently sexy with Ben, but with Marc, she’s just been worthless and becoming a huge joke. She’s gotta drop him and go back to the person she used to be. That J-Lo from back in the day was damn fine!

    And yeah, looking at that little Marc twerp, a guy that looks like he’d get blown over by a big gust of wind, or who you wouldn’t want to have around an open flame, for them to describe him like he’s some big man’s man is just kind of hard to imagine!

  14. gambitzero

    I dont really care about the players in this whole charade. I’m much more concerned with the word “machismo”. I think that people who use this word should be first against the wall when the reveloution starts. And it will start. Oh yes. You mark my words. My cat speaks to me!!!

  15. schack

    her ass isn’t even that big anymore

  16. I swear I saw him curled in the corner, peeking his head out watching intently when Jen was helping Blake out last night during American Idol. He thinks he’s so sneaky…

  17. schack

    it’s an industry term, gambit

  18. schack

    you’re pretty, veggi

  19. veggi

    awwww, schack, you gonna make me blush…

    You see that cop looking at her?? Marc’s gonna give him the back of his hand.
    “Whattya lookin’ at pig? You like my wife?” Blao!

  20. schack

    and then he’s gonna grab his hand and cry out “ouch, that hurt! jen, do something!”

  21. Beauty and the beast- which is which, can’t tell anymore.
    What a mismatch, who cares, it’s over, let go.
    I need a mocha!!!

  22. combustion8

    She puts up with it cus he’s so damn good looking…. *barf*

  23. Jimbo

    That is really nice of Jen in the first picture to show the crowd the booger she just picked from her nose

  24. outrageous.opinion

    #14, I thought she was a joke before Marc.
    Always seemed so desperate for a man.

    She seems to have grown up, and it shows in her recent work. She isnt trying to do EVerything anymore. God knows she cant act. I think Marc has made her a beautiful women instead of a desperate women chasing men that are no good for her. She has finaly started dressing better. If he is controlling, it seems to be for the better if you ask me. The girl needed some controling

  25. nevertrustabunny

    @11 you can’t joke about cancer

  26. lambman

    6, 15 – machismo means something different in Latin American countries….I agree it was a bad word choice for the article. But I think the point they were trying to make is that Marc wanted what his culture considers traditional gender roles and power dynamic in the marriage, and she didn’t.

  27. whitegold

    #25 – I think your opinion is outrageous! (oh damn am I ever witty muahahaha)

  28. fritobandito

    Can’t blame her for putting up with it for this long; that chest, that body, that 22″ inseam!!!!! What a man, what a man, what a very tiny man!

  29. FRIST!!!

    Here, I have a Haiku too

    Haikus are stupid
    Stop fucking writing Haikus
    Fuck fuck fuck Haikus

    Sorry…didn’t get my mocha yet

  30. queenbuzz

    @26 Yes, you can! My husband had a very serious cancer and we make jokes about it all the time! You have to have a sense of humor about most everything in life.

  31. queenbuzz

    *otherwise your sense of humor has a tumor ;)

  32. NicotineEyePatch

    She’s finally had enough of Marc Anthony always trying to eat her brains.

  33. queenbuzz

    @33 and he’s had enough of starving….hahahahahaha

  34. D'arcy

    Bleh. The scariest thing here (aside from Marc Anthony) is the vacuous and awestruck expression of the policeman in the first picture. I really don’t like that expression. It looks like somebody slapped him, but he’s so dimwitted that it takes him ten minutes to realise what happened and until then he just stares blankly, moaning “Whaaaa?” and drooling.

  35. PatreeseD


    Ah, no wonder she liked him so much on Idol last night.
    Wow, it’s amazing how much I *don’t* care about these two people…

  36. Why is she wearing my grandmother’s lace curtains?

    They’re both kind of uninteresting people. But Marc is ugly and uninteresting, so I suppose she might as well ditch him.

  37. Shanipie

    Whats wrong with dragging your spouse away from dancing with someone else? I’d drag my husband away in a fucking heart beat, and he’d do the same.

    Plus people in hollywood are so unfaithful You have to be even more careful about what you let happen.

  38. schack

    too bad you can’t beat people down and cage them up and MAKE them have FAITH.

    that would be fun.

  39. havoc

    He looks like the Taco Bell chihuahua. Probably shakes like one too….


  40. schack

    i say, if you’re wife is a whore, and you fell in love with her, then you’re in love with a whore. accept your choices!

  41. schack


  42. That nappy headed ho, Ho gives a shit………..Imus

  43. they’re like the modern-day Ike and Tina Turner Revue. only differences i see is that J.lo’s face isn’t swollen…yet.

  44. sportsdvl

    Why does ANYONE care about these 2 idiots. He’s the ugliest man on the planet and she can’t sing or act. She’s not even that attractive. How can any guy that nerdy be accused of “Machismo”? LOL

  45. Jennifer Lopez is our generation’s Elizabeth Taylor.

    I wonder who’ll she’ll marry twice?

  46. Say it isn’t so!@$

  47. Mblanco

    I actually feel like she’s way dif and not in a good way because she gave her latino self up and she can’t be white american no matter how rich and she’s in this limbo…I wish she’s go back to her roots a little but ofcourse this side will be percieved as ghetto by suburban america….about this marc guy I think he was a rebound and I honestly don’t think that Ben Affleck was gonna MARRY a latino, didn’t hale from Boston and there are major similarities btw Jennifer Garner and Gwen Paltro. I like the old JLO

  48. NicotineEyePatch

    They could have at least used the word ‘machismo’ properly in a sentence.

  49. Lowlands

    I just started to like Marc anthony and then this happens?!Really bad news…I need some REALLY good news now to get this processed..!

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