Jennifer Lopez and Hayden Panettiere just fired their stylists

May 19th, 2010 // 41 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Lopez and Hayden Panettiere arriving at the World Music Awards at Monaco while looking like an assy mother/daughter snow leopard team. Somewhere there’s a midget porno in all this. Or another Ice Age movie which is pretty much the same thing isn’t it? *strokes chin* Yes. Yes, it is….

Photos: Splash News

  1. blah


  2. peanut

    i wanna lick her butthole…first, bitches

  3. Anonymous

    J-Ho: Give it up and go away. Your career died years ago and nobody cares about you. The exit is to your left.

  4. Karin

    Snow Leopard Team…. LOL hilarious !!!!!! Hayden looks dreadful with the short hair, but I don’t thik you guys would notice that.

  5. Deacon Jones

    J-Blo looks like a washed up tranny hooker from Thailand.

  6. tuesday

    ha! assy mother/daughter snow leopard team!! very funny. wardrobe aside though, both these ladies are GORGEOUS!! i happen to love Hayden’s short hair but that’s just me.

  7. sahara

    they both look amazing

  8. Sport

    JLowly jumped the shark years ago.

    She is Mariah 2.0 – desperately trying to cling to how she USED TO look and USED TO be perceived.

  9. FrankNfrtr

    Lopez looks great but stoned. The midget is cute too.

  10. Burner27

    Snow Leopard Lilliputian!!!

  11. Vicarious nether region explorer

    OK Parker can fuck JLo in her ancient ass.
    I get the beautiful little blonde.
    The little blonde was fucking a giant Ukrainian dude.
    Never mind.

  12. SO RIGHT

    I like Hayden’s dress on her, but the short hair HAS GOT to go. Ugh… I think I’ve only met like two women who look better in really short hair rather long or mid-length hair, and they were both exceptionally beautiful. Ladies, do not get a really, really short haircut unless you a) wanna be butchie, or b) have an exceptionally beautiful face.

  13. Taz

    Nice MILF cleavage

  14. jenn

    yeah yeah yeah Snow Leopard! Apple FTW, yo!

  15. Mandi

    I think they both look great, and I’m not even a fan of Mrs. Lopez.


    j-lo looks like the madame of a bangkok bordello …the dollah one..
    actually she probably IS the madame ..
    madamism fo’ sho’ homegirl !

    the 6 inch heels & posin’
    ( always the same w/ the foot stretched out ) crack me up everytime ..
    wha’ happens when the shoes come off ?
    do the azz’s hit the flo’??!!!!! hahahahaa

  17. havoc

    Who gives shit about dresses? Unless there’s a nipple slip or upskirt shot, or if they both got run over on an airport tarmac.

    Then…..what they were wearing might matter.


  18. Bergstorm

    Looks like Jennifer has eaten her stylist

  19. the only opinion that matters

    I know someone who was in a movie with JLo and she said that JLo is a complete witch (not quite the word she used but it will do). Now I don’t like her, just like I don’t like Russell Crowe now that I know he is an asshole. Hayden whatzername isn’t even on the radar. Stars should remember who makes them famous, and should treat everyone with respect, none of this “don’t make eye contact with Ms. Lopez” shit. On the other hand if we boycott every movie with an asshole in it, what would we do on Saturday night!!?? PS….even though I don’t like her, I think she looks good, I hate to admit it though.

  20. Plob

    And the dress is not even cute


  21. Jenn

    Wow you are really bad at writing jokes. you suck.

  22. Tek

    Forget the dress, whoever did Jen’s hair and make up needs to be killed. Hayden looks good though. Short skirts/dresses help her not look so much like a midget.

  23. sunshine

    Deacon Jones #5 – you are so right, I couldn’t remember where I’d seen her/him before. Then it clicked, the Thai Lady Boy at the salon in the Bangkok Mall!

  24. melany

    j.lo sucks at acting and at music, but shes got a hot body….this is the only reason she is rich….and hayden looks good, but yes her hair is too short. She needs to wear a wig till her hair grows out.

  25. I think animal print is one of the tackiest looking things on earth (along with gold or silver leather/vinyl). It’s what desperate old women wear. Like the mom character on “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

    Hayden’s hair looks about 45 yrs old.

    @ 18 – Bergstorm – “Looks like Jennifer has eaten her stylist”
    I think the stylist is riding in the back of her bloomers.

  26. Looking gorgeous! Yes, money equals power because a woman can then spend (the man’s money) without worrying. Women hate to have to worry about money. So men…if you can take away the “money problem”…you can virtually have any woman you want.

  27. Jennifer Lopez and Hayden Panettiere arriving at the World Music Awards in Monaco in the investigation as a mother Assy / snow leopard young team

  28. Hey! Their outfits also remind me of the one Rihanna was wearing in one of her music videos.

  29. Hey! Their outfits also remind me of the one Rihanna was wearing in one of her music videos.

  30. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    What was J-Whore doing at music event? That worn out broke down has been can’t sing!

    She was running around the Cannes Film Festival too, desperate for work and attention. She wants to ‘come back’ but no one wants this self indulgent untalented sloppy ragged out troll faced bitch!

    Its not the year 2000 anymore J-Pig, just go home and pretend to raise those ugly babies.

  31. captain america

    they must blame somebody for being jobless for so long now?

  32. Yeah #8, except she (Lopez) DOES still look like she used to. The chick is fit as hell and her body is smokin’. I don’t think Hayden’s dress is all that bad and I definitely need to get some of those nude pumps. They’re sexy!

  33. Posh

    Hayden looks smok’n!!

  34. Love it

    WOWOWOWOWOW…..WOW!!! Jennifer Lopez is Rojo Caliente…..HOT!!!! I want to look like her all dolled up.

  35. Love it

    WOWOWOWOWOW…..WOW!!! Jennifer Lopez is Rojo Caliente…..HOT!!!! I want to look like her all dolled up.

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  38. Q

    Um what you know bout fashion. Those look fine…….

  39. Zoe G.

    Sounds like a good move by both of them, especially Jennifer Lopez.

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  41. Samantha
    Commented on this photo:

    nice Hayden

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