UPDATE: Jennifer Hudson’s nephew’s body reportedly found

God, I was hoping it wouldn’t end like this: Authorities have found the body of a 7-year-old African-American child in a White Suburban that was owned by Jennifer Hudson’s late brother. The SUV was believed to have been stolen by William Balfour and was reportedly the center of the domestic dispute that ended in the fatal shooting of Jason Hudson and his mother. TMZ reports:

The body was found inside a 1994 white Chevy Suburban. It is the same SUV owned by Jason Hudson, the murdered brother of Jennifer. Before his arrest, cops were looking for William Balfour, the suspect and estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister. The license plate of the Suburban matches Jason’s SUV.
The SUV was found a few miles from the area where cops arrested Balfour.
The SUV is now being towed from the scene. Unclear if the body is still at the scene. No ID so far.
Neighbors say the vehicle has been parked there since Saturday. Balfour was arrested Friday night.
The SUV has been towed with the body still inside the vehicle. The SUV is now at a police garage in Chicago.

I don’t want to get all talk radio on you guys, but I seriously hope they figure out who did this and throw the book at him. And by book I mean the electric chair. You have to have no fucking soul to kill a child. What the hell did he do to you? Just a terrible ending to a terrible series of events.

The Superficial’s deepest, heartfelt condolences to the family of Jennifer Hudson.

UPDATE: Julian King’s Amber Alert has been called off, according to TMZ. Not good.

Photo: AP