UPDATE: Jennifer Hudson’s nephew’s body reportedly found

October 27th, 2008 // 169 Comments

God, I was hoping it wouldn’t end like this: Authorities have found the body of a 7-year-old African-American child in a White Suburban that was owned by Jennifer Hudson’s late brother. The SUV was believed to have been stolen by William Balfour and was reportedly the center of the domestic dispute that ended in the fatal shooting of Jason Hudson and his mother. TMZ reports:

The body was found inside a 1994 white Chevy Suburban. It is the same SUV owned by Jason Hudson, the murdered brother of Jennifer. Before his arrest, cops were looking for William Balfour, the suspect and estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister. The license plate of the Suburban matches Jason’s SUV.
The SUV was found a few miles from the area where cops arrested Balfour.
The SUV is now being towed from the scene. Unclear if the body is still at the scene. No ID so far.
Neighbors say the vehicle has been parked there since Saturday. Balfour was arrested Friday night.
The SUV has been towed with the body still inside the vehicle. The SUV is now at a police garage in Chicago.

I don’t want to get all talk radio on you guys, but I seriously hope they figure out who did this and throw the book at him. And by book I mean the electric chair. You have to have no fucking soul to kill a child. What the hell did he do to you? Just a terrible ending to a terrible series of events.

The Superficial’s deepest, heartfelt condolences to the family of Jennifer Hudson.

UPDATE: Julian King’s Amber Alert has been called off, according to TMZ. Not good.

Photo: AP

  1. Uncle Eccoli

    “Innocent” is one of the cheapest words left in the language. Just saying.

  2. bootlips

    McDonalds stock is crumbling.

  3. Realist

    Weird how peeps offer condolences and prayers for a stranger they don’t know anything about. And one who isn’t going to read this site to see your condolences and “prayers.” Whatever prayers mean.

    Can’t it just be left at, “wow, this is sad?”

    As for the seemingly racist comments, killing kids and old women isn’t really something blacks do as a matter of course. It’s a domestic violence issue. But I know, you saw black, you see a crime, and you got upset. You often see black and crime so you knee-jerked a reaction.

    Next time, try to categorize the crime, contemplate if it is common for the race, then post an appropriate comment.

    And let’s all remember, while this is indeed sad, this happens everyday all over the world. You just don’t hear about it. The media picks and chooses what it reports. I hope that this “outpouring of love” for a stranger can be properly channeled to getting involved with solving issues surrounding domestic violence and other violent crimes against the innocent. There’s lots of foundations, charities and social programs that deal with this every day and can use your help by either donating your money or time. Hopefully this incident will bring awareness and it’s not just empty, yet polite offerings of “condolences and prayers.”

  4. derdoyeduh

    “Next time, try to categorize the crime, contemplate if it is common for the race, then post an appropriate comment.”

    Blacks? Domestic violence? Ummm…the answer is clearly “yes, it’s common for blacks.” That was easy.

    Hence the comments, btw.

    Didn’t think this needed to be explained.

  5. Mugato

    “a 7-year-old African-American child in a white suburban”

    Rape! Wow, they start young.

  6. Tim

    Meh. More than likely, it’s the same person posting under 3-4 aliases in order to get some sort of reaction or wanted attention. Usually people like that try to find some sort of power on the Internet, I guess, in order to feel important in some way. I’m not mad at them. Just pity them and glad I don’t have to resort to that to feel significant. Anyways, this is a bad situation all around. Anytime a child is killed, of any race, it’s a bad situation, no matter how often it occurs or where it does. My condolences to the Hudson family.

  7. HuckyDucky

    Rest in peace, little boy.

  8. Ed Castillo

    This is so horrible! They just made that announcement about the reward and I was searching so hard, trying collect on that $100,000. But now there’s no way I’m gonna get payed. Sincerest condolences to Jennifer, you’re one of the finedamndest bbw’s in the biz.

  9. FRIST!!!

    Why is it that every other race of people on the planet (except blacks) can come to this country and thrive within a generation? These fucking jigs have been free for 150 years, and they still can’t even hold a fucking job, let alone produce or create anything.

    Look at the continent of Africa, look what happens to countries where Blacks are left alone to govern themselves. They create nothing but violence and death and misery. They are sub-humans steeped in failure, with no contribution to society whatsoever. They are the missing link between ape and man.

    Look what the white American man has brought the planet: architecture, medicine, agriculture, religion, technology, civilization.

    Look what the Black man has contributed: Crack cocaine, car-jacking, and the “smash & grab” robbery technique.

    No one wants to hear it, but it’s true. The Coons cannot be on the loose, they must be contained. The origination of the coon came about a few thousand years ago, when a rabid pack of Gorillas and Orangutangs came upon a group of White women and raped them. Out popped the coons. Half-men/half-monkey’s who could sometimes even speak legibly. They did develop the use of motor-skills to a degree, but mostly used their skills for beating each other with sticks, sometimes even sharpening them, but they used a very primitive form of communication, even lesser than that of their Gorilla Ancestors. It was determined that these creatures were unholy, and should be destroyed, but within a few hours of their births, they had already began reproducing, something like the Gremlins when you pour water on them. It was then decided that they should be placed in an area where they couldn’t possibly escape, Africa, plus they could hang out with the other animals. Here they remained for thousands of years, and remained virtually unchanged socially, however, they had learned how to consitantly sharpen spears, and had started forming “gangs”, where they would rob other gangs and rape their women. These traits remain with the coons today, as it is as much apart of their DNA as the need to strive and improve is apart of the White man’s DNA. Unfortunately, due to liberals inciting farm workers to unionize (which would effectively price these farms out of business) the farm owners had to come up with a way to keep their farms producing, so they decided to use these black animals as a labor force on their farms, much like a mule or a donkey is utilized in plowing fields. This worked out well for a number of years, but as per their programmed DNA, some of these black animals would escape and rape or kill some white people. It was then deemed that these black animals were unfit for interaction with humans, and that they must be returned to Africa. Unfortunately, some left-wing radicals assasinated that man who intended to send them back to Africa, and some other liberals decided to “free’ these animals. They were utilized primarily as farm workers and servants, and kept under strict control until the 1960′s, when USSR KGB agents infiltrated our universities and brainwashed the youth of America into granting the black animal equal rights among whites. And the rest is history.

    But you won’t read that in any history books, but that’s what happened….

  10. UglyPeopleSafaris
  11. Deacon Jones

    Holy SHIT you people are brutal, even I have my limits, the gravy comment in the blood, I’ll have to remember that one for funnier times though.

    GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hay Hay Hay

    Was that Re-Runs’ kid?

  13. E-Rock

    SUPERFISH!!! First, those were nice words to a very, very sad tradgedy, and I pray this little cutie RIP, along with his grandmom and uncle, and may the bastard that did this live a long life in hell, but WHY DO YOU ALLOW SUCH RACIST CRAP ON THIS WEBSITE??? YOU NEED TO FILTER THE GARBABE BEFORE YOU ALLOW IT TO POST, because it just ruins it for everyone else. THIS COUNTRY DOESN”T NEED ANYMORE RACIST ASSHOLES. Makes me sad to be white to hear such filth.

    My heart goes out this family, and I pray for justice.

  14. DeeBee

    The Superficial’s deepest, heartfelt condolences to the family of Jennifer Hudson

    er, what family?

    I’m sure you mean to Jennifer. As well as at the very least.

  15. MassGrrl

    My heart goes out to this family.

    However, why is this the #1 story on cnn.com with less than two weeks to a presidential election?

  16. Clownshoes

    @ #106, thank you.


    I find it funny that if i were to place ONE ignorant white racist in the middle of Compton, CA and surround them by six large black men with guns, then would they be racist? Would they be making racist comments? Ha, no you wouldn’t, and whoever says they would, shut up you’re an idiot. You prefer to do it behind the safety of your computer screen when it’s completely inappropriate, or when you are in a large group of other racist idiots.

    Frist, or Kari, or whatever you call yourself and whatever other alias you have used, i’ll point you out since you were the only one brave enough to leave a link to your myspace page. You look like a real winner, and by real winner I mean undereducated white trash. If anyone wants to see an example of what a racist idiot looks like, go to frists URL. Its classic, and hilarious. I know you’ll respond since you have nothing better to do, but I’m going on with my day, enjoying my day off from work, hoping that I made you realize how ignorant you are being. You should thank me.

    I’m sorry I even had to give any of these idiots a reaction because thats what they are looking for. Everyone making these “racist” comments feels very disconnected from this horrible crime because they are sitting behind their computer screens at home, and therefore feel like it’s ok to make some kind of horrible joke. HOWEVER, if you were at the funeral of this little boy, looking at his picture slide show on the screen, seeing his loved ones mourn over the loss of an innocent child who did nothing wrong…I dont care how ignorant you are…you have so be SICK not to feel for this family.

    My condolences to the Hudson family, rest in peace little boy.

  17. RoxAnn

    My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the Hudson family. I hope that the bastard is brought to justice. He murdered 3 innocent people.
    There is a death penalty in Illinois but it is under a moratorium.
    It is time to lift the moratorium in time for his sentencing. For the citizens that live in Illinois, it is time to contact your Senators and Governor to lift this ridiculous moratorium.

  18. Anexio

    And killing a child is somehow more heinous than killing an adult?


    It’s all terrible but I don’t see how its worse when the victim is a child.

    All killers should be killed regardless as to whether or not the victim is a child, a cop or a elderly person.

  19. pelps

    so sad!! he’s still a boy!!
    the girl I’m chatting with on === A g e l e s s Mate.com ===even cries over it!!
    This is so cruel!!

  20. Sandy

    #117 – “For the citizens that live in Illinois, it is time to contact your Senators and Governor to lift this ridiculous moratorium.”

    From January 31, 2000:

    “Illinois Gov. George Ryan on Monday imposed a moratorium on the state’s death penalty. All lethal injections will be postponed indefinitely pending an investigation into why more executions have been overturned than carried out since 1977, when Illinois reinstated capital punishment.

    “We have now freed more people than we have put to death under our system — 13 people have been exonerated and 12 have been put to death,” said Ryan. “There is a flaw in the system, without question, and it needs to be studied.”


    Yeah, tragic story today. But don’t be a fucking idiot.

  21. Mike Hawk

    wow, thats low…spamming this thread. I want to kick pepls in the snatch…Oh and beat that thug to death too..asshole

  22. bootlips

    All it takes is one black family to move to your neighborhood to destroy it. There’s a reason why “bad neighborhoods” are full of negroes. It’s not the location that makes it a shithole. It’s the shitskin behavior. It’s amazing that negroes haven’t figured this out. Blacks pray for a life outside the ghetto (meaning, away from other negroes). Then they move to a safe white neighborhood. Then more shitskins feel comfortable enought to move in. Then you start hearing sirens all day long, then you read the papers and are amazed at all the crime, and then you become a victim of shitskin behavior and you are forced to sell your home for cheap money. Then property values crash and the government gives the shitskins money to move in. Then, Voila, you have a ghetto.

  23. Avery Hayes

    As anyone seen hellraiser? THATS what should happen to child killers – pinhead gets to take care of them.


  24. Letalis

    A pity #122′s comment indicates that he/she has the mental capabilities of a spatula.

    McDonald’s is hiring for stupidity just like yours – apply today!

  25. tim

    This is Obama’s hood, they’ll give the murderer a hug and let him go. Because, I’m sure whitey made him do it.

  26. bootlips

    #124. All the proof you need is a walk through a black neighborhood. Why do coons mock trailers and McDonalds? If the negro invented either one we’d be forced to celebrate them.

  27. bootlips

    My dad just violated me anally with his fist and then with his empty beer bottles, that is what crazy redneck families do i guess!! I need to make more funny black comments….

  28. bootlips

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  29. jesus

    this is the good news i have been waiting to hear. no doubt some rapper will write a song about it and the lyrics will be full of “bitches and hos”.

    now this kid won’t grow up to sell drugs and commit violent crimes against other blacks. wait, that may not be a good thing……………

  30. Snapple?

    So did anyone get the $100,000.00 for finding the nephew in the SUV?


  31. Shooks

    Boot lips and supporters….your comments are horrible, just Curious and what is the nationality of some serious serial killers????? Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Robert Pickten and Ted Bundy—when Al Capone was living crime was high here in the Chi, last time I checked he wasn’t black? As a matter of fact none of them were. This is just to name a few…Where any of these guys your neighbors??? I say this not to come to your level but to make a point people commit crimes all different backgrounds, all different races, and all different reasons. This country would not be what it is today without the contributions of Black People….so the next time you stop at a stop light or wonder why your train hasn’t crashed…Thank the Black people you elected to “get rid of” or perhaps if you eat a peanut butter sandwich, chips etc… Thank George Washington Carver a black man for making it interesting. We all contribute to society and instead of making someone like you, how about embrace people for who they are! We’d be a better world.

    Most Crime happens because people are unable to deal with problems—-whether it be financially, emotionally, or perhaps politically!!! (yes murders are staged by political figures and “rich persons” it is wrong whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc….We are all God children and we all bleed the same blood. My sincere and deepest empathy for the Hudson Family.

  32. Andie

    Geez. I get sad when I hear about stuff like this no matter if the family is celebrity, nobody, black, white, green, purple.
    It’s awful.
    Things like this happen in all races and backgrounds. Look at Jon-Benet Ramsey. You can’t make the same comments about her race and family background, but she’s just as dead as any other murdered child.

    It’s a sick sad world.

  33. RoxAnn


    From January 31, 2000:

    “We have now freed more people than we have put to death under our system — 13 people have been exonerated and 12 have been put to death,” said Ryan. “There is a flaw in the system, without question, and it needs to be studied.”

    So as citizens we are suppose to idly sit by because some people have been freed? DNA has advanced in the last 8 years! and that it is what exonerated those 13 individuals! It is difficult be convicted of these types of crimes with DNA science as we know it today.
    So dumbass who is the fucking idiot??

    How can you tell mell me that it takes 8 years for a study????? DAH!

    Maybe if this was your family you would feel different.

  34. Blackest cities in the United States (2005 US Census):

    1 Detroit, Michigan (83.73%)
    2 Gary, Indiana (81.35%)
    3 Birmingham, Alabama (73.46%)
    4 Jackson, Mississippi (70.64%) *
    5 New Orleans, Louisiana (67.25%)

    Highest homicide rates by City (2006 FBI Report):

    1. New Orleans, Louisiana
    2. Gary, Indiana
    3. Detroit, Michigan
    4. Flint, Michigan **
    5. Birmingham, Alabama

    * The 14th annual “City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America” ranks Jackson as the 23rd most dangerous city in America.

    ** US Census ranks Flint, Michigan the 13th most black city at 53.27%

  35. Danklin24

    #9– you’re a scumbag and i hope you get hit by a fucking bus you miserable piece of trash. A child was killed and all you can do is wrtoe racist comments. We should do the same thing for vile cunts like you, better yet, we’ll just tie cinder block to your feet and kick your stupid asses in the ocean. Fucking cunt.

  36. mai-tai

    LMAO at you racists when some white dude kills your family this Christmas. Spreading hate, especially at a time like this, makes you just as bad as this douche.

  37. bootlips

    Negroes always bring up serial killers to justify their monkey behavior. A serial killer comes around less than every 20 years but neegers do this shit every day. It’s the way the negro mind works. They have no reasoning ability.

  38. Sadd Tudaa

    You finally free little man :(

  39. Sadd Tudaa

    You finally free little man :(

  40. Danklin24

    Bootlips, ill make sure i say the same thing when a black guy kills 75% of your family dickwad.

  41. rawr

    awww…what a sick bastard to kill an innocent child…i hope the worst thing possible happens to him and he live a painful tortured rest of his life.

  42. *116* > I find it funny that if i were to place ONE ignorant white racist in the
    >middle of Compton, CA and surround them by six large black men with guns,
    >then would they be racist?

    Yeah, but what does that prove? You may as well hang them over a woodchipper and threaten them with titty twisters as well.

  43. Jamie

    #98 Kari –

    You MORON. Way to make light of a CHILD’S DEATH and be stupid enough to link to your myspace when you do it. Seems like you’re a mother yourself. How could you be so heartless – this could be your kid. Besides, I wouldn’t be so cavalier with the fat jokes, you look about you’re about two ribs short of a coronary bypass yourself, fatty.

  44. bob

    mysportsdate.com==========Nobody said it’s thooper thad because the kid’s aunt is famous, #19. Well, you did, sorta, but the rest of us are just disgusted that another child has been murdered.

  45. bootlips

    Now my neighbors dad is violating me and making me do stuff and type stuff……oowwwww that hurts…

  46. fisha

    hey #143 jamie and all the others attacking kari looking at her myspace-page: a sick troll is posting with her alias and linking to her myspace. please let go of kari, it’s not her who’s posting this sick racist shit. in fact i think bootlips and kari’s troll/FRIST-troll are the same (brainless) person. hey shack, just leave it, will ya? or have they taken the happy pills away from you, again? show some compassion, don’t be a dickhead, you stupid dumbfuck of a troll.

    on to the topic, this is terribly sad, a real tragedy. R.I.P. little boy.


  48. I hate the jackass who did this.

    (I’m not even going to comment on the idiots who post retarded shit on this post to try and get attention, other than to say, GET A LIFE.)

    Anyway, I say we legalize cruel and unusual punishment…he should get locked in a tiny box for the rest of his life. That’s worse than the death penalty.

    As to whoever asked why this is the number one story right before the election, the answer is simple. America will be just fine. She’s a big kid. Regardless of who gets elected, we’ll all survive, and sooner or later it won’t even matter anymore.

    But a world in which a woman can lose her mother, brother, and nephew in one blow, that’s the greatest tragedy. Not if, God forbid, the candidate you don’t like gets elected. Come on.



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