UPDATE: Jennifer Hudson’s nephew’s body reportedly found

October 27th, 2008 // 169 Comments

God, I was hoping it wouldn’t end like this: Authorities have found the body of a 7-year-old African-American child in a White Suburban that was owned by Jennifer Hudson’s late brother. The SUV was believed to have been stolen by William Balfour and was reportedly the center of the domestic dispute that ended in the fatal shooting of Jason Hudson and his mother. TMZ reports:

The body was found inside a 1994 white Chevy Suburban. It is the same SUV owned by Jason Hudson, the murdered brother of Jennifer. Before his arrest, cops were looking for William Balfour, the suspect and estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister. The license plate of the Suburban matches Jason’s SUV.
The SUV was found a few miles from the area where cops arrested Balfour.
The SUV is now being towed from the scene. Unclear if the body is still at the scene. No ID so far.
Neighbors say the vehicle has been parked there since Saturday. Balfour was arrested Friday night.
The SUV has been towed with the body still inside the vehicle. The SUV is now at a police garage in Chicago.

I don’t want to get all talk radio on you guys, but I seriously hope they figure out who did this and throw the book at him. And by book I mean the electric chair. You have to have no fucking soul to kill a child. What the hell did he do to you? Just a terrible ending to a terrible series of events.

The Superficial’s deepest, heartfelt condolences to the family of Jennifer Hudson.

UPDATE: Julian King’s Amber Alert has been called off, according to TMZ. Not good.

Photo: AP

  1. Emily

    Well said #9. We’d all be better off – blacks included – if we just separated.

  2. Pete

    Thug life … FUCK IT. To the chair with these guys … whatever their race.

  3. Lola

    I pray to God it’s not this innocent little child’s body they found. This is just terrible and there’s absolutely nothing in this world anyone can say that’ll make any of what happened bearable. I pray for the family and I’m sure everyone is also.
    This is just unbearable for anyone to lose their family like this. My deepest condolences

  4. Vince Lombardi

    Put Balfour and a couple of hungry tigers in a room and let God sort it out.

  5. bootlips (and everyone else)…

    Have you ever watched the wire? There was an episode that relates to bootlips’ comment.

    I wish I could remember what the episode it called, but I cannot so you will have to dig for it a bit but don’t disagree or put down bootlips’ comment because it is actually a very intelligent idea even though it wasn’t conveyed properly.

    Basically, they put the “thugs” and gang members in their own little communities without police supervision. They are not allowed to do any drug dealing or any other gang related activity outside of their community.

    Not ALL black people deserve to be thrown in a god damn community by ANY means, though. I am simply saying that the gang members and what not should be.

    This would never work in today’s society though. Can’t believe everything you see on a TV show, ya know?

    My thougts and prayers are with the Hudson family<3

  6. Eli

    The Superficial writer is a good man.

  7. Bill Ayers

    Looks like he might have died from eating too much junk food. They found 125 pounds of Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Abazaba and Grape Soda in his stomach.

  8. Pekod1

    Why indulge in this emotion and moral indignation? The letter of the law, chosen by the majority, determines the appropriate response to these actions. Why do we get more upset about something like a rape or a single murder than we do about something that affects the entire nation? A big reason blood has to be spilled to maintain freedom is that we simply choose to behave in precisely this way: childish and petty.

  9. This poor little guy didn’t deserve any of this. His killer needs to be executed. Sure, with the liberal cowards they will say he needs a trial and endless appeals at our expense.

    Funny though, everyone cries foul (as they should) at the death of a helpless child, but liberals think NOTHING of getting an abortion and killing a child that way. They see it as a constitutional right.

    R.I.P little dude.

  10. voteforobamaineedthemoney

    alot of people are saying shit about number 9….did everyone miss number 33? what a fuckin racist douche bag

  11. Sen. Robert Byrd

    I find nothing wrong with 33′s post. Back when I was the Grand Cyclops of the KKK, we used to just hang ‘em from trees. So a zoo wouldn’t be bad. Then we could all gather around and watch them throw their shit at each other, what’s better entertainment than that?

    Also, remember to vote Democrat this election. As I am a Democrat, and a former KKK member, but that doesn’t matter, since I’m a Democrat. Even though I killed plenty of coons in my day, I still have the full support of the Democratic party, and Barrack Obama, that cute little monkey, because I’m a Democrat…

  12. daharia

    ignore the “racist” people

    half of them probably don’t even believe what they’re saying, just looking for a reaction

    they’ll grow out of it when they hit puberty

    its so embarrassing for them

  13. gizthewiz

    #9, #46, #51…I think the best thing would be for you to be separated from society. Open up your minds; you’re sick in the head.

    A child, his grandmother and his uncle are dead, the color of their skin has nothing to do with the fact that this was a horrible crime.

  14. John Q

    Are you people STUPID…… of course its sad, but………

    Of course the killers should be executed… but should killers just be executed when they kill kids ? Is my life, my wifes life any less valuable than that childs?

    Who gets to pick and choose ? Keep voting against the death penalty you stupid assholes… maybe someone in your family will be next…

  15. Well…it’s not like he was going to contribute to society in any positive way. Except maybe to keep an extra dozen or so KFC franchises in business.

  16. texgirl

    God, that poor child, that poor family. my condolences to anyone touched by this tragedy. i will never understand what drives people to hurt others, let alone an innocent child.

  17. Dee

    That poor little boy-what kind of monster could do that to an innocent child. This makes me so sad.

  18. B. Goetz

    So it would cost more to execute him in legal fees…how bout we cut down on the litigation instead of the justice, libtard.

    One would HOPE that the prison population would be reliable and make this child killer’s life hell. Unless the shitbag embraces the Nation of Islam and gets protection.

    We can only hope he’s crossed state lines into a state that still has it’s head screwed on straight. That or a little extraordinary rendition into Texas…

  19. Ted Mosby

    I can never understand crimes against children. Sick bastards.

  20. facts

    The death penalty has a very small and inconsistent deterrent effect on murder rates.

    What you want is the “revenge penalty.” Just be honest and call it that.

    And don’t flinch on the cases when DNA evidence shows that the state executed the wrong person.

    America is filled with ugly anger.

  21. veggi

    Upside: that’s $1.37 off my tax bill.

  22. liz

    #61 – way to show your complete lack of understanding about a.) race relations b.) the history of the democratic party. Open up a fucking textbook and read about the flip that happened in the idealogical base of the dems/repubs in the 1940s – 1960s.

    The rest of you dumb assholes need to get a life. Take your hate somewhere else. This post is about a dead child and all you can do is spew hate towards the victim? It must be nice to hide behind your computer monitor and talk shit.

  23. #65, fuck you! You sick sonofabitch, and quit using my name, asshole..

  24. Icy3angelz

    First off- this is so sad. I cldnt imagine this type of shit happening 2 me. However, i know that it can at any moment. This makes me love my kids even more. I am praying for them. Though life for them and their whole family will not ever be the same, they will make it through it with each other and their strong faith. 2nd. What is wrong with #9 and #57. I mean really either u are really young or ignorant. This is no time for racist b.s. The topic was about a murdered family not about: ASSHOLES NATIONALS OPINION PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT BLACKS NOW. And #57 ur mama’s a bitch. U call the DEAD boy 125 lbs of chicken watermelon…. That shit is not cute. I could even look past that refering to the adults but thats a f@cking child. Atleast #9 refered 2 him as a living animal. What wld u looklike sayin- hey they found a 125 lbs of chicken and watermelon dead. M.fs wld look@ u like they r doin now FUCKIN STUPID. This is not a black on black crime. This is a senseless murder that cld happn 2 n e body.

  25. ummm...yeah

    *sigh* ummm…yeah,
    First of all #9, #33 and the rest of you pathetic losers, not all black people glorify violence, hate the police, and the rest of that stereotypical crap white people seem to say about them.
    As in any race there are monsters, and if you want to get techincal,the white race in particular, white people are as sick as they come. Torture,beheadings, mutulations,cannibalism,mass murders, serial killers,sick sex crimes…no my dear whities, you guys take the cake and the prize, and you get AWAY with it.
    It’s so sad to see that even when a child gets killed, the hate and loathing still remains.
    I wonder…why is it that you guys think you are better than any race again?

  26. Jen

    #59 – you are so fucking ignorant. Of course “liberals” think twice before having an abortion! No one is “pro-abortion”. People are “pro-choice”. There are plenty of liberals who would never have an abortion themselves, but they believe that every woman on earth should have the right to choose whether or not to go through with a pregnancy. It’s comments like yours that make me believe the USA is completely backwards.

    What I find funny is that Sarah Palin (and many Republicans with her) espouses all of this “pro-life” shit, and YET, she murders animals FOR FUN. Does not add up.

    On topic: I feel so sorry the Hudson family. What a terrible, horrific and senseless tragedy.

  27. pat

    So the trolls hijacked the comment thread. Has Jennifer’s sister, the boy’s mother, or her body been found yet?

  28. proteon

    A tragedy like this as discussed by the souless dog shit that you folks all are somehow doesn’t work does it?

  29. No Time for the Mud People

    The only news that matters today is this: the global markets CRASHED in their last session, but the U.S. market has held its own today, at least so far. There might be more strength in the U.S. economy than expected and we might not be headed for severe prolonged recession.

    I don’t care in the least about black-on-black violence. As far as I’m concerned, it’s like a self-cleaning oven.

  30. Blah

    I didn’t read the rest of the comments because most of you guys are idiots, but allow me to echo what Superfish said.

    Someone killed a child. THINK about that. Even you fucking trolls, think about that.

    To the murderer: I hope the cop who catches you goes rogue and blows your knees off, and then cuts off your nuts with a dull spoon and chokes you with them. You fuck. As a father, I’d do no less were someone to harm a hair on my children’s heads.

    Fuck the trools. Keep it real. This is a tragedy and I hope the perp gets tortured over 10 years before he’s allowed to die.

  31. Kat

    Oh my god, that poor kid. =( How anybody could take a truly innocent life is far beyond me. But at least horrible things happen to child killers in prison.

  32. ming

    At least he got plenty to eat in his short life.

  33. "The Wire"?

    @55: You really didn’t get the whole idea of “The Wire”, right?
    The Hamsterdam storyline you were referring to wasn’t about thugs being left alone in their part of town at all. It was about stopping corner violence by partially legalizing the drug trade, and it was shown as a desperate attempt to try something new in a situation that is at a stalemate forever now. To mention it here is inappropriate.
    I have no word for the racist brainless hobos here. You know they are scum, we know they are scum, hey, deep in their heart, they know they are scum, too – that’s where all the hate comes from. Instead, I tell all the other, normal people here, black or white or yellow in fact – it’s the internet, hello China! – that I will not deny being shocked by the death of a child, just because his aunt is a celebrity. there was the same debate with Dennis Quaid’s kids and the heparine thing, and there some wisecracking jerks wanted to tell me not to feel sorry for kids, either. I will – forever – feel sorry for kids who suffer, celebrities or not, black or white, my fault or your fault. And I believe that those who can’t feel sorry for a murdered child should seek treatment immediately.

  34. YAWN

    Kristin # 55, you’re a complete moron. Fat sack of shit.

    As for the rest of the inbred cowards, you will be cleansed from this country 40 years anyhow. Tough luck.

  35. human

    i think #9′s suggestion is actually a good idea; honestly i don’t even think it’s racist; it’s true that blacks have this tendency to live a thug life because of the media and shit even though no one wants to admit it in my opinion. not all blacks are like this but a lot of them are
    ya’ll who are freaking out that there are racist comments on here, chill the fuck out. there were and will always be racists

  36. human

    i think #9′s suggestion is actually a good idea; honestly i don’t even think it’s racist; it’s true that blacks have this tendency to live a thug life because of the media and shit even though no one wants to admit it in my opinion. not all blacks are like this but a lot of them are
    ya’ll who are freaking out that there are racist comments on here, chill the fuck out. there were and will always be racists

  37. human

    i think #9′s suggestion is actually a good idea; honestly i don’t even think it’s racist; it’s true that blacks have this tendency to live a thug life because of the media and shit even though no one wants to admit it in my opinion. not all blacks are like this but a lot of them are
    ya’ll who are freaking out that there are racist comments on here, chill the fuck out. there were and will always be racists

  38. Muse

    There are some mean and cuel people in this world, both in the streets and on this website. I used to live in Chicago and to tell you the truth I HATE THE PLACE. I’m going to put it on the line here and I’m not going to pull ANY punches. I am a Black person, have 3 kids, a BSCS, and I lived in Chicago for over 20 years. I’ve seen a lot. One night I heard noises coming from the back of my home on 101st and green, I investigated it and it was somebody trying to break into my neighbors garage. I went around the block and told him. He called the Chicago police and they told him “It wasn’t Important enough for them to come out.” The city is screwed up. They have denied the rights of law abiding citizens to own handguns to protect themselves and NOW the only ones who have guns are the police who are NOT there to prevent the crime BUT to solve it once it has been committed and the criminal element. Just last week, an armed man broke into a person’s home and the lady jumped out of a 2nd floor window to escape him with her baby in her arms. Then, the court system lets un-rehabbed, un-changed, still ignorant, don’t want nothing, and don’t want YOU to have anything either predators BACK out on the street to an unarmed people. Everybody hollers about gun control gun control. The state police have instituted a VERY GOOD system called the FOID card that I wish all state would adopt, which will investigate your background to determine if you ARE a law abiding good citizen. If you are, they will issue you a card. In Indiana, all you need is a driver’s license. (that’s scary). Question? Do you think gang bangers and thugs and convicted sex offenders who have guns also have an FOID card? Do you think they obtain their weapons LEGALLY? I have moved my family out of that Hell Hole of a city.The criminal element KNOWS that they have MORE rights than the law abiding citizen in Chicago, and in Illinois as well and they know how to manipulate it VERY well. It wont get better, it will only get worse. In Indiana and MOST other states, the 2nd amanedment rights are honored. They allow their citizens to own and CARRY their personal protection devices. In Illinois, they dont. If you were a criminal, where would you go to commit you crap? A place where you may loose your life in a crime or where you have a better than 80% chance on not only living BUT getting away with it as well. There are blacks who I can’t stand and I have friends that are white that love me like a brother. People who try to hate a WHOLE race of people based on what they see on TV are highly ignorant and I wonder how they have enough sense to take their next breath. But they manage to do it somehow. I do NOT glorify the ‘gangsta’ life nor do I allow my kids to do it. They will not walk around with their pants hanging off their butts. They will not have ear rings in their ears or have their hats cocked to the side. I don;t allow all of that ignorant slang talk in my house, where every other phrase is ‘you know what I’m sayin’. I’m off of the soapbox now. I don’t know which is worse. The way that we brutally just kill each other or the way that some people feel about Blacks that they have NEVER met or vice versa. It’s the SAME hate that killed that little boy that causes someone to hate another because they are NOT like you. IT”S THE SAME HATE, just manifested in a different way. My prayers to Jennifer Hudson and family. If I could, I would wipe every no good ignorant person like the one who commited this off the planet. But I/we can’t because there are laws which protect them from that, so we just have to figure out a way to live with em.

  39. Huh?

    The Point of #9′s comment wasn’t racist…It was saying that the black community embraces thuglike behavior, therefore they are growing people like this and not even caring about the end result. Then pointing the finger.

  40. havoc

    If they catch the son of a bitch, send him to Texas.

    We know what to do with him…..and quickly.


  41. indisputable

    Blacks in America account for a disproportionately large percentage of violent crimes. During the post-colonial period in Africa, black-ruled countries have had chaotic-at-best attempts at self-government, several episodes of outright genocide, the persistent famine due to failure to maintain consistent agricultural productivity (despite being the richest farmland on the planet), outbreaks of every type of disease known to man due to an inability to maintain basic public sanitation, chronic rape of women and sexual slavery of young girls, and constant murderous tribal warfare. In fairness, they’ve adopted some very colorful clothing.

  42. Eracism

    Truly tragic. They should take this bastard up in a plane and toss him out over the The Rockies! Deepest condolences to the family.

    #9 – Eat shit and live.

  43. TJ

    Fatherless welfare garbage. Enough said.

  44. Jim Jones

    Condolences to the Hudson family.

    Shame on you for trying to turn this into a forum for venting your political rage. Even more shameful is your pathetic attempt to equate this poor child’s death to abortion. The idea that anyone thinks nothing of abortion is patently absurd. I know several women who have gone through the procedure, and it was not an easy decision for any of them. Sometimes situations don’t mirror the perfect reality everyone wishes they could live in. Take your ignorance elsewhere. Likewise bootlips, who doesn’t seem able to open their mouth without spewing hatred and racism. People like you two are the reason this country is going down the tube so quickly.

  45. Shouldn’t it have been a “brown alert”?

    But probably then nobody would bother to look.

  46. Sam P

    It appears to me that some of you truly do not understand what happened here. 3 innocent people were murdered, one of them being a young child. I do not know what goes through the minds of some people, but where do some of you get off saying horrible comments about segregation, or racist comments, or anything in regards to the appearance of the child. comments about KFC and fried chicken and watermelon are wrong, negative, and completely un-necessary.


    My heart goes out to the Families involved in this horrible incident. May God be with them all in their hour of need.

  47. Very bad news – DNA tests have confirmed the worst. Apparently somebody figured out how to get a genetic profile from a blood sample mostly filled with gravy.

  48. Hunter

    Because I have some sort of life, I can’t read all of these comments, but for those of you who left a heartless comment that doesn’t show any support or sorrow for the Hudson family, fuck you. Honestly, make your life useful by building a bridge over the Grand Canyon, and then do all of us a favor by jumping off of it.

    This is devastating for the Hudson family and I send my love to their entire family.

  49. Now the Hudson family only weighs 49,209 lbs.

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