UPDATE: Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother found dead; nephew kidnapped

October 24th, 2008 // 154 Comments

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were found shot in their Chicago home today, and her nephew 7-year-old Julian King is missing from the scene, according to TMZ:

Police are looking for William Balfour, who they claim could be with the missing 7-year-old. According to records, Balfour listed Hudson’s mother’s address as a place of residence within the last year. According to the Illinois Department of Corrections website, Balfour is currently on parole after serving jail time for attempted murder.

To all my Chicago readers, police are looking for a 1994 white Suburban with the license plate X584859. I included pics of Julian and the suspect William Balfour. If you have any leads, call the authorities and, seriously, DON’T BE A HERO. This guy is armed, dangerous and won’t think twice about shooting you. Be safe.

The Superficial sends its sincerest condolences to Jennifer Hudson and hopes to see Julian safely returned to the comfort of his family.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting Jennifer’s sister Julia (Julian’s mother) drove her bus shift today and hasn’t been seen since. Jesus. Here’s hoping this is the end of the bad news.

UPDATE: William Balfour has been taken into custody and is refusing to cooperate with authorities on the whereabouts of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew Julian King who is still missing, according to FOX Chicago.

Photos: WENN, TMZ

  1. That’s terrible news. How sad..

  2. Rant

    Cock blocking the first spot.

  3. ToTellTheTruth

    That’s just really really sad and i know J-Hud must be totally devastated right now. You’re in my prayers J-Hud!!!!!!

  4. JANE

    OMG :( I am sooooo sad to read this… my thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer at this time of grief :( I hope they find her nephew… such sick people in this world.

  5. Rant

    Nope, blocked myself!

  6. MDV

    Posted on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 1:32:54 AM by freeplancer

    The US should immediately pull out of Chicago !

    Body count — In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago , 221 killed in Iraq .

    Sens. Barack Obama & Dick Durbin, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Gov. Rod Blogojevich, House leader Mike Madigan, Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike), Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)…..our leadership in Illinois…..all Democrats.

    Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago . Of course, they’re all blaming each other.

    Can’t blame the Republicans, there aren’t any!!!!

    State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country. Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25%highest in country. (Look’em up if you want). Chicagoschool system one of the worst in country.

    This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois.

    He’s gonna ‘change’ Washington politics?

  7. First I want to say my prayers go out to you and your family J-Hud, and @ all the people posting playful/irrelevant comments on this subject you all are out of place. #6 please go and spread your politics and statistical data else where. Someone has just lost a couple of dear family members. GET LOST!!! Stay strong Hudson family.

  8. Jen2

    That is so sad, my prayers go out to her and her family, I hope her sister and nephew are found safe and sound.

  9. anon

    This is so tragic. Fish, thanks for posting the info about the vehicle. Hopefully the little boy will be found safe. Very sad day for all involved.

  10. pointandlaugh

    that is one helluva afro on that suspect (Balfour). He’s got his own natural golf umbrella. LOL

    oh and RIP to the mom and brother. :(

  11. mike

    The tax in cook county is actually at 11% now. Fucking crooks run this state and the retards that live here just smile and bend over and take it.

  12. Fred

    Amen #6. RIP

  13. ALD

    Wow — so sad the trolls have decided to take a tragedy and spin it in a BS manner. Makes me so sad for the future of this country.

  14. Dirt Chicken

    Tragic news. RIP.

  15. STFU

    STFU MDV. Typical Republican opportunist.

    This is truly tragic, hope they find the little boy.

  16. Lisa

    We love you Jen! Stay Strong!

  17. Melissa

    I live in Chicago, and people are freaking the fuck out over this…

    I hope that kid is alright.

  18. Son of a gun

    What the hell happened here? Last I heard of this chick, things were great, and now this… She must feel terrible. God help her and her family.

  19. Nikky Raney

    For once, some real news on this website.

  20. Patricia

    I’m truly sorry for your lost Jennifer Hudson but just keep your faith and god will bring you through this. I hope that your sister and your nephew return safe and sound by the grace of god. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that everything be alright with your family. God Bless You In This Time Of Need !

  21. Nikky Raney

    This is really alarming and heartbreaking.
    I am glad that Super Fish could put off any hater-related comments and jokes to actually see the seriousness of this crime.

  22. Poon Tang

    Oh. my. god. This is just terrible :(

  23. bitingontinfoil

    My condolences – that’s downright bugsh*t.

    $10.00 it’s connected to the great airport smackdown of /08

  24. Marilyn

    This is such a tradegy. keep the faith Ms. Hudson. God will never leave u nor forsake u. The return of your family members will be soon. My prayers go out to u and your family during this time. God Loves U and I Do TOO!!!!!!!

  25. MissYvonne

    MDV…wow amazing you’re able to take something so tragic and use it for political gain. GO FUCK YOURSELF

  26. DrBoed

    Doesnt mean MDVs wrong

    Illinois, ESPECIALLY chicago, is like a third world country

    the murders in chicago are through the roof and not counting the thousands of missing people aka bodies that are thrown in the lake and never found because the police have so much on their plate with gang violence

  27. facts

    Of the ten states with the highest suicide rates per capita, nine are red states that supported President George Bush in 2004, including Sarah Palin’s Alaska and John McCain’s Arizona (latest national stats, 2005).

    The ten states with the lowest suicide rates per capita are all blue states that backed Sen. John Kerry, including Joe Biden’s Delaware and Barack Obama’s Illinois (latest national stats, 2005).

    Nine of the ten states with the top murder rates per capita are red states that supported Bush in 2004, including McCain’s Arizona (latest FBI national stats, 2007).

    Eight of the ten states with the lowest murder rates per capita are blue states that Kerry carried in 2004 (latest FBI national stats, 2007).

  28. Meh.

    Seriously: MEH.

    Niggas killing niggas, just like the niggas rap about all the fucking time.

    Yes, it happens in Barack Obama’s Chicago. It also happens – much more – in Baltimore and New York City and Los Angeles and everywhere there are large populations of niggas.

    I’m fucking sick of it and I don’t care anymore.

    Stop wasting my tax dollars on this. Ship ‘em all back to Africa. There are plenty of black-ruled countries there in total chaos, where the “African-Americans” could go to kill each other.

    Fuck ‘em.

  29. pat

    Hey, wait – Obama is mayor of Chicago? Talk about breaking news!

    Dems control most of the largest cities because that’s where the non-white folk live. Why do you think McCain/Palin made their whole campaign about “small-town American values”? They could come out and say “white power” – but at least that would have been honest.

  30. duh

    “Illinois, ESPECIALLY chicago, is like a third world country”

    Illinois??? The whole state??? Really??? Just like New York state is a third world country, because of NYC, huh? Or California, because of South Central L.A.?

    Retard, just move a tiny bit away from downtown Chicago and you get to some of the wealthiest towns in the country. One example: Evanston is just north of Chicago. It’s where Northwestern University is located, one of the best schools in America, along with one of the largest clusters of top-ranked medical facilities in the country. Good luck finding a house you can afford, especially along the lake.

    The very worst thing about our country is that our citizens make comments that are profoundly ignorant – not just about the world, but even about whatever parts of America they haven’t seen, but have only heard about from their loud-but-dumb friends.

  31. Wow, racist comments about black people in a comment section. Who saw that coming? I;m glad there wasn’t that much, but could you try not to be so predictable?

    I’m surprised that the racism has updated, though, Now you’re using nigga instead of the old ‘er version? How cute! So you can be down and racist at the same time!

  32. Susan

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is happening in GEORGE BUSH’S America, at the end of 8 years of his “leadership.”

    Just like the financial and economic disaster.

    Just like the pointless war in Iraq.

    Just like the crucial and completely justified war in Afghanistan…that we’re now losing.


  33. veggi

    As always: TNB.

    T Y P I C A L

    N I G G E R

    B E H A V I O R

    I’ll take it all back if it turns out a white man was responsible for this (a white man won’t be responsible for this).

  34. Emily

    Veggie, you’re an ignorant piece of trash. Domestic violence is NOT a racial issue because it happens in all races, cultures and classes. Take your racist backwoods bullshit somewhere else and let those who ACTUALLY want to show some support do so.

    In light of this horrible tragedy, here is a link to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:


    This is a problem we all need to be aware of, so we can support those suffering and surviving from it.

    JHud, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  35. Nelson

    HA HA

  36. Danklin24

    Holy fucking shit! This is so fucking sad. My condolences go out to Jennifer and her family.

  37. Danklin24

    Veggi like always, you’re a fucking racist douchebag. Go die you stupid racist fuck.

  38. Rated X

    That’s what they get for being black.

  39. Jes

    If it happened to her brother, uncle, aunt or whoever then it would not be so bad. But that’s awful that it had to be her MOTHER that was murdered.

  40. madtensai

    It’s not a racial issue. It’s a socioeconomic issue.

    You take white people (or any other race) and throw them in the same hopeless environments with clueless people reproducing more clueless people with little way out, you get the same shit.

  41. Bill Ayers the Terrorist

    Doesn’t stuff like this happen in Chicago all the time?

  42. 9966

    That’s fuckin unfair to have your parent and a sibling taken away from you. I know life’s unfair, but you still somehow get through it.. with your family. I can’t imagine what Jennifer is going through right now.

  43. Bunnie

    Deepest condolences to Jennifer Hudson and her family at this horrible time.

    I hope that her nephew and sister are found safe and well, and this idiot is locked up for life.

    And the colour of skin has nothing to do with the actions of an individual. People living in poor economic circumstances do bad things, but you can be a rich white man from a good neighbourhood and still beat your wives and sexually abuse your children.

    That said, we should be aiming to help out disadvantaged people in our countries to reduce the social problems, and murder. I am from Australia and most of what I see come out of your country is violence, racism, murder, low intelligence, bad comedy, and bad video games. These things don’t reflect well on your country, and I am sure there are a lot of great things about and people living in the United States, but if you want the rest of the world to understand what you have to be so patriotic about, maybe you should clean up the shit.

    All the rest of the world sees of Australia is kangaroos and koalas. Cute creatures. Does that say anything to you?

    I’m sorry that I’ve gone off track from the main story, but some people have been making some really stupid comments.

  44. m

    her sister was said to be talking to police at the police station. an amber alert is out for her nephew :( i’m sorry jennifer stay strong

  45. “The return of your family members will be soon.”

    Holy shit, don’t give me that “end of days” crap. That’s just a freaky way to try and comfort somebody.

    Horrible. This is trite, but I can’t imagine what she must be going through. Is this guy related to them (since he was living there)?

  46. m

    they believe it was her sister’s husband (father of the missing boy)

  47. What do you exactly mean by “MESS”?

  48. friendlyfires

    Congratulations, idiots, you’re letting MDV stir the shit. IGNORE his ignorant racist white ass, we Crackers in Tarrant Co. have shit stains like him lynched for being the wrong kind of white.
    Next time don’t take the bait, fishies.

  49. Katie

    Disgusting racist commenters. This is a sad, tragic event for that poor girl. How can anyone really recover from something like this? My heart goes out to her. Poor thing.

  50. Mal Gusto

    Bunnie, I love Australia but…. please!!!! The very last subject you should be commenting on is racial issues. When I drove Cairns to Brisbane I really enjoyed all the billboards reminding us that it was a crime to give alcohol to the aborigines. Your country has taken some of the most paternalistic attitudes toward your racial minorities…remember “Rabbit proof Fence”? Those policies didn’t stop till the 1970′s.
    And for the record….koala are some racist motherf*ckers! You should hear them talk about wombats.

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