CONFIRMED: Jennifer Hudson to ID nephew’s body

October 27th, 2008 // 236 Comments

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson is at on her way to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office ID’ing the body that top FBI officials have told the AP they believe is her nephew 7-year-old Julian King. Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune is reporting the boy was shot several times inside the SUV where his body was found. The suspect William Balfour’s clothing is being tested for gunshot residue:

The body was found in the back seat of the white Chevrolet Suburban police were looking for in their search for 7-year-old Julian King, three days after Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were found shot to death in the mother’s house in Englewood.
Law enforcement sources said that the boy was shot multiple times in the back of the vehicle. Police are testing the clothing of a man in custody for gunshot residue.
It was found by a 75-year-old who lives on the block, John Louden. He said he has lived on the block for 18 years and worried about people selling drugs in the abandoned building behind it. He saw the SUV while walking his dog. After a double-take, he realized the license plate matched the one police were looking for.
“I didn’t look in there. I didn’t touch it. I knew it was a strange vehicle,” Louden said. He said police showed up in about five minutes after his wife called them. They discovered the child inside. The body was removed and the SUV was towed away for evidence processing. “I feel bad about that baby,” Louden said.
If the boy is identified as Julian King, it will confirm detectives’ worst fears because a law enforcement source said bullet casings were found in the boy’s room on Friday. But the source said they had not found other evidence of violence in the room.

The Tribune also revealed details about William Balfour’s arrest who claims to be innocent. However, his girlfriend has already contradicted his alibi:

Balfour has denied involvement in the killings or the disappearance of the boy, law-enforcement sources said. But at some point, Balfour stopped talking to authorities, sources told the Tribune.
On Sunday morning, Balfour was transferred to a state facility after officials said he violated conditions of parole for a 1999 conviction for attempted murder. On Sunday, Illinois Department of Corrections spokeswoman Januari Smith said Balfour violated his parole because he is a suspect in the slayings and the boy’s disappearance.
According to law-enforcement sources, Balfour’s alibi the day of the killings has been contradicted by his girlfriend.

A press conference is scheduled within the next hour or so after the family ID’s the body. I’ll update this post once there’s a confirmation.

UPDATE: Police have confirmed to the Hudson family that the body is Julian King, according to the Chicago Tribune. The family has just now arrived to the medical examiner’s office and the delay is understandable. A recent report from TMZ says the boy was shot in the head. I mean, Jesus, as if this situation wasn’t fucked enough. It’s a shitty world out there, folks. Hug your kids today if you haven’t already.


  1. Que

    Que dang. :(

  2. ubee0173

    wow- i hope that guy is violently ass-raped and shivved in the kidney with a really sharp prison-knife made from a toothbrush… with mouth yuckies on it so he actually dies from a horrendous infection

  3. Jay

    Aaaaw, poor kid. :-(

  4. scabbeus

    It is very tragic any time a child is murdered or abused. This particular event is a sad tribute to the lack of leadership Chicago citizens continue to experience.

  5. Pekod1

    Who are these people! I don’t care about any of this!

  6. CaptainCack

    This is just terrible. Kudos for not cracking any jokes on this post.

  7. YoMomma

    This is terrible. Who could shoot a kid several times causing severe pain before death…..this child only had 7 years on this Earth. Sick.

  8. Crystal

    Whoever would do that to a poor innocent kid is very sick in the head. ;(

  9. Bloody Bitch

    Whoever did this deserves the worst punishment known to mankind. I want so badly for all missing children to be found alive and then this happens. Terrible terrible.

  10. the most important question of all is...

    …what the fuck is a 75-year-old guy gonna do with $100,000? That’s the true tragedy here.

  11. A

    Who cares.

  12. praying for you jen . . .

    So sad. No one, should have to deal with something like this.

  13. Jesse Jackson

    Too bad Johnnie Cochran isn’t alive now to make sure William Balfour gets a walk.

    Get it????

    Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw!!!

  14. TJ

    BREAK BREAK!!! This is a traditionally snarky site for fun. Why the political/social posts from out of nowhere, Fish?? You seriously need to quit the social shit or the folks will abandon you.

    So, you want political/social satire? OK, how about this welfare-fattened fatherless welfare kid with a breeder-whore mother who hooked up with a thug bit the dust, and just so happened to have a famous aunt. So what??

    See how it isn’t fun? Fuck you, Fish. You suck.

  15. meh

    This story is old and boring. I haven’t seen any of Jennifer Hudson’s “work” and I don’t care about any of these people.


  16. Jennifer Hudson is such a shameless scene-stealer that she’s at the medical examiner’s now, waiting for the sheet to be pulled down so she can start hyperventilating, flapping her arms, collapsing to the floor and screaming “Mah baybeeeee! Sweet Jesus what ha-ha-happened to mah precious babyeee!!!”

  17. gotmilk?

    why wouldn’t the mother ID the body? Jennifer Hudson is not next of kin.

  18. gotbrains?

    Because the mom is currently doing her impression of swiss cheese.

  19. This is what I was so hoping would not happen. I CARE! I hope God cares about all of you who say you don’t care, because this is so mean. A 7 yr old was brutally murdered along with his grandmother, and uncle. May God bless the Hudson family.

  20. a joke

    Where is Al Sharpton on this one? Oh wait, it’s black on black crime so it’s not worth his media-whoreing.

  21. Isn’t here the kid that played in the move the klumps?

  22. Jrz

    Balfour’s Girlfriend/Alibi: Pfft….hay-ell no! Dat dirty mothuh fuckah wudden wif me. Sheeit…he be lyin’! Hiz nappy haid wudden no wheres near me. Why don’ ya’ll go ax dat BITCH frum duh club he wuz callin from mah cell phone, okay? Cuz the mothuh fuckah wun wit me. Sheeit… some ho wit MAH mothuh fuckin’ minits….you lucky youze locked up…..I whoop yo ass……..dirty ass mothuh fuckah………

  23. Monster

    i think posts like these should be left to be commented by those people who have a soul #5. A 7 year old was shot several times and the person who did it probably won’t ever understand what they’ve done and why exactly they deserve the most horrific death as punishment. It’s unbearable to know that humans are capable of this sort of thing regardless of fame, fortune, color or anything.

  24. Lily

    #5, I bet you’d care if it was your fucking nephew. Have some compassion for other people you self-centered dickhead.

  25. daharia


    perhaps the mother didn’t want to see her dead child? i dunno..

  26. um wow

    for all you souless people –

    wow. thats all i can really say right now. you all deserve to fucking go to hell, along with this murderer.

  27. um wow

    that includes # 5, 11, 14, and 21.

    i hope you all rot in hell.

  28. @26 I agree with you that many of these posters are souless, but my hopes for them is that they’ll go and get themselves saved and right wtih God. Our time on earth is running short. If I were you guys I’d do it in a hurry.

  29. gotmilk?

    25, she would know better than anybody that it was her kid, i think that’s why next of kin are suppose to ID a body. you do know what that means, right?

    i’m pretty sure no one wants to see their kid’s dead body, but that’s not the point.

  30. WTF

    What the fuck????

    How many times are you gonna plaster that little pickaninny’s face across the board today? I came here to see half-dressed celebrities, damn it.

  31. The Cold Hard Facts

    It’s a damn national tragedy. And people need to know the facts before we can begin to implement a solution.

    Blackest cities in the United States (2005 US Census):

    1 Detroit, Michigan (83.73%)
    2 Gary, Indiana (81.35%)
    3 Birmingham, Alabama (73.46%)
    4 Jackson, Mississippi (70.64%) *
    5 New Orleans, Louisiana (67.25%)

    Highest homicide rates by City (2006 FBI Report):

    1. New Orleans, Louisiana
    2. Gary, Indiana
    3. Detroit, Michigan
    4. Flint, Michigan **
    5. Birmingham, Alabama

    * The 14th annual “City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America” ranks Jackson as the 23rd most dangerous city in America.

    ** US Census ranks Flint, Michigan the 13th most black city at 53.27%

  32. rest of the world

    #23 – go fuck yourself. Every fucking day U.S. soldiers kill innocent civilians – including women and children – in Iraq and Afghanistan. Back in 2005 Bush said 30,000 civilians had been killed in Iraq since the U.S. invasion. That’s 3 years ago, and even then a huge underestimate according all other reputable sources. Where was your outrage then? Typical American – crying over some random celebrity-related death, but ignoring the military atrocities your country has committed and continues to commit.

  33. mamadough

    something smells fishy. i thought the mother was missing, and booms she pops up outta nowhere to comment to the press but can’t identify her own kid? and could that piece of shit balfour seem anymore guilty? wasn’t the kid HIS kid?

    reminds me of another grizzly homocide out of the wonderful family friendly city of chicago where a white women had a few kids with a black guy. one day the black guy and two accomplices come in, kill the woman (who was also pregnant with his child) and stabbed her belly, killed the daughter and chased down the son and killed him too.

    now, i admit that all people of all races and ethnicity commit all crimes. but why is it that crime, murder, and drug-dealing THRIVE in predominantly black neighborhoods? i’m not saying that the same shit doesn’t go down in white or hispanic neighborhoods, but the white man’s jeffrey dahmers and ted bundys are 1 in 100, while the ghettos are about 1 in 2 for delinquents. the black people make up only a minority in this country, but when the minority has a major contribution of criminals, it makes the entire group of blacks look worse. even black people who live normal lives would rather be in a whiter neighborhood where it is safer with less crime, murder, and drug activity. i would love to understand how this thug life flourishes generation after generation. the black people need to be empowered to knock this shit off. while it is sad that there are stereotypes, there is a truth to every one of them.

  34. pete

    Sorry, but there are a thousand tragedies far worse than this one. It’s really annoying to watch people who purposefully ignore real news in favor of celebrity “news” and then shed crocodile tears when something bad happens. Most of you won’t bother to vote. Empty heads, empty tears, empty words.

  35. #16 wasn’t me…ugh…so sick of this shit…

  36. Hunter

    More meat (especially chicken) for the rest of us.

  37. veggi

    The mom couldn’t identify the body because she just got a new boyfriend and they had already made plans to enjoy some TLC and KFC.

  38. SarahPalin

    Stuff like this doesn’t happen in good white cities. Like the one I whore for.

  39. swtlpgal

    #35 how are there far worse tragedies than this –A 7 YEAR OLD HAS BEEN SHOT AND KILLED!!! It gets no worse than that, that is the peak. You fucking idiot. Maybe you would understand that if it happens to you. Should I wish that upon you??? Any child, any where, regardless of who they are linked to deserves prayer and condolences. I’m all about a good old fashioned stoning. Maybe after we take care this sicko we can hit up the heartless idiots on this site.

  40. Meow

    Yo, it’s not even about Jennifer Hudson, dude. All the assholes who are saying that we shouldn’t care and that this is just celebrity news. I don’t care who’s frikken nephew it is, no child deserves to die like that. The thought of how scary his last moments must have been really makes me cry. Frikken bullshit man. You should care when anything of this caliber happens to ANYONE. I’m not saying everyone in the world should mourn for days for people you don’t know, but as a human with a heart, news like this should bother you even a little, regardless of who it pertains to. Stop being jerks and just take this for what is is: a horrible, cruel event by a guy who better get what he deserves.

  41. riz

    the fact that people are willing to turn a death of a child into racism is absolutely DISGUSTING.

    who fucking cares what race the kid is. when you hear stories about any kid getting murdered, doesn’t it upset you?
    i can’t even form a coherent thought i’m so pissed off and sickened by the assholes in this world. i hope you all lose someone you love so you can know how it feels and will never again cast stones in your lives.

  42. Cartman

    Why the fuck is thesuperficial covering stories of dead children?

    I want to see hot chicks in bikinis not picks of deceased kids.

  43. mindless woman


    I’m #40′s sister and I just opened my eyes to the world today.

  44. bootlips

    Coons shot up an Arkansas dormitory. The coons just want to lead in every violent category. Don’t worry though, it looks like no humans were killed.

  45. Matthew

    Hey, everybody, here’s a bandaid for your bleeding hearts…

    So this kid was going to grow up to be a productive citizen? Ok, sure…Why not just do what Al Sharpton does when the killer is white and call the kid an “honor student”?

    Buckwheat pumped Rerun Jr full of bullets and gravy ran out. Details at 11.

  46. The Cold Hard Facts

    @42 So it’s racist to bring up the fact that there is an epidemic of crime in the black community? You’re the one whose going to continue to keep blacks down by refusing to recognize the obvious problems in their community. You are the racist!

  47. liberation

    Children are taken every day? Why should I care more for Hudson’s nephew? I feel bad for that kids that aren’t being searched because their family isn’t famous.

    Same old bullshit..

    My prayers go out for ALL missing children

  48. liberation

    Children are taken every day? Why should I care more for Hudson’s nephew? I feel bad for that kids that aren’t being searched because their family isn’t famous.

    Same old bullshit..

    My prayers go out for ALL missing children

  49. Elizabeth

    Heartbreaking. He has such an innocent face… how could somone do this to him? I hope he didn’t have time to be scared.

    If people have nothing good to say, then please be respectful of a child’s murder and say nothing at all.

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