Jennifer Hudson suspect should have been in jail the day of murders

October 29th, 2008 // 82 Comments

Wiliam Balfour, the prime suspect in the murders of actress/singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew, should have been in jail the day of the killings. He was stopped by police with crack in his car back in June which was a violation of his parole from a 1999 conviction for attempted murder and vehicular hijacking. He was instead allowed to go free, according to the AP:

On June 19, police pulled over Balfour’s car after hearing gunshots in the area, according to the officers’ report. They found a rock of cocaine in plain view on the driver’s seat, the report stated. It had a street value of about $100.
A parole supervisor declined to issue a warrant to revoke Balfour’s parole after the arrest, records show.
However, a felony arrest usually is sufficient reason for corrections officials to revoke parole, said Thomas Peters, a Chicago criminal defense attorney who represents parolees.

Even better, when a warrant was issued on Saturday for William’s arrest they already had grounds for revoking his parole without even counting his suspected involvement in the murders:

The Illinois Department of Corrections issued a warrant for Balfour on Saturday for violating terms of his parole by possessing a weapon and failing to attend anger management counseling and a substance abuse program, according to his parole report.

While this is all Monday morning quarterbacking about a piss-poor parole system that goes on in every city, it’s still the kind of scary shit that makes you think “Maybe I don’t need groceries today” then hide under your bed eating old Saltines. On that note, NOM NOM NOM. Hey, I found the The Geekologie Writer’s mom. How long have you been under here? Cracker?

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  1. Daisy

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  2. McCain supporters are as dumb as he is

    “Maybe if Obama was busy doing his current job instead of running for a different one, Illinois wouldn’t be such a god damned joke.”

    Murder rate statistics (per capita), state rankings, data based on state law enforcement agency uniform crime reports:

    2007: 20th
    2006: 18th
    2005: 20th

    2007: 9th
    2006: 8th
    2005: 6th

  3. Lyn

    This really is a nonstory. So what if some blacks were robbed and killed by another black? And Jennifer Hudson – what’s so special about her? To me she’s just another overrated “celebrity.” As far as the victims go – including her kid nephe – cry me a river.

  4. shar

    #42, does she have all her teeth?

  5. This story is about as sad as it gets.

  6. This story is about as sad as it gets.

  7. Agent 004

    Look, I can find stats and type them as well!

    Chicago’s murder rate as of 2007

    16 per 100,000

    Phoenix’s murder rate as of 2007

    14 per 100,000

    So what’s your point?

  8. bootlips

    This is what coons want. They want to cause crime and not be punished. They insist that every coon in jail is there because of racism. That’s why they can’t adapt to a civilized world. They are meant to live like animals. Just wait until they become the majority. My God, this country will look like Zimbabwe.

  9. Deacon Jones


    The have her on the phone. It’s hilarious. The best part is how she tries to say he has morals, and in the same SENTENCE she talks about how he has “two or three girlfriends”

  10. getoveritalready

    I wonder how long the Hudsons are going to milk this one out of the media…

  11. goh

    And until we start paying law enforcement officers more than we pay a bank teller, it is going to be like this. Many friends I met on a sports community think so too. it’s the real place where hot cougars and milfs hang out with sexy young men!! My friends told me so, gonna check it out!!

  12. friendlyfires

    I love racist right wing Archie Hitler Bunker couch morons.- wait I’m not Jesus Christ, the mushrooms wore off- I hate fucking Archie Bunker Hitler type morons, where’s my suitcase nuke? Time for the final solution!

  13. mphhdz

    If our jails weren’t full of harmless pot heads there might be room for crack heads that have attempted murder convictions. It time to change some laws.

  14. TJ

    It’s called “Fatherless welfare garbage” and if Hussein Obama is elected, you’ll see them breed even faster than the illegals. Go figure.

  15. jesus

    some guy kills three obese negros. who gives a fuck! what a minute, i do. thanks balfour!!!!

  16. justtheobvious

    Thanks for taking 3 of them out man! I hope you get off like OJ, the first time, so you can take out a few more.

  17. Obiden

    Good thing Obama wants to reduce the penalties on crack.

    He calls it ‘equalizing sentencing discrepancies between cocaine and crack’.

    But it’s lowering crack prison penalties.

    Check his website under “civil rights”.

    Good job, Barack!


  19. chris

    Superficial Editor(s),

    I guess you missed the part about how the guy was living with the Hudson family. Now, with that in mind, who is the one at fault here? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t let a convicted felon live in my house, with my family, while he was on parole.

  20. jowens

    This is absolutely ridiculous! All of you idiots on here spouting racist bullshit. Have we not risen above all the hate, We all came from Adam and Eve, oops oh yeah i forgot then the flood came and we all came from Noah and his family. I can’t believe these comments are even allowed on the site. Allowing this is just like pouring gasoline on a fire. One are all one in the same. It’s time for a true change in this country. That will never happen as long as we have racists kkk, redneck, skinhead nazi mother fuckers running around screaming a bunch of nonsense. This woman lost her mother, brother sister and nephew. Who cares what color they are it is still a sad senseless crime. Not all black people are uneducated drug dealing killer thugs as some of you people think. Open your eyes and see the light the world is changing and maybe you should get with the program also!

  21. Erin

    ” 57. Agent 004 – October 29, 2008 4:32 PM

    Look, I can find stats and type them as well!

    Chicago’s murder rate as of 2007

    16 per 100,000

    Phoenix’s murder rate as of 2007

    14 per 100,000

    So what’s your point?”

    Retard. Do you know the difference between a city and a state? Are U.S. Senators responsible for a city or an entire state? The earlier comment referenced state-wide crime rates. Jesus, no wonder McCain is in such trouble…

  22. Agent 004


    Perhaps if you start your comment without a name, then perhaps you would garner some respect. The original point is that this happened in the backyard of Obama. The ground where he started his change for hope, hope for change campaign. Way before the guy was a state senator, he was a ‘community organizer’ and then a state rep that represented the 13th district (aka here) The next poster escalated it to a state level in order to start the argument that you have taken the bait for.

  23. Erin

    So, by your reasoning, Sarah Palin is more responsible TODAY for Wasilla than for Alaska? I stand by my conclusion: retard.

  24. Dick Cheney

    There was a drive-by shooting in Little Rock, Arkansas last week.

    That event invalidates Bill Clinton’s 2-term presidency.

    I like how this works!

  25. snsnbsfn

    Groids kill groids; sometimes they eat each other too. Let’s move on now, ‘K?

  26. Pam

    This was a horrifying event for the family. How dare the writer of this story joke about eating crackers under the bed.

  27. Agent 004


    Yes, the people that influence an area or a thing in the past are responsible for the outcome of that area or thing. Let’s take you for example. Your parents, who clearly failed in raising someone that had any ability to be a rational and respectable person have a responsibility to the fact that you are who you are today. Even more so, if you parents promised to make you a great person with impeccable values, skills, and intellect, then they bear responsibility when the failed to due so.

    You and your parents are responsible for the outcomes of you.

    Now, please, continue in your thinking. There is a need for you in the useful idiot line.

  28. Humphreys


    Not all whites are “racists kkk, redneck, skinhead nazi mother fuckers”

    just like not all blacks are racist. But to say “Stop the racism against blacks”, when you participate in racism against white is a double standard.

    It’s ok to hang a white women effigy with a noose, but it’s racist to hang a noose in a tree. Don’t you see the double standard? People scream equal treatment, but they really want special treatment. I’m sorry there are those with ancestor that were slaves, I’m sure some of mine were burnt at the stake because they were accused of beng witches. It’s not happening now so whats deal?

    I say sterilize all convicts! If you can’t keep yourself from breaking the law then you have absolutely no good jugdement to have kids. Then lets see what the crime rate will do. It would be a win win situation.

  29. Agent 004


    Excellent point. I challenge any group of people, no matter how they like to discriminate themselves from others, to prove that they have never been enslaved or subjugated by a group of people in the past.

    I would assume that the percentage of people that can be excluded from this group is going to be very small.

    I personally have friends of MANY different backgrounds and races. Some of which when I get together with I am the only English speaking person. Then I witness those that are CLEARLY racist towards me…. now why is this? I thought that minorities can’t be racist?

    This murder is absurd, but it’s the responsibility of everyone involved. The family for letting this person into their life, the people that promise to enforce the laws, etc. etc… The political parties want nothing to change no matter what they say. They only want you endeared to them.

    What a waste.

  30. Narcissist

    Offered my condolences the other day. ATTACK!!!

    Funny story: When they showed that Balfour guy on television, I thought it was a picture of Jennifer Hudson from “The Secret Life of Bees”. Check check it!!

    $100 street value on the crack? That’s like .40 cents real world value, isn’t it?

  31. @4 – Well someone drank the Sarah Palin / Jim Jones Koo-Koo Kult Kool-Aid. That site gave her credit for solving problems she caused.
    Maybe if she was BEING a Christian parent instead of pretending to be one as a ploy to further her political hustle, her daughter wouldn’t be knocked up.

    Let’s burn some witches for the Glory of the Lord Almighty, JOE VOGLER!!! ALASKA FIRST, down with the evil U.S.!

    Bring on Armageddon, and get rid of these damn polar bears!

  32. jowens


    Not once did I say all WHITES were RACISTS! I used terms, now if that shoe fits you then wear it. I am white dumbass and I live in a very racially segregated city. The divide is very clear, but some are too stupid and ignorant to read into what I wrote. We are all the same and silly me but I thought we were all equal. WRONG! People are on this site calling blacks coons and spouting racial slurs, but since I used terms your dumbass didn’t like that means I’m a racist. HA! Read what you wrote and compare the two.

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