Jennifer Hudson suspect should have been in jail the day of murders

Wiliam Balfour, the prime suspect in the murders of actress/singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew, should have been in jail the day of the killings. He was stopped by police with crack in his car back in June which was a violation of his parole from a 1999 conviction for attempted murder and vehicular hijacking. He was instead allowed to go free, according to the AP:

On June 19, police pulled over Balfour’s car after hearing gunshots in the area, according to the officers’ report. They found a rock of cocaine in plain view on the driver’s seat, the report stated. It had a street value of about $100.
A parole supervisor declined to issue a warrant to revoke Balfour’s parole after the arrest, records show.
However, a felony arrest usually is sufficient reason for corrections officials to revoke parole, said Thomas Peters, a Chicago criminal defense attorney who represents parolees.

Even better, when a warrant was issued on Saturday for William’s arrest they already had grounds for revoking his parole without even counting his suspected involvement in the murders:

The Illinois Department of Corrections issued a warrant for Balfour on Saturday for violating terms of his parole by possessing a weapon and failing to attend anger management counseling and a substance abuse program, according to his parole report.

While this is all Monday morning quarterbacking about a piss-poor parole system that goes on in every city, it’s still the kind of scary shit that makes you think “Maybe I don’t need groceries today” then hide under your bed eating old Saltines. On that note, NOM NOM NOM. Hey, I found the The Geekologie Writer’s mom. How long have you been under here? Cracker?

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