Jennifer Garner will no longer be fat

December 1st, 2005 // 17 Comments

garner_baby.jpgUs Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Garner gave birth to a baby girl after labor was induced late last night, and that she and Ben Affleck plan to name her Violet.

Us Weekly has learned exclusively that Jennifer Garner , 33, has given birth to a baby daughter. Sources confirm to Us that Garner, whose due date was December 8, had her labor induced at an L.A. hospital. The actress is married to Ben Affleck, 33. ”They induced last night,” a friend of the couple tells Us. ”Ben was with her the entire time.”

Now let’s hope the baby turns out okay, considering the ever thoughtful Ben Affleck was kind enough to keep Jennifer Garner in a cloud of tobacco smoke during her pregnancy. I’m no doctor, but I’ve heard second hand smoke can really screw up a baby. That, and havng Ben Affleck as your father. Get it? Because he’s a tool. Zing!



  1. HollyJ

    I bet J Lo is sitting in her fur with her google-eyed rebound husband crying into her chicken consomme that it wasn’t HER popping out Ben’s seed.

  2. mw

    I heard Ben quit smoking. So, expect him to put on all the weight Jen just lost squirting out that baby.

  3. hilary

    why on earth would you induce a child a week early? there’s a reason they’re supposed to stay in there!

  4. superficielle

    Obviously induced early so Ben could have a cigarette in peace.

  5. hafaball

    Hopefully they’ll have another one pretty quickly, these Affleck-free days have been pretty sweet. And a week early isn’t bad at all, usually a month in a half is something to worry about.

  6. tori

    i heard her due date was nov 15th which was why she was so huge. and yes, ben affleck is a tool.

  7. I didn’t know that drag queens could give birth. Amazing.

  8. Linnea

    I would pay money to see their baby born with a crazy fin growing out of its head.

  9. Donna A.

    I love the name. It really very pretty. Thank goodness it wasn’t a strange name.
    I am happy for them.
    Donna A.

  10. HollyJ

    Maybe they could name her Violent instead of Violet. Cool, since her mom is Alias.

  11. For once this baby isn’t mine but Jennifer now jumps to #1 on my MILF list. That moves Hillary to….132,694,973.

  12. Bobby Roastbeef

    I was really hoping they would name the kid Aflac Affleck.

    I love that duck.

  13. Why am I excited about the fact that this baby has been born? I have no idea why I care, but I do. God, I hate myself.

  14. the salami

    Ha ha! Ben Affleck is a tool!

    I hate Ben Affleck.

  15. HollyJ

    I love how actresses can opt to induce whenever the want. “Yes I know it’s so early in my pregnancy that my fetus still resembles a manatee, but I’m getting my Brazilian wax at 2.”

  16. Breanny

    Big “haha” on the drag queen comment! This girl is so vanilla, with a build that looks like she could bench press a house. They are both dorks, man.

  17. AceTomato777

    Anyone can induce a baby a week before the due date, not just celebrities. There are many reasons for it. The due date is 40 weeks, but a woman who goes into labor at 37 weeks is okay and the baby is considered full term then. Most doctors won’t schedule an induction until the week before the due date unless a medical condition prompts it, such as preeclampsia (if you don’t know, time for you to Google . . )

    Cute name for a baby girl, Violet.

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