Jennifer Garner is afraid of the sun

July 6th, 2007 // 93 Comments

Jennifer Garner spent her Fourth of July surfing with Ben Affleck in Hawaii. Maybe surfing isn’t the right word here. It looks more like a ‘being pale’ contest, and Jennifer is totally beating everybody in the entire world. When I first saw these I thought she was being played by a ghost. Then I got scared and hid in my closet for two hours. I mean, uh, I didn’t get scared. What I meant to say was I flexed and then my shirt ripped off because my muscles are so big. True story.


  1. Claire

    I think that its lynsey lohan. Not garner

  2. justifiable

    #73 God, you’re such a fucking moron – when will you realize that telling someone to “eat zhit” is just too incredibly fuckwitted when you spell it with a “Z”? You’ve gotta be twelve, and a slow twelve at that. Just keep on hitting your head against the keyboard to produce all those emoticons – your face must look like a fucking pizza by now from all that key impact.

  3. ????????U

  4. lala

    why do you find it ok to make fun of someone because of the color and tone of his/her skin? it really is inappropriate.

  5. aussie driver

    @77 You need to get a brain or a life and stop big noting yourself – you’re incredibly obnoxious and quite beyond stupid. I know yapping little dogs that are less annoying than you are.

  6. #79=quit bitchin
    at me, fucker, we
    all know the reazon
    Y your zo mean….
    your titz R zmall
    and zo iz the new
    dick U acquired,that’z

  7. justifiable

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    What is the sound of one retard laughing?

    And with all those number 2′s and ☻ ☺s, you look like you shit yourself!

  8. juztifiable:
    I never thought I
    would zay thiz to
    anyone, but:
    pleaze join the army,
    airforce, navy, or
    marinez and go to
    the middle eazt, fuckface!

  9. TheWraith

    Don’t worry – Egotastic hasn’t folded like a wet dixie cup and taken down the images:

  10. Shiroi

    krazihotkelli is a prime example of why we shouldn’t let children on the internet.

    Or.. I dunno, out of the house.

    And he/she/it wants to send someone to the Middle East? The chances of any of you American’s dying is so bloody low. The chances of the soldiers killing innocent civilians on the other hand..

    I apologise to anyone with relatives in the Middle East.

    But seriously.. all you parents out there.. put a filter on your childrens internet access so they stay on their Sesame Street forums and don’t come to places like this, throwing down the first swears they’ve run across!

  11. #84/the chancez of Americanz
    dying iz zo bloody low!!!!!!!

    what a fucked up idiot U R..
    we R lozing 8 or more guyz
    a day, bitch..Itz not my fuckin
    fault that more Iraqiz are dying..
    I don’t believe in WAR anyway, bitch.

    and the only reazon I made the
    comment go to the Middle Eazt
    waz meant to go far far away..

    The world iz fucked up due to
    old people like U..and zince U
    uzed the word BLOODY, meanz your
    from England..what a nice place to
    live, only 60% muzlum. Enjoy!

  12. TheRage

    *sigh* i love reading gossip column readers fighting with each other. fun times.

  13. buzz_clik

    #86 – Me too. Well, that and the childish and pointless overuse of the letter Z.

  14. blondamnation

    OhMyGod I just spent 20 minutes reading posts because you guys are sooo funny (justifiable you are my hero..)and I can’t believe the ‘Z’ guy! Is he serious?? Does he always do that? Type all this weird,childish crap and then get all homeless-crazy-vet on you? I love this site-I’m sorry but I look way better than Jenaffleck and I don’t even get paid for it. Wait. That didnt sound knowwhatimean..

  15. Alno

    i rub feces all over my face

  16. Whatever

    You people are seriously hurting. Do you have nothing better to do other than slam the poor girl? She is beautiful…I’d love to see you all post pictures of yourselves and see how you measure up. Give me a break!!!

  17. phoenix

    #90 you are so right. I really love Jennifer, shes a great actress and has a gorgeous body and I don’t care if she has pale skin. I have pale skin too and I do not like laying out in the sun because I don’t tan, I just burn and I really hate the bloody spray on tan.

    And to #85 What’s grong about being english? You should just go back to watching Barney and stop getting your knickers on a twist.

    Jen, just keep your pecker up and don’t listen to all those jealous people.

  18. colm

    your all a bunch od descriminating twats.

    just because shes a normal human being, whos hotter than you and far better talent than you.. you say stuff about her following a blog.

    fucking. pathetic screams to mind about you people.

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