Jennifer Garner is having a girl

jennifer_garner_baby.jpgI don’t watch Jay Leno because I value my brain, but apparently Jennifer Garner let it slip twice that she was expecting a baby girl. Reader Mona writes in:

So Jennifer Garner accidentally referred to her unborn child as a “she” twice tonight on Jay Leno. The first time she covered it up pretty well, but the second time she stunned herself, threw her arms up to her mouth and sat there in silence for about 15 seconds. Oh it was great. So, congratulations for Ben and Jen and their soon to be born baby girl!!

None of this really matters though, since if Ben Affleck continues to smoke around his pregnant wife the only baby that’ll be left is a um, dead…blobby…thing. Because that’s what happens when pregnant women breathe cigarette smoke. Their babies turn into dead blobby things. And I have a PhD in babies so you know I’m right.