Jennifer Garner is filler

September 18th, 2007 // 58 Comments

Hey guys, I woke up feeling shitty as hell so I’m not sure how many posts I can get up today. I don’t want to exaggerate, but doctors tell me it’s Ebola. I thought I’d be able to make it through the day, but it’s hitting me harder and harder and all I want to do is curl up in my closet and work on my will. I took a bunch of NyQuil, so if posts go up erratically (or not at all) assume it’s because I’m falling in and out of consciousness. In three hours I predict I’ll confuse a bowl of soup for my computer and wonder why my internet is so slow (and delicious!).

To make up for having the immune system of an infant, here are some shots of Jennifer Garner looking pretty amazing at the world premiere of The Kingdom.


  1. jrzmommy


  2. KC

    The hot girl from Alias – she is back.

  3. Rou

    Eep, nipple slip at 03. Gorgeous as always though.

  4. igroovin

    wow, u go girrrl! she looks great.

  5. wedgeone

    Total manface. I guess you’d think she’s hot if you’ve got the tendencies.

  6. Lindsay

    Sheesh! She resembles Satan’s bride or something…

  7. nominus

    Toddlers and infants actually have stronger immune systems than adults. It’s just that when illness grabs hold, the damage is much greater because they are still developing. Also: “Harden the fuck up”

  8. Haywood Jablowme

    Britney would have that shit eaten in under an hour.

  9. AtriumXP

    Agree with #7, I’m not into the Superman square-cut chiseled jaw look for my women :D

  10. IBGAY

    #7 – If she’s a man then I m ust be gay cuz she looks awesome
    #8 – I’d go to hell to tap that

    Jennifer look great!

  11. i have never understood all the hype about her. IMO, she has average hollywood looks. on that note, she does look pretty good here.

  12. Amy

    Well I guess I’m the first one to think to say: Get better dude! Although it’s almost fun to have an excuse to get hopped up on NyQuil…

  13. blah

    she’s not hot.

  14. She can stick her dick in me any day.

  15. lambman

    at the end of the day, she still sleeps with Ben Affleck….so sucks to be her

  16. Yes, id love to filler :p

  17. Geoff

    I don’t want to start rumors but I heard that Fish has AIDS. That’s why he’s sick. He got it from Magic Johnson, in the Library, with the “candle stick”.

  18. wedgeone

    At the end of the day she sleeps with a guy who dreams about sleeping with Matt Damon.

  19. I can commiserate with Fish. Today I’ve got the worse case of diarrhea, after Mike lost his condom deep in my ass last night.

  20. George Best

    Very good looking girl. Always has been. Its just too bad her personality and attitude is horrible, but when you are that hot, you can get away with it.

  21. LadyJane

    Female condoms work in assholes too, just ask Wally.

  22. Hot.

  23. Wally

    Yeah, sorry about that Janey! Did you ever manage to get it out?

  24. jrzmommy

    feel better fish guy.

  25. ssdd

    Apparently the NyQuil has fucked with your sight….
    In the first pic it looks like her top lip was modeled after the Sting Ray that speared Steve Irwin….You would think when she talks it has the flotation and graceful movement as that of one ocean.


    s/he’s hiding her wang under that flowy gow

  27. If by “amazing” he means “tranny” then I agree. I’ve had shits more attractive.

  28. vItaly

    Simply adorable.

    By the way, pics #1, 6,7: duck alert.

  29. lili


  30. EbolaGuy

    Fish dude just remember that Ebola lubes ya up for great sex in any hole at anytime. You get so liquid that pointy objects just slip right in. Ebola even makes you so liquid that holes can be poked anywhere in your body. So when your butthole quits you can get Jennifer here to do you in a butt cheek. I hope this happy thought gets you through the rest of your day.

  31. MrSemprini

    Sorry, she just never looks quite ‘finished’. Oh well, her loss.

  32. sweet…jen is as sweet as usual!!

    **hugs from malaysia**

  33. a true "extra"

    I dated her once, years ago, as an on-the-set type of romance that happens all the time. She took FOREVER to ejaculate.

  34. LadyJane

    Wally, your mom dug it out for me, no worries.

  35. LauraE

    She is super-cute ! Weird eye color, though, is it really half green and half brown like a target, or is she wearing coloured contacts ?

  36. Wally

    Yeah that sound like mom all right! She’s always been into fatties.

  37. Missystar

    I can’t believe you pencil-necked geeks are criticizing someone that pretty. Go back to blogging about your imaginary girlfriends.

  38. Tits McGee

    at the end of the day, she fucks ben affleck, and i get to fuck myself. it’s GREAT to be me. I’d choose my hand over her any day.

  39. p0nk

    She looks like a classically beautiful and glamorous maxipad.

  40. Donkey Ass

    Hey horse, meet face.


  41. hotter than ricci

    shes hotter than christina ricci. even if her chin is kinda big.

  42. bob

    37, that’s normal, i hope, because my eyes are not one solid color either.

  43. wedgeone

    My feces are not one solid color either.

  44. hi

    i’ve always thought that she resembled hilary swank..

    or is that just me?

  45. Ref

    Garner could drop Swank with one punch. Then she’d mount her, and Swank would finally know how Chad Lowe felt all those years. Plus, good move on Garner’s part, because you always want Swank facing away.

  46. Jose Lopez

    Ben Affleck: What a lucky bastard!!!!

  47. beastman AIDs

    This woman is utter filth. The tip of my penis is more feminine than her face.

  48. TheExpatriot

    Well, looks like Affleck finally pulled her down to his level.

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