Jennifer Garner has her very own stalker (Aww…)

November 20th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Jennifer Garner is a pretty smart mom. She’s read all the books and knows there’s one thing to definitely avoid during pregnancy: A crazed lunatic who claims to hear directly from God. (Sarah Palin?) Which is why she recently filed a restraining order against the man who’s been stalking her since 2002, according to Star:

In papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Nov. 7, the mom-to-be asks for protection against Steven R. Burky, 36, who she alleges has “engaged in obsessive and harassing behavior, posting about me on the Internet, sending me multiple packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and following me around the country, through multiple states, to make contact with me.”
Jennifer’s sworn affidavit states that Burky has shown up at her private residence — where she lives with hubby Ben Affleck and their 2-year-old, Violet — and said that “God sent him a vision” that the actress would be persecuted in a way that could result in her death.

Why do stalkers always seem to have a shitload of frequent flier miles? This guy apparently followed Jennifer Garner “around the country, through multiple states.” Jesus. Do you know the last time I went on vacation? I was eight. And it wasn’t so much a vacation as my dad telling me that mowing the yard was this “Disney Land” all my friends were talking about. It wasn’t. But I did get bit by a snake and hallucinated Goofy stabbed him with the hedge clippers. Ha ha! That’s not how you give someone a handshake.

EDIT: Added a pic of Crazy Crazystein along with copies of some of the letters he sent Jennifer Garner. In case you want to make your own stalker letters at home with a friend.

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  1. kate

    jesus christ. her stalker is a bazillion times hotter than Ben . He looks like a cross between johnny depp and leo dicaprio. I wouldn’t be surpride if she was having an affaiir with this guy .

  2. fuckevie

    evie, you douche, its not that i am jealous. its that she is fucking ugly. case closed. she has a man chin, old lady gaunt checks, man jaw, huge dumbo ears, and fake lips. and you know what? i would not be crushed if someone said i looked like a man…because they NEVER would. there is nothing masculine about me. i might not like it if someone said they thought i was ugly, but lucky me, i haven’t really run into that. maybe cause i am a female who looks like a female? strange.

    fuck individuality in beauty and all that shit. i like the STANDARDS we tend to live by. sure not everyone needs to look exactly the same…but women should look like women i think men agree…i have never heard a man say garner is hot. may cheralize theron, jessica simpson, scarlett johansson, jessica beil, even cathrine zeta jones…and whether you think they are good looking or not, they all have something that makes them HOT to certain men. jen isn’t blonde, doesn’t have big tits, doesn’t have soft jaw line, pretty and big eyes, has no waist, no cupid’s bow or shape to her trout pout…fuck the squinty-eyed bitch! and you too evie, cause you are probably a total woofer yourself…or some sort of tranny who is hoping masculine beauty become popular.

  3. gunther bladderburst

    @52 I wouldn’t touch you even with gloves on :)

  4. Aoi

    Is the stalker business lucrative?

    The economy sucks so hard that the Stalker career is now on the top 10 charts. Along with prostitution.

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