Jennifer Garner has her very own stalker (Aww…)

November 20th, 2008 // 54 Comments

Jennifer Garner is a pretty smart mom. She’s read all the books and knows there’s one thing to definitely avoid during pregnancy: A crazed lunatic who claims to hear directly from God. (Sarah Palin?) Which is why she recently filed a restraining order against the man who’s been stalking her since 2002, according to Star:

In papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Nov. 7, the mom-to-be asks for protection against Steven R. Burky, 36, who she alleges has “engaged in obsessive and harassing behavior, posting about me on the Internet, sending me multiple packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and following me around the country, through multiple states, to make contact with me.”
Jennifer’s sworn affidavit states that Burky has shown up at her private residence — where she lives with hubby Ben Affleck and their 2-year-old, Violet — and said that “God sent him a vision” that the actress would be persecuted in a way that could result in her death.

Why do stalkers always seem to have a shitload of frequent flier miles? This guy apparently followed Jennifer Garner “around the country, through multiple states.” Jesus. Do you know the last time I went on vacation? I was eight. And it wasn’t so much a vacation as my dad telling me that mowing the yard was this “Disney Land” all my friends were talking about. It wasn’t. But I did get bit by a snake and hallucinated Goofy stabbed him with the hedge clippers. Ha ha! That’s not how you give someone a handshake.

EDIT: Added a pic of Crazy Crazystein along with copies of some of the letters he sent Jennifer Garner. In case you want to make your own stalker letters at home with a friend.

Photos: WENN, Splash News

  1. obannion

    sarah palin is better than you

  2. confused

    first… but who cares about this?

  3. haha

    he obviously is completely fucked up if he would bother to stalk that beast. she is fucking hideous! oh pardon me, HE is completely hideous. i won’t believe that thing is female until i can see a video of it giving birth.

  4. I’d like to know what this stalker does for work that he can afford to live that “jetsetter in the bushes” lifestyle! My dad told me about family vacations we took when I was too young to remember too! Interesting that he never took vacation pictures for me to look at and reminisce.



  5. ChuckleHead

    And then you eat shit and die.

  6. No I'm not like that

    That kid is almost beginning to look normal if they’d get her teeth fixed.

  7. No I'm not like that

    That kid is almost beginning to look normal if they’d get her teeth fixed.

  8. Ted from LA

    There is nothing funny about stalkers… unless it is Chris Rock or Frank Caliendo.

  9. I’m not sure I got the point of those letters….is he in love with her? He should really have emphasized that a bit more.


    Just let him kill her and get it over with… who the fuck cares?!?!?

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  12. right?

    so isn’t that a photo of a young leo dicaprio? not garner, i mean the guy….i am secretly convinced that garner and ashton kutcher are the same person…and probably so is hillary swank.

  13. The Regulator

    Crazy hot is what that guy is. Damn!

  14. The best way to repel your stalker jenny is to marry them,,im sure theyll lose interest in minutes! specially when youre googling yourself on the net!!!

  15. veggi

    He’s hot!!! He can use his stalk whatever way he wants with me.

  16. and speaking of stalkers,,,shout out to Mike aka big pussy!

  17. veggi

    Fish made a funny!!

    I had a stalker once. He would yell at me about my drinking and wouldn’t fix things around the house.
    I divorced him..

  18. AJa

    The stalker is wayyy hotter than Affleck. Weird….

  19. Beth

    Just change a couple of names and you’ve got mimi’s letters to Britney.

  20. MikeyCotton

    “but the ones with the gold crown are very special”….Jesus Christ, Hallmark must be on top of the world now. “Hey! Looney McFuckmind, stop pimping our shit!”

  21. Mike

    Rough Daddy, Who is calling the pussy pink?

  22. 101

    brown eyed people are ugly hahahaha.

  23. Veggi, I will marry you and I will not bitch about your drinking and I will fix things around the house..

  24. Rant

    Nice one Beth!

  25. veggi

    Aww, thanks Jimbo!! And hey, stalker # 15. You’re ugly and boring..

  26. Paula M.

    Rough Daddy and Mike; Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but you two have abused the privilege.

  27. imastalker

    he looks like River Phoenix

  28. imastalker

    he looks like River Phoenix

  29. imastalker

    he looks like River Phoenix

  30. missy

    could that little girl be any cuter?

  31. Mike

    Paula M. Thanks for your irrelevant comment.

  32. Hey big pussy? Paula is right you are stupid!

  33. Andie

    Yah, hot stalker alert! That child is gonna need some serious orthodontia.

    And hey, look everybody! It’s the Mike and Rough Daddy Show!

    You guys kinda remind me of Harold and Kumar. I dunno why, I just get a mental image of Harold and Kumar.

    Big Pussy. Wasn’t he on the Sopranos?


  34. babydoll

    stalker almost looks like johnny depp in some of his black & white photos.

  35. Mike Litoris

    This idiot needs to get his eyes checked!

  36. ummm...yeah

    That’s not a stalker, he’s the guy the slut was having an affair with…till Ben found out,but who the fuck cares? If he was gonna kill her why would he wait 6 fucking years to say so? Hurry up asshole, do it already!
    Hey Jimbo, do us all a favor and bury veggie under the house when you “fix” things.

  37. wtf

    agreed..the stalker is actually pretty attractive. Although I read in another article that he is a born again christian convinced he was subjected to satanic rituals as a child…kinda makes it believable that he would kill her.

  38. grrrbaby

    Dear Crazy Crazystein,

    Jennifer Garner obviously does not appreciate you and you’re strikingly handsome appearance like I would. Stalk me instead.

    Your future stalker.

  39. Rachel

    yea he kinda looks like a young Leo DeCaprio…ughhhhh

    whats up with stalkers honest to god. can’t they just pick a girl in their neighborhood to fall in love with instead of some celeb they are never going to have a chance with

  40. I’d like to stalk Jen and give her these shades:

    … as they would hide more of her face.



  42. Chauncey Gardner

    Garner is not attractive. Look at those fucking prehistoric cheekbones. She looks like that opera-singing blue thing from THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Or worse, like that leech thing on THE X-FILES.

  43. Did you see her running away like a little bitch on tmz? Ha! What a little baby.

  44. Leo DiStalkrio

    Um… That stalker should be in movies, not her. And I’m a hetero guy saying that. . #42 Chauncey is so dead on with the leech man comment. Garner looks like a fucking HR Giger painting. That isn’t a jaw she’s got, it’s a mandible.

  45. Mike

    I don’t understand why he chose Jennifer Garner. Lindsay Lohan seems more like the type who would encourage a crazy stalker. Luckily I’m not crazy. I only glued thousands of pictures of her eyes all over my bedroom wall because there was this noise in my head like a rainbow tractor and I felt that was a way to make it stop.

  46. mai-tai

    his letter mentions not talking to her for a while. i wonder if he used to know her and became obsessed. stalkers are f’ing spaz. “what the f- are you talking about?”

  47. stizz

    Pretty sure that’s Matt Damon…

  48. Gina


  49. whateveryo

    If anyone has checked the updates on TMZ, you would notice that this isn’t funny. That has been going on for 5 years!!!!

    It’s scary. He’s on 5150 hold and she finally got a restraining order on him from her and her family.

    She’s pregnant and that kind of stress of thinking that someone could be out to get you, is insane.

    This guy is crazy!!

  50. Evie

    Most of you are nuts. Despite what the guy looks like, he’s clearly a loon and delusional. Just because he seems soft in those letters does not mean he’s not dangerous. I’m sure, given the opportunity, he would try something despicable.

    As for those who diss Garner, you’re all just jealous. What the hell is wrong with you? The girl is obviously gorgeous. Sure, she’s not your stereotypical cookie cutter beauty but that’s what makes her even more beautiful and unique (remember that? being an indivdual?)

    Yeah, we all have our own opinions and have the right to express what we think. But we also have to do so responsibly. Calling her ‘fucking hideous’? ‘Prehistoric Cheekbones’? Comparing her to a man? Imagine what it would feel like if someone said that about you. You’d be crushed, don’t deny it.

    My point is – he’s a nutcase. She doesn’t deserve to be harrassed like this. She puts up with this shit so gracefully and yet she is still being victimized by speculators (you). If you had gone through some trauma and people turn things around to make you at fault (despite how unrelated or unfair it may seem) – how would you feel? Think about that.

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