Jennifer Connelly is some classy filler

November 6th, 2007 // 61 Comments

Jennifer Connelly attended the Glamour 2007 Women of the Year Awards last night. I just felt like posting these pics because, well, she’s hot. Also I respect her for all those times she showed her boobs in so many movies. I know she doesn’t do that sort of thing anymore, but I guess she doesn’t want to win an Oscar. Hey, sometimes it’s just about the acting. I guess.

Edit: Jennifer Connelly apparently won an Academy Award for Best Actress in A Beautiful Mind. A movie where she remained fully clothed. I see. So they’re just giving Oscars away now these days? Based solely on acting? That’s the stupidest idea in the world. Who came up with this? I bet it was Hitler.

Photos:, Getty Images

  1. Suzy

    First! And I don’t like her eyebrows…..

  2. Erica

    She looks… fun.

  3. p911gt10c

    She looked best in Career Opportunities.

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  4. Mike

    Damn she has a long fuckin face, kind of like a camel. Fuck I wish I could say I seen CAMEL TOE on her, but all I can see is CAMEL FACE. Then what the fuck is wrong with her forehead. Fucking something trying to pop out of there. Then why in the fuck couldn’t she have at least put some nail polish on?????????

  5. Ted from LA

    Mike, lighten up. I think he looks great.

  6. ***

    that is one fucking ugly dress

  7. D. Richards

    Great legs. I’ve always thought Jennifer Connelly was fine. She’s like that girl that’s really hot, but down-to earth, and a freak. You know the type. The girl that doesn’t really care how other people perceive her. A dirty girl. Should I have an erection? Who cares. Onwards.

  8. Soy

    when attending Glamour Awards, one should ensure brow matinance

  9. matty K

    Hooray! Her footwear already has heavy-duty straps… Now I just have to slip the buckles into the stel eyelets I have bolted to my bed bedposts and we’re 2/4ths of the way there! Thx Jenny!

  10. required

    My husband thinks she’s hot. I don’t see what the big deal is about. She’s okay, but I’ve seen better….good actress though.

  11. Lysol

    he’s that ‘sex in the city’ chicks ‘s brother

  12. Who’s she standing next to? Is that the guy from Heroes…the ancient Japan part thingie? It looks like him.

    My name is FRIST!!! and I’m a Heroaholic :(

  13. leatherdaddy

    ooo. nice filler. i loved her in requiem for a dream. you know, fuller. shes still in the spank bank!!

  14. BunnyButt

    The dress is about 20-25 years out of date (for some reason, it makes me think of the Go-Go’s and has me praying there won’t be a full-flegded ’80s fashion revival), but the few extra pounds are looking good on her. She was getting a bit too skeletal for awhile, like death on legs, and looks better here than she has in quite awhile. Her toes, though, are scaring the bejesus out of me. They look like they’re being tortured in those shoes, and she needs to trim those damned nails. Alas, nothing clever to say, haven’t had enough caffeine yet.

  15. #13 I just watched that again a couple weeks ago. She was good. Weird ass movie though…

  16. PunkA

    I LOVE HER!!!! I mean, she is a favorite. Gorgeous woman. Smart. And freaky.

    Why is she in some photos with an albino catholic monk who kills and likes to punish himself? Ohh, it is her husband? And I thought whacko priests only liked, ya know, little boys. Guess hot chicks might be back in vogue for priests. SWEET!!

  17. Unibrow

    Really nice footwear!!! Too bad her eyebrows are wider than the straps on her sandals.

  18. she used to have real bad unibrows

  19. STFU

    wax those damn man eyebrows bitch

  20. She’s so sexy, she can wear a dress that ugly and still make you want her.

    Plus she was the hot chick in Labyrinth, so bonus points because if you do her it’s only 1 degree of seperation from doing David Bowie.

  21. lamb

    sarahJParkers’ brother

    …so where’s Britney at right now??

  22. Mr. Slingblade

    Dark thick brows, dark think bush. mmmhmmm

  23. PunkA

    Her hubbie is Paul Bettany. He was in A Knight”s Tale, A Beautiful Mind, DaVinci Code, etc. English dudes score US women with their lame accents. Masterpiece Theater my arse.

  24. endoftheshityear

    where did her tits go?

  25. havoc

    I’ve always thought she looked like Daniel Day-Lewis in drag……

  26. AmeriCanadian

    I think her eyebrows suit her, at least she doesn’t have a unibrow. I kind of like the top of that dress, and I looove the colour, but I hate that puffy “I shat my diaper” look on the bottom. Yech. Also, her knees are looking pretty gnarly, women over 35 shouldn’t wear skirts above the knee and now I know WHY. Yikes!!!

  27. picky

    she’s attractive, but something just isnt right. she’s REALLY skinny and wasnt always that skinny. her eyebrows are to big for her eyes. she looked better in labyrynth.

  28. nipolian

    I thought the old dude next to her was the guy that played Lurch on the original Adams Family.

  29. people are too picky

    i can see how some people like her.
    it’s annoying how some people think only one type of look is attractive.
    if someone is called attractive f*gs have to put someone under a microscope and say the woman looks like a kind of animal.
    her face isn’t even a long type of face, it is obviously more circular.

  30. Ript1&0

    Wait.. did she have the fortune of marrying a Ginger?? Or is he blonde I can’t tell….

    I’m mostly just disturbed that someone here spanked it to Requiem For a Dream. That movie didn’t so much turn me on, as it fucking ruined my brain and made me never want to watch anything again.

    Was it her giant bush that was hot? I wonder… Yeah, I’m actually kinda curious now..

  31. sportsdvl

    Yes, she was top of her game in Career Opportunities. No doubt she was spank-worthy then.

    Oh, #1 – such a loser.

  32. Ailio

    100% certain she has a hairy asshole. Not complaining, just sayin.

  33. Lovely

    Worst. Eyebrows. Ever.

  34. curves

    A classy lady !!!!!!!! I am her big fan! Just a question about her, is she single again? I saw her profile on millionaire dating site last week. Just curious!

  35. Jo

    it was best supporting actress wasnt it? they give those to anyone.

  36. hegadeth

    That dopey dress has pockets, eh? I guess that makes it easier for her to adjust her cock.

  37. fergernauster


    (That was BEFORE the udder reduction. What an udder shame! Her breasts were her meal ticket, then she had them sliced ‘n diced :()

  38. 15piecesofflare

    Those ankles should never see the light of day, they are that ugly. Makes her legs look like chicken drumsticks.

    Pretty face though.

  39. HaHa!

    No actually TheSuperficial you ARE WRONG! She won for Best Supporting Actress for a Beautiful Mind. Ha!

  40. roughdaddy

    her eyebrow doesnt need to be pencil thin like everyone else you freak….natural beauty all around and a lovely rack,,,

  41. Melde

    As one of the few women here, I demand less of this “filler,” and more of Paul Bettany’s hot ass.

  42. Aerial

    Paul Bettany is hot! The hottest british actor to date. Maan. Oh and.. Hugh Laurie. And Richard Hammond. Damn those brits!

  43. bosendorfer

    she needs:

    to EAT;

    a tan; and

    to stop sleeping with/marrying eurotrash.

    thanks, jen!

  44. meanbastard

    Sorry to say this, but she has seen better days.

    This is the same chick who gave me a priapism in rocketeer, then turned out to have fantastic tits too, right?

    There was a time that Paul Bettany was punching above his weight. Looks like things have reversed now.

    Her hair has gone to shit, along with her tits.

  45. Monziii

    Okay…is it just me or does she and Rumer Willis look alike???

  46. alex

    She looks cute. But why does she have to ruin all her outfits with her ugly shoes?

  47. jacknasty

    Fish- she is the woman who gave us ass to ass in Requiem!!!! so really she was already owed an oscar or two or three….how many holes do they have?

  48. Lazulis

    She is already a mother, and she can still look that good. Connelly is classy, down-to-earth, plus she actually has talent (which is more than anyone can say for these current shitty celebrities who rise to fame solely through slutty means).

    “Requiem for a Dream” was a strange movie…I still can’t decide if I liked it; however, it did strongly show the effects and consequences of addictions.

  49. L.Linus

    For you freaks who are scare of hair drop dead. If you have hair on your pussy or your eyebrowes have hair you people freak out. Grow the hell up, having hair on your body is natural, nuts. Women shouldn’t have to shave their vaginas hairless and their eyebrows to little lines. Jennifer Connelly is soooo fine and sooo classy that you dumbass wouldn’t ever know!!!

  50. mamadough

    jesus, her chin is crooked, like she was hit in the face with a shovel. and i would take some duck tape and a hot glue gun to those eyebrows….maybe she’s going for that ugly “frida” look….

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