Jennifer Aniston’s headlights are on and other news

July 30th, 2009 // 78 Comments

- Jon & Kate Plus 8 is still beloved by TLC. Then again, who doesn’t love exploitation dollars? That shit’s the best. [Just Jared]

- Tony Romo was “emotionally cheating” for months. Really? We’re going to use complex terms for a situation involving Jessica Simpson? Why not? [Celebslam]

- Rachelle Lefevre gets another punch in the tits from Summit Entertainment. [Lainey Gossip]

- Seth Rogen has words for Katherine Heigl. [PopEater]

- Lindsay Lohan claims she dyed her hair blonde for a film role. HAHAHA! But, no, seriously, what’s the real reason? Probation officer in town? [PopSugar]

- Megan Fox is tired of the Angelina Jolie comparison. Which is why she’s marrying Billy Bob Thornton. That’ll shut ‘em up! [I’m Not Obsessed]

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  1. Cindy

    I think the men should stuff a big sock and put it in their pants then walk around town like she does. You would get a lot of attention from the ladies but just like Aniston when you take your clothes off nothing will be there.

  2. spinal

    Jen is a beautiful woman, but I think the public disdain comes from her increasingly pathetic attention-seeking behavior. If she dressed and acted her age, and showed some class and privacy in her dealings with the press, she could easily find a successful man to settle down with.

    Instead at 40 she’s still walking around dressed like a trampy 19 yo, in booty shorts and no bra, running around with younger playboys, posing nude on magazine covers and whining to the press for sympathy every chance she gets. She just doesn’t act like wife/mom material. Grow up, Jen!

  3. Sheena

    Yeah, what spinal @ # 52 said.

  4. jessies

    She’s great, good for her. She needs to get pregnant, then she’ll finally be happy.

  5. PunkA

    I love everything about Jen. Her hair, her body, the sexy way she dresses, her sense of humor. The one thing I do not like is her constant need to talk about a dead relationship–or any relationship–with the media. Just do what Clooney does and never comment. Ever. People can make shit up, but we all KNOW it is made up since he never talks about it himself. Might be too late for her, though. But I am tired of celeb whining Heigl style, and TMI sharing lie others do. Just look good and shut up. That is how we really like you celeb tpes.

  6. She has an aversion to bras or something. Great legs, though.

  7. Morons

    @52 & 56

    She IS wearing a bra. Jennifer has always had massive super-hero nipples. She could fight crime with those things. They are always on and are not fake. You can look back through photos of her career and those nipples have always been there.


    “…Megan Fox hot young pussy…” ???? You are kidding right? There is nothing young at all about Megan Fox’s pussy. That pornstar that gangbanged 1000 guys….that’s probably Megan’s pussy……times 10. You never see her carrying a purse….you know why? She keeps it in her oversized cunt.

    I would easily pick Jennifer Aniston over Megan Fuk any day.

  8. Dick

    She’s my type and I so want to be those shorts she’s wearing. Would love to toss her salad all night long! And of course eat the magic box…

  9. Iona Knipple

    She’s always got ‘em on, NO NEWS there. She’ll be our generation’s Goldie hawn, another nip-flasher.

  10. Iona Knipple

    She’s always got ‘em on, NO NEWS there. She’ll be our generation’s Goldie hawn, another nip-flasher.

  11. Iona Knipple

    She’s always got ‘em on, NO NEWS there. She’ll be our generation’s Goldie Yawn, another nip-flasher.

  12. I am sure Brad misses that hot little lady from time to time. Angelina has the body of a boy. Jen has a woman’s body. Oh well, he is stuck now.

  13. Darth

    Was Jennifer Aniston thinking of me? Or was it something else?

  14. Galtacticus

    She’s all excited here and isn’t even running.Is this called a public ovulation?

  15. Boogeyman King Dong

    Is she looking for a save place to lay her eggs?

  16. Nero

    She needs to get laid quick! Where’s Brad Pitt?!

  17. Rhialto

    66. Nero –

    She has been saving herself all the time.

  18. elle

    #42 those are fake rubber nipples. you can buy them. there all sorts of tricks of the trade.

  19. bubby fat zzoozzoo jammitinya agag whipitout fufu

    need them nibbled on? call me!
    bubby fat zzoozzoo jammitinya agag whipitout fufu

  20. bubby fat zzoozzoo jammitinya agag whipitout fufu

    need them nibbled on? call me!
    bubby fat zzoozzoo jammitinya agag whipitout fufu

  21. Leeann

    This mentally ill fool is crazy. I thought she was in therapy for many years. I guess that didn’t do any good. I expect psycho here to come walking out with her underwear out side of her shorts one day. Apparently she has no one to tell her any better since she surrounds herself with a$$ kissers that will not tell her the truth because her people should have told her long time ago to stop putting on those fake nipples.
    Seriously this maybe why men keep dumping her a$$.
    I am sure Brad Pitt is glad he don’t have psycho Jen. Same thing for B Cooper and G Butler. I know Cooper and Butler are so sick of psycho chick lying about dating them. Psycho chick here don’t have one shred of dignity left.
    She is just desperate.

  22. Bev

    Fake nips for sure.
    She needs more hair in her face or better yet just go get a paper bag.
    Women have been fooling men for years of course Jen would try this desperate act. She is not manless for nothing. Men don’t like fake women.

  23. jess

    Jus get pregnant already! –

  24. robert

    the fact that Jennifer Aniston can’t keep a relationship with a guy for more than a few weeks leads me to believe that she has some serious issues.

  25. The Nippler

    You know she twists those things a few times to get ‘em standing up before stepping outside.

  26. I just love to see those erotic nipples . They are so arousing. I mean the nipple look through t-shirt is turn me on . Aniston has got so sexy body. Thanks for sharing her photographs.

  27. I love everything about Jane. Her hair, her body, sexy way she dresses, her sense of humor. One thing I do not like her constant talk about a dead relationship – or any relationship with the media – needs. Just what does Clooney and never comment. Ever. It talks about the people themselves never can fuck but we all know that since it is used. May be too late for him, though may be. But I’m tired celeb Heigl style whining, and TMI common lies others do. Just look good and be quiet. That is that we really like how you celeb tpes.

  28. Bella

    Ummmmmm the Lohan news you posted is OVER TWO YEARS OLD! Come on…Have you really given up on your blog that much?

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