Jennifer Aniston’s GQ photo shoot

December 14th, 2008 // 174 Comments

Jennifer Aniston recently posed nude for the cover of GQ, but surprise! She also posed nude inside the magazine. It’s a Christmas miracle! Here are those pics minus the boring interview words about hating Angelina Jolie. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find out whose tie that is and staple it to their neck. ‘Tis the season for helping others.

Photos: GQ

  1. mimm

    somethign is odd about her body, she isnt pretty

  2. poo

    OH MY GOD…. wow I cannot beleive that someone might have been serious about brads horrible girlfriend being a more beautiful person on the inside. it (i geuss) just ges to show how fucked up people can be AND how we put our own ideas and feeling of self onto others. Mayber whoever wrote that was a horrible scanky whore slut and looks like shes dying all the time BUT one day said “i dont want everyone to think i’m a terrible person” and decided to try to hide her terriblness but the shity people like jennifer aniston knew the real truth. AND WHO EVER KEEPS WRITING “YAWN” CAN SERIOOUSLY “YAWN” AND THEN JUMP OFF OF A BUILDING…..PLEASE..OFF YOURSELF.

  3. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  4. sharon

    I like Jennifer Aniston, she is a beautiful woman with a nice body, but I guess I don’t understand this photo of her, I just always thought she was better than this. The movie she is promoting is about family and dogs, and I guess something got lost in the translation here, maybe she has another movie coming out about strippers who wear ties.

  5. Sarah

    Damn these pictures look cheesy! The cover shot has nice lighting but other than that they look like a 21 year old’s MySpace poses.

  6. douglatins

    damn i thought i would be seeing boobies n’ nipples, what a EPIC letdown

  7. fearsarewishes

    Dear Poo,


    You might want to pay a little more attention in your English class instead of sneaky texting your douchbag boyfriend. You will never make it to eighth grade unless you do.

    Thank you.

  8. Josie*

    1. Cheesy.
    2. Pathetic.
    3. Desperate.
    Brad and Angelina must be rolling on the floor from laughter at these.
    Hmm, that male model is what makes the pic good! Yum.

  9. Binky

    I agree #54. She looks gr8. But I must admit – I could never watch that ‘Rhoda’ show the same way after she did that multi-page spread for Hustler.
    And when ‘Mindy’ did that independent film venture – ‘Anal Hotel’ – I figured she was,like, str8 from ‘Ork’. That type of thing. (Of course working with Robin Williams would drive anyone nuts)

    Cliff Notes : Jen worked with Vince Vaughn.

    Binky : Oh….

  10. Funeral Guy

    She looks shit hot. Great tits and a totally smokin’ bod. If you don’t think so then you, sir, are a homo.

  11. loved`

    wow she sad … u old rag! slut ur like 50 years old wen u gonna grow a brain??

  12. herbiefrog

    we thuoght it was both fun and hot : )

    is that wrong ?

  13. 12=32

    I don’t have a problem with her and I don’t get why some people would. In all honesty most of the pictures look way too posed and indeed, cheesy. And they need to lay off the photoshop.
    As far as Angelina having a better body…I guess there is a reason why she hasn’t been asked to pose naked in a WHILE.
    For our sake.

  14. UK_Matt

    Liebowitz special.

    Tale someone in a little bit of turmoil and exploit them into a photoshoot for the cover and your own album. Ask Hannah Montana all about it.

    I’d still fuck it. But I’d still bail for Angelina. Thats because fucking is fucking…and dirty fucking is the fucking best.

  15. xyz

    fantastic boobies. big, but not TOO big. ample but not sloppy and saggy. perfect.

    as for that face. oh no no no.

  16. Elle

    I think Jen might have done this partially nude spread b/c she’s turning 40 and of course for the publicity. But she is known for being needy and insecure. She is not the most attractive girl but she is working what she got! I don’t think someone who has had her success would need to do this if they were still on top of their game. The pics look cheesy and heavily photoshopped. Why is she posing like a puppy in the last pic? Her body looks good but wonder how much is her and how much has been touched up or enhanced. In this picture she looks like a dude, sorry not a hater, not even close. I hope she finds someone who will give her the love she needs.

  17. jojo

    Jen looks amazing – stop drinking the haterade!!!!!!! She invests alot in her looks – but it’s her job to keep looking good! I love her…..I think these pictures are done with taste :)

  18. Fati

    To everyone who keeps saying ridiculosities like ” Angelina focuses on inner beauty” I would like to say – are fresh our of your freaking mind? First of all, did you miss the whole after-baby body-image obsession thing in the media? Second of all, it just so happens that God has given Angelina Jolie (and only He knows exactly WHY He did that) the kind of outside beauty that she DOESN’T HAVE TO focus on it! Unless she, I don’t know, doesn’t shower and brush her teeth for a month and someone throws some acid in her face, she will still be beautiful. The rest of us, my dear Tanya, have to work on ourselves to stay beautiful, and that’s something to RESPECT a woman for, not to shame her about it.

    These pictures were definitely touched up, but then again show me celeb pictures that have not been. Jennifer looks very good. I’ve always liked the shape of her breasts. Good for her. And it really is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS what she does and how she gets photographed. Personally, I don’t think this qualifies as pornography. She wants to express herself, and it’s not important what the reasons are. You just enjoy the beauty of her body, idiots, because i’m sure that the women that are trashing her and fat and ugly, and so are the wives of the guys that are saying she’s ugly. Envy is not a good thing, you uglies.

  19. STINK

    Leave it to GQ to gay up the photoshoot.

    Still, she’s hawt.

  20. Fati

    # 65 – she’s got nice eyes, and her nose is ok after the surgery, mouth is nice, too. but those jaw and chik bones really are a deal breaker.. well, we all have our flaws. except for Angelina Jolie. :) that bitch :))))

  21. poo-poo

    dearest fearsarewishes
    cool name. Ummm, its a bummer no one else said anything about my text, I always get the reatards to post back. Ummm… oh ya. my bad i did not mean to affend anyone if my writing skills are sub-par its because i didnt know i was suppose to respect being a part of the lonely bloggers. so if you id not get that, I dont give a black butthole what my writing skills look like here. Umm…thanks for thinking that i was in eighth grade though Ill take that as a compliment..sorry im not totally old and crusty like a moldy butthole sandwich like yoouuu! nana nana booobooo!

  22. SAR

    I should call these shots, lame, sad, pathetic! Cries for attention! But uh….I really love them. Really really.

  23. poop

    angelina is not soo hot. you guys must be kind of butt. and pathetic. grody to the max. to think that brads girlfriend doesnt work on her looks is totally retarded. and you are retarded for thinking shes so perfect. dont you know that? oh well. shes pretty though. but shes not all that.get it through your butthole brains. oh ya, i actually made out with her once at a club so i should know. and NO, i di not do autographs.

  24. mazdalover

    wow, another fake attempt to get attention, and more photoshopping on every lame celebrity
    you people are so stupid thinking shes hot, shes photoshopped of course your gonna think that! every one is that is famous, its just lame

  25. my comment

    She does have a great body but is that the best that GQ can do? I mean come on, that boring girl-in-whatever-guy-she-is-sleeping-with’s-clothes thing is soooo tired.

    Though cute, Anniston is not truly interesting by any stretch, however she does seem like a much better and healthier person than that vampire woman Brad is currently reproducing with .

  26. mimi

    Quite frankly it makes me sick to hear you men here talk about this worn out aging whore. What talent does she really have? The power to hold her head up with all that dangling chin?

    Praying for Amy still and always

  27. Kahlee

    Her boobs are great. I don’t understand why some women want the fake look. Leave your boobies alone!

  28. emmaleigh

    suddenly she’s desperate cuz she’s posing nude? i should say nearly nude, its not like it playboy, but jeez. stop hating haters, how many actresses have posed for magazines like this? tons. shut up effing idiots.
    besides, her body is AMAZING! unlike Angelina’s. all she has going for her is good tits, and Jen? Good tits? Check! great legs, Check! nice hips? check! ass? check! abs? check!

  29. Person

    I wish she would just go off and rip Brad and Angelina a new one. Those two scumbags got off way too easy.

  30. Jennifer Aniston

    Please leave me alone!!! I was only trying to get Brad to look at my naked body one more time! because he obviously doesn’t want to see it in person

  31. cc


  32. Mal

    She is beautiful and smokin hot for her age, or any age. Angelina, on the other hand, is a fishlipped monkey.

  33. Jim

    I so agree that she is insecure, wants attention, and that is what i get just from this two. She wants to be on top but she is not. She has to strip to get attention because she has no talent. She is so afraid her dog movie is going to flop that she took her clothes off. Mentally ill desperate chick.
    Thing is everyone knows she is very desperate.

  34. Caryn

    Mos Def Jennifer is the HAWEST out here these days, she just keeps getting better and better! LOVE< LOVE< HER! If I looked that good, I’d be rocking the Mayer too ;)

  35. dstryr

    meh. Jolie has a better body AND face than this hag.

  36. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So. In other news.
    We fire up the pirate satellite, from 17th floor, and thank God, ‘Sugar’ had the gonads to put ‘Bob’ into the final three.
    (Not that we’ve seen the show)
    But then see this ad for, I believe, the new 30 meg ‘I-Shoe from Apple.’
    (Click LinK Here) So. I guess it’s – “Can’t miss with an I-Shoe ?’
    Cliff Notes : Knee. That was no Jobs commercial. And my guess is the journalist in question – (I may be going out on a limb here) – wasn’t a member of the CFR . Because that ‘shoe pitcher’s’ translation was:
    “This is a gift from the Iraqis, this is the farewell kiss, you dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”
    So. I figured – No. I guess that wasn’t Tom Brokaw’s sudden curve ball pitch. (High and wide)
    (I think Tom curves a little bit to the right.)
    Knee Ya Ha Ha: So. ‘Notes’. What you say here exactwee ? Some sort of ‘Belly Itcher’ ? Or inside job ?
    Cliff Notes : Inside job.
    (And nice bod Jen – never watched that show though)

  37. Linda

    Too bad she had to contract a phony boy toy and take off her clothes to sell a dog movie.

  38. Gobus

    Things…things are happening in my pants!


    Jen, honey, it would really be awesome for you to do a classy magazine like Playboy.

    …just sayin’

  39. # 87, 88. Gr8t points all. And let’s face it.
    You both seem like – real intellectual.
    So.By the way.
    Having any problems with ‘free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure?’ You know- that type of thing…
    NORAD supposed to respond within ten minutes – and an hour and a half later a ‘plane’ hits the Pentagon. No one even demoted – let alone court marshaled.
    Any questions ? That type of thing ?

  40. friendlyfires

    1.)Photoshop is AWESOME (unless you got GIMP 2.6.3)
    2.)Sex with Jennifer Aniston, not awesome, but rather good.
    3.)Posing nude with gay models ain’t twitching my nads, Janiston, now take off the tie and show me China, now, ?????.
    4.)Meyers, last chance to shut up and take your guitar far, far, far away to Australia and start banging Aussies and Kiwis, it’s springtime for your little hitler, johnny, now make the pole dance (sorry, too much Absinthe at the office Christmas cotillion).
    5.)?????? ?????, shut up already and move on with your life. Start right now with giving me ?????????? ????.

  41. Steve

    My dick din’t move at all, this bitch is a waste of time.

    It almost makes me want a refund for this issue of GQ.

    Angelina on the cover…now you have something.

  42. This GQ photo shoot of Jen Ann is really hot.

  43. Xoli

    Why Jennifer? Why?

  44. daren;

    She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” Sugar BAby MEet. c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  45. jimbob

    Those are not real tits folks. Have you ever ever met a very skinney woman who has small C’s. Those are small implants skilfully done. She is flat as a board otherwise.

  46. Tune Time

    I’ve jerked off three times to these photos. Is that wrong?

  47. FFF

    Cute feet!

  48. What??? No nips? That’s like Paris without the herp, Pamela Cansderson without the hep c, #96 without the Ben Gay for his elbow… what the fuck??

  49. Daisy

    Notice how she doesn’t have a single blemish? No freckles or moles on her entire body. PHOTOSHOP, bitches. For all those ladies wishing they could look more like Jennifer Anniston: Jennifer Anniston wishes she could look like that too.

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