Jennifer Aniston’s blurry nipple

February 8th, 2010 // 111 Comments

I put off posting these all day because, personally, I prefer a naked Anna Torv and Blake Lively through a telephoto lens over a pack of cougars in bikinis. Fortunately that move paid off because I had time to notice Jennifer Aniston’s right breast is completely hanging out while she’s talking to Sheryl Crow in Mexico over the weekend. Granted the pic is a tad blurry, but that’s definitely an areola and nipple. Trust me, I own a magnifying glass and one of those Sherlock Holmes hats so it’s impossible for me to tell a lie.


My penis fires Tiffany’s gift cards. And sometimes shoes.


  1. lovelyriot

    Meh. Who cares. First?

  2. the blurry nipple doesn’t do much for me…but that ass is devine!

  3. Killer Blurry shot, that paparazzi couldn’t sell that!

  4. rolnlikaselebrity

    Meh…? She is still a prime piece. She takes good care of that punanieah…

  5. Wacker

    Been wackin her along time.. Opps here I go again. feels soo good !!

  6. dude

    pics 7 and 8 by far the best. Anyone else out there agree?

  7. old

    Jennifer Aniston is so old and dried up it is disgusting. No man wants her. Her face is too masculine as well, with that weird square chin and all. Brad left her geezer ass for a reason. You will die alone Jen. Your personality sucks too. So do your shit romantic comedy movies. Kill yourself.

  8. Rougher than rocco

    LOL Is this the same troll from Cameron Diaz post? Thats got to be a new type of funny although disturbing…@8

  9. rex kramer

    This frigid bitch is as barren as the Gobi desert. No wonder every man leaves her. Lazy in the sack=can’t keep a man. Jen give a guy a little ATM if you want him to stick around.

  10. truth doctor

    Oh yeah, I have cottage cheese in the fridge. Thanks Jen, you just solved my dinner dilemma.

  11. Aniston is the most shallow HW celeb. She is in great shape; regardless of her age. People shouldn’t be so negative.

  12. havoc

    Thank you Jesus. I guarantee this chick tastes like rainbows and Care Bears. I would drink her bath water without hesitation.

    LOL at the comments from the homosexuals and fat chicks.

  13. damn that ass looks delicious

  14. Pal

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she calls the paparazzi to let them know where she’s going every time she leaves the house.

  15. jojo

    Jennifer Aniston’s body is amazing….she is in amazing shape…all you haters can kiss her beautiful butt!

  16. AbeVigoda

    Fantastic. I’d love to drill Jen’s 40-year-old butthole. She’s got a great body.

  17. Tuppy

    She isn’t covered in tattoos like all the rest of Hollywood’s cokewhores, I mean actresses…

  18. What a nuerotic bitch

    I still don’t understand this chick. She’s got a hot ass, a hot body, nice tits, a cute face, fame, millions of dollars in the bank and a career few achieve. Yet, she can’t get keep a dude if she pulled a madonna & bought a baby jesus for herself; she’s nuerotic and a bottomless pit of insecurity, & clinginess. She’s got it all & nothing at the same time. What the fuck is her problem?

  19. AbeVigoda

    I think Jen just needs her 40-year-old butthole drilled really well. That will settle her down. Like you said, she’s seemingly has it all, but it never works for her. There has to be something wrong.

  20. Haywood Jablowmie

    Look at picture 8 if you want a clue as to why she can’t hang onto a man. that is a lot of bikini slapping around there, which means either her puss hangs down to her knees, and she is packing more meat than “Lady” Ga Ga between her legs.

  21. jen

    Jennifer Aniston’s pussy is probably all ashy like those of black hos. Except its not ashy because of her race, its ashy because she’s old as fuck. I love how every famous guy this senior citizen dates is only with her for the momentary fame it brings them. After the talk dies down, all the men dump this pathetic fool like there’s no tomorrow.

  22. Caramel

    I’d gladly bang her whether it made me famous or not.

  23. looking lovely and looking gorgeous with healthy looking body. love to see her getting fresh air from filthy thing out here in LA. life is short go enjoy life what ever makes you happy.

  24. Jenjen

    Lookin fab here! Go girl!

  25. soahc

    #5 Thank you! I now know how to spell ‘punanieah’. Best word EVER for beautiful flower.

  26. Walter

    I’m confused by her. She’s absolutely out of my league but I still feel like saying “Hey –’re like horse faced and stuff…so like stop being so ugly.”. But again, she has a smoking hot body – but she got dumped by John Mayer.



    Laid Off

  27. Bruny Morales

    What is this media fascination with Jennifer Aniston. She is average looking…has zero talent to contribute to the arts & entertainment field, possesses no special attributes — except for maneuvering herself geographically & sinking her claws to an A-Lister to manipulate her status from the B-List. What’s wrong with you people media and fans alike….GET A LIFE….PLEASE!!!

  28. tc

    What’s the point of having a lovely ass like that if she won’t let anyone in it.

  29. Grazie mille! Questo articolo, me lo faccia sapere un sacco di cose che prima non ho capito!

  30. Darth

    It looks like she found out what it takes to get posted here.

  31. wow she is so smoking

  32. Rhialto

    She’s a bit slow of understanding.But better late than never.

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  34. Gando

    It’s hard to see whether it’s a glans or a nipple.

  35. Boogeyman King Dong

    Hmm,who did suck those titties is gay.

  36. Nero

    I’d expect some serious hard skin on her knees soon.


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  38. hollywood gossip

    yes it is

  39. Veronica

    damn, I hope I look that hot when I’m 40. She has great breasts, always has.

  40. farles chew

    still has an ass like a college girl. if she’s into tehbuttseks, angels sing every time her pooper gets reamed

  41. Gueibor

    Does this woman age in reverse? She looks hotter than last year’s pics!!

  42. I should look so good at her age.

  43. Dagnole

    NSFW? Come on, you barely see anything at all!
    And a nipple or a breast is not obscene in the first place.

  44. Lenny

    I just like her to grow out that huge greek bush.

  45. Parker

    Like I always say, women have nipples so men will want to have anal sex with them. What a nice ass shot here too.

  46. nice, jennifer is great although i think she should make some more bad ass movies to compete with angelina!

  47. havoc

    If pic #7 doesn’t give you stiffy….its time to visit your local mortician.


  48. KIKI

    I don’t understand the hatred for this woman. She is just doing her thing. Why do the Brangaloonies hate her so?

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