Jennifer Aniston’s bikini bottom (From the perspective of a crazed ‘Peeping Tom’ seagull)

May 15th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Before you guys start hurling the typical comments of “OMGZ Old!”; “I saw these on blah blah blah last year.”; and, the always stinging “You’re a marshmallow!”, scope out the angle on these pics. Sure, I posted similar shots on Monday, but not with the God’s view of Jennifer Aniston’s badonker in this recent batch. So that said, just look at the pretty pictures before I come into your house and knock shit over. Starting with your precious Hummels. KERPLOW! Then your Star Wars action figures. HI-YAH! And, finally, your Hannah Montana posters. WICK-A-POW! Wait. This is my house. Goddammit.


  1. Jumpin_J

    FRIST! I mean first. Oh sh*t.

  2. toolboy

    He’s got Jennifer Anniston in the pool in a hot pink bikini and he brings binoculars?? He’s either a complete retard or the smartest tail hound on the planet…

  3. President Bill Clinton

    My fellow Americans, let me be perfectly clear. I would tap dat ass, I would tapd dat ass, I would TAP DAT ASS!!!!

    It’s just a shame the pictures include that buster Mayer.

  4. Papalooza

    Nice booty. What is wrong with her face? She doesn’t look like Jennifer Aniston anymore…

  5. is he trying to get her to play rock, paper, scissors?

  6. Donkey Ass

    How is that douche hitting that?

  7. Will

    This is the best possible way to look at an old chick’s ass – from above, so you don’t have to look at how far her ass has fallen, and in a pool, so the buoyancy of the water can partially make up for the cruelty of the time x gravity equation. Still, on the two pics where she’s not standing up and her legs are floating behind her, you can see that her ass isn’t nearly as high and round as it used to be. From above, in a pool: that’s how you look at an old chick’s ass. Moderately drunk, in dim candlelight, and only once: that’s how you fuck her.

  8. How Cruel!

    You are cruel. I bet your wife is fat. I bet you call your wife a big fat mess!

  9. Erica

    John Mayer has a great body..damn. NOW, i’d tap that ass! I don’t give a fuck about Aniston. She seems pretty chill though.

  10. Randal

    Seems like no matter what direction you happen to be looking at Jennifer from, she’s a looker regardless.

    Looking forward to her new movie but such news will be bumped once more news of Britney and her new child come to surface like an avalanche rushing down the side of a mountain.

    Brace yourselves!


  11. OC Dee

    John has some nice guns! I look forward to seeing him in concert this summer at Verizon in California.

  12. Tacky

    Jen’s tag is sticking out of her bikini bottom. You would think she would check for tags hanging out before she went out the door.

  13. I’m only looking at John Mayer. He is looking HOT!!!!!!! except for the pathetically uncool but trying hard to be cool “tatsleeve”..

  14. Jennifer Aniston is such a HOTTIE… and she clearly has got one of the hottest bods in hollywood. If you have any doubts, check out my pic / photo gallery of her at:

    Cheers !

  15. lulu

    ***sigh*** when do the ladies get any eye candy!??!?! I’m not a lesbo (but I look like it if I’m on this site) and if I don’t get any sexy guys to look at soon I’m not going to come here anymore!!! I’m tired of everybody’s titty flashing and no men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON, FISH! FEED SOME GOOD STUFF TO US LADIES!!!!!!!!!

  16. lulu

    BUT,….thanks for including John Mayer….he’s looking freakin hot as hell right here!!!!!!!! WOO!

  17. pistola

    that woman has an INCREDIBLE body! especially for her age.

  18. hot mess

    @17 lulu – there’s a completely naked dude (albeit with a peen the size of my thumb) on the gadgets site. totally hot!

  19. bootlips

    she’s so much hotter than Angelina.

  20. Deva

    I just don’t understand what the allure to this thing is. Ok, maybe she was semi-attractive 20 years ago, but the years have caught up. And her insulting bikinis like that is only going to deter our eyes for so long.

  21. #17 – here ya go! (click my name, highlighted stuff on this page is clickable)

  22. NY Ted

    First…WTF happend to Mayers `80 style hairdoo…???

    Second…why did Brad Spitt leave Jen for that crazy baby-maker with the fat lips Jolie…???

    Third…I ride Jen like Big Brown in the Preakness Stakes…!!!

  23. Erica

    17. I said this on some post not too long ago. Women are beautiful, but men are better!

  24. Beth

    @13 John’s “guns” are small caliber, like his primary weapon.

  25. #24
    1.) His hair is wet
    2.) He’s a piece of shit
    3.) Good for you :)

  26. Gia

    John Mayer is hot! I would love to worship him and give him a massage and then please him anyway he wanted me to! John’s body is a wonderland!

  27. QC

    I would motorboat those ass cheecks!

  28. Brad & Angelina Rocks!

    Brad wanted to have kids and Jennifer did not. Brad found a hottie that wanted a big family. Brad and Angelina both want a big family and do humanitarian work. Jennifer is too self absorbed to have a family and she is afraid of loosing her figure. Jennifer will end up old and lonely because no man will ever love her the way Brad did. I can’t fault Brad for not wanting to waste his time with a wife that does not want a family. They both got what they wanted; Brad has his family and Jen has her figure and freedom. Now she can have meaningless flings.

  29. Sam

    #28 – he’d want you to stick a finger up his ass and get all misty-eyed while listening to his newest simpering lyrics. You know he’s HIV+, right?

  30. Is she banging him for research for a movie role?

  31. Patty


    I would love to stick my finger up his ass. I would want him to take a shower first and I would even lick his asshole!

  32. Patty


    I would love to stick my finger up his ass. I would want him to take a shower first and I would even lick his asshole!

  33. daaang

    I would so hit that. go in the back door and then leave a reminder on her ass.

    damn you mayer

  34. Grammarbiotch


  35. seagull

    My brain can not comprehend how this shot was taken….I AM SO CONFUSED!

  36. Holly

    I would deep throat John’s cock while he gently pulls my long dark hair! I would even put his semen in my mouth but I would not swallow.

  37. Truth Hurts

    Blech John Mayer is so fugly. Maniston sure has bad taste. Why can’t she pick a smart guy for once? Brad, Vince, John..all those tools are like dumb.

    #9 you’re beyond pathetic. It’s okay, keep living your dream, people said that about your mom too.

  38. havoc

    If I was with Jennifer Aniston in a pool, I would be behind her rubbing my thingy on her hoo ha.

    This guys got no game at all…..


  39. Maggie

    I would love to have John watch me pleasure myself, and then I would give it to him good! I would have him realease his warm love juice all over my perky breasts and then I would rub his love juice all over my erect nipples and breasts. I would then take a shower and we could smoke pot and laugh and enjoy each other some more!

  40. Ed

    She’s hot for an old chick, which means: not hot.

    It’s not worth wasting pictures on girls in bikinis if they’re over 30. “Well-preserved” is not a term that should apply to the chick you’re banging. Unless, of course, you’re an approval-seeking whimpy mama’s boy. Hey, that’s John Mayer over there, isn’t it?

  41. no one's fan

    Okay my thougts are why would this woman who was so publically humiliated by Brangelina not learn her lesson about keeping her private life out of the limelight. If Mayer dumps her for another girlor or if the relationship ends up then the tabloids will have a feeding frenzy and she wil be humiliated again. if you show off a relationship when it ends they wil rip you apart, that’s how it works and she’s clearly damned aware of all these pictures. Eh maybe she’s having a mid-life crisis.
    She’s rich, I’m sure one of her mansions has a pool, take your man there and only surface with him when you have 2 kids and have been married for 20 years.

    Zalls I’m saying is the woman is setting herself up for embarassment. Also her face has changed bigtime, me thinks she has done a little tweeky tweeky, but at least she’sworking out and staying slim it hepls balance her unpleasant face. She’s still an idiot, but don’t take that as me being a fan of that horribly aged squinty eyed douche Brad and his veiny pasty whore with a forehead the size of texas.

    I’ve always been on team I HATE THEM ALL, it’s the best team ever.

  42. sla

    #14 Jen’s tag

    This is a pet peeve of mine and you see it ALL THE TIME in the summer. Swimsuits, halters, etc… seems to occur with skimpy clothes.

    You also see tags on lingerie in porn movies and magazines (not that I would know this first-hand, or course).

    LADIES: if you bought it and wear it, you don’t need to know the size or who made it any more. CUT THE DAMN TAGS OUT!

  43. Gail

    #41 – nice try, but it’s always pretty obvious when a gay dude tries to recite something he read on a phone sex ad. It’s ok, we don’t have hangups here, you can say that you want John to bend you over the john and stick his peter in your manhole (see? very masculine words).

  44. wow..anal much???

    #14, 44 get over it! Geez! Seriously? It’s a freaking tag. NOT the kind that is attached when you first buy but the kind that’s always there which tells the size, etc of the garment. And #44 has the nerve to complain about tags in PORN, as if anyone is looking at the clothes (Clothes in PORN???) What a loser!

  45. Snicks

    And that, boys, is WHY John Mayer gets the hottest (albeit intellectually challenged) women in Hollywood.


  46. yogagirl

    Isn’t she getting a bit milfy age-wise?

  47. Rachel


    It’s a chick. Men never use the words pleasure myself or love juice. And I would love to have John bend me over and give it to me good!

  48. wakeup

    @40….is that why he is with jennifer anniston and you are typing about her on a lame ass website and doesn’t even know you exist?

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