Jennifer Aniston has legs and other news

April 8th, 2010 // 97 Comments

- Demi Moore swears her face is natural. For now. [Lainey Gossip]

- Alexander Skarsgard does Details. [Dlisted]

- Corey Haim is not getting a public memorial after all. I’ll assume because everyone forgot he died. [PopEater]

- Michelle Hunziker apparently owns nothing but bikinis. [HollywoodTuna]

- Paris Hilton’s bra has to be a wizard. Has to be. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Megan Fox cares about education. Or making teenage boys need new pants. Who really knows? [Popoholic]

- Kate Gosselin has another reality show. [TheFABlife]

- Rihanna does American Idol. [Bossip]

- Sam Worthington is a thinking man now. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Those kids from Gossip Girl who aren’t Blake Lively broke up. [Socialite Life]

- Kate Winslet has to love this. [ICYDK]

- Tiger Woods talks to dead people. [Betty Confidential]

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  1. Jenn is totally a hottie! When you think

    who isHotr, Jenn or Brad, I’ll have to be honest. It’s a REALLY tough call.

    dude…another one for the site.

  2. lily

    You guys are kidding about her legs being great, right? They look like they belong to a corpse.

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  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She has this fine hair colour that is not yellow and looks natural -kudos to hair stylist? Also she has a very cool sense of style (mostly elegant with feminine -sexy edge) and it doesn’t hurt that she has a superb -great-fantastic figure that makes clothes look so fine. Kudos to her for being a workout freak (judging by her legs).

  5. tc

    Leggy *and* booby. Very nice.

    Does anyone know if she has real breasts ?

  6. captain america

    psssssssssssst, HER VAGINA MUST BE “Slippery”, folks!!

  7. Gigs

    I’d ram her shithole any day

  8. Zeke

    #9 There is one thing she doesn’t have. Love and happiness. It’s funny – all the money and fame in the world, and the poor gal can’t get a date. Perhaps she just is insufferable.

  9. Well after see her lags i remember fashion week models legs,but i think that her legs are look old and some wrinkles are also there.

  10. havoc

    Those would look great sticking straight up in the air…..


  11. hateyoufornoreason

    Notice the unsweetened green tea in that Starbucks cup instead of a double mocha frappacino with whipped cream and caramel. She looks incredible.

  12. Ariana

    She looks absolutely amazing.. if i look like this or anythign close tothis at her age.. i would love it… wow. total inspiration.

  13. firewoman

    I want her shoes! They are smokin hot!!

  14. NG

    The only thing missing from those legs is Brad Pitt. lol :-)

  15. LPB

    I think she’s hot…and notice, no stupid WT ink all over her body, ala Megan Fox, et al.

    No amulet of human blood, either.

  16. Alex

    I don’t really understand the appeal of this woman. She seems like a real bitch. Yesterday I saw something on yahoo mail about her being described as “overall likable”…what the hell. Who exactly finds her likeable? She has that look in her eyes like she’s tired, hungry and cranky from spending the majority of her day trying to look “Hollywood.”

  17. Her body is looking hot. All of that working out when she defied her natural stockiness has paid off. You’d have to with a face like that. See she did have her chin and jaw sawzalled down and that helped. If she didn’t she’d look closer to Leona Helmsley than this post fabricated self. Just as long as she doesn’t have to kids to out her true genetics she’ll be okay.

  18. Anderson

    Jennifer Aniston looks absolutely great and I like her better than Angelina Jolie these days to be honest.

  19. Anderson is right

    I’ll second Anderson. Saw a preview of a new movie with Jolie in it. Nasty. Nice trade up Brad

  20. Best Legs Of All Time

  21. cc

    I’d hit that like the cymbals in a marching band.

  22. bell

    What is everyone like the fucking grammar police on here?..Shut the fuck up. Nobody goes back and reads there comments anyways to see what you wrote..You get their points, so shut up and get a life.

    And two thumbs up for Jens legs..

  23. wizeguy

    halleleula ..a gal with legs finally …
    compare this healthy carefree happy woman to the pumpkin head lumberjack jawed skeleton AJ ..
    ahahhahaaa funny …no contest ….

  24. Fati87

    Amazing body. Like her much better than that vampire her ex traded her for.

  25. Jack

    Butterface. Not talent cunt. The only thing she is good for is opening my beer with her chin.

  26. Her feet look a little more Courtney Cox here than usual. Does make a pleasant impression though. NEVER wears shitty clown outfits like Paltrow or Hudson do. She always seemed likable to me, even though I’ve avoided movies that feature her…probably just avoided them because I don’t go to movies to watch television.

    @ 38 – There is some controversy. Some show was discussing how romance rumors get cooked up whenever she releases another disposable movie. Most of those turn a good profit, though.
    I thought one of her old roommates wrote a book about what a monster Aniston is?

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  28. And, where do the legs go???
    Up to her nice tight little body.


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  30. hmm nice picture, what is in the hands of those?

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  32. Gando

    For an independent woman as she’s.I think she could be the type for artificial insemination.

  33. Rhialto

    Helpful guy as i am.Me?high quality sperm.

  34. Master Spook

    Is Brad Pitt still stalking her?

  35. AmeriCanadian

    She could put a whole whack of 20 year old women to shame.

  36. Jennifer Aniston is the hottest woman alive!

  37. her legs is strong

  38. Jennifer Aniston is the hottest BITCH

  39. She dos not only have nice legs, but also an extremely cute hairdo, probably done by the best hairdresser in town!

  40. Way back before she became Barbies clone, she has bugged me since the moment I laid eyes on her. Not for how plain looking she naturally was but her personality is that of a dinner plate. I couldn’t tell you what Irked me about her but it is something way deep down inside her, underneath the plastic shell in the hallow depths of her soul.

  41. Shut the fuck up. Nobody goes back and reads there comments anyways to see what you wrote..
    What is everyone like the fucking grammar police on here?..You get their points, so shut up and get a life.

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