Jennifer Aniston has legs and other news

April 8th, 2010 // 97 Comments

- Demi Moore swears her face is natural. For now. [Lainey Gossip]

- Alexander Skarsgard does Details. [Dlisted]

- Corey Haim is not getting a public memorial after all. I’ll assume because everyone forgot he died. [PopEater]

- Michelle Hunziker apparently owns nothing but bikinis. [HollywoodTuna]

- Paris Hilton’s bra has to be a wizard. Has to be. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Megan Fox cares about education. Or making teenage boys need new pants. Who really knows? [Popoholic]

- Kate Gosselin has another reality show. [TheFABlife]

- Rihanna does American Idol. [Bossip]

- Sam Worthington is a thinking man now. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Those kids from Gossip Girl who aren’t Blake Lively broke up. [Socialite Life]

- Kate Winslet has to love this. [ICYDK]

- Tiger Woods talks to dead people. [Betty Confidential]

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  1. Dawn


  2. Shep

    Nice Legs!

  3. charo

    She is hot

  4. Jim

    Loneliness thighs in the world.

  5. Matt

    I hope the chick I’m nailing at age 40 is that hot.

  6. RebelMinion

    Isn’t that the chick from Leprechaun?

  7. bimbamboing





  8. Elmer PAlmer

    Damn, I just exploded inside my pants.

  9. Randal

    Jennifer has always had legs. Always has a spark. Always has a smile. Always has everything. There isn’t one thing that Jennifer doesn’t have because this woman is everything. She’s the new, she’s the old.

    She’s perfect.


  10. KIKI

    Beautiful woman. Brad probably cries himself to sleep every night.

  11. TekMoney

    I agree with #5. Jenn’s still hot as hell.

  12. dingdong



    ???Who there?????

  13. Drundel

    She may be a failed actress, but for an old chick, she still has a nice body.

  14. pimp

    i’d like to stuff my cock in her ass, all the way to the balls…

  15. Kangaroo

    Her movies are shit, and i hear she’s an annoying bitch, but damn if she isn’t hot as hell.

  16. tested

    Too many age spots and birthmarks and big veins.
    But she fools everyone with the constant tans on her legs.

  17. Taz

    what a smoking hot gal

  18. da trooooooooooooof

    can’t get passed the face

  19. koala


  20. brooke

    Its “past”, you jackass.

  21. Damn, you gotta hand it to her. Her body is smokin’ and that takes work. I’d hit it and hit it and hit it. Yoweee!

  22. da trooooooooooof hertzz

    I CAN’t get PAST da FACE!!!!!!

  23. me

    it’s “Brooke” not brooke….cunt

  24. -Lmega5-

    <3 <3 <3

  25. abby

    #23 relax

    I can’t help but notice how pathetic and sad she always looks.

  26. koalawala

    What good are those, nice but short, legs if you can’t resist the urge to hang a feedbag round her head.

  27. Those are about the best legs…EVER!

  28. kb

    yeah… nice legs but daaaaamnn is she ugly.

  29. Peanutty

    I see the Brangeloonies are here. FREAKS! Go back to just jared you stinking lunatics.

  30. >> Rihanna does American Idol. [Bossip] <<

    Since when does “American Idol” mean “every abusive black man she can find?”

    Oh shut up, you know you were thinking the same thing.

  31. What’s the deal with the douchebag standing behind her (to her left side in the pictures), the one with the baseball cap & the earpiece?

    Trying for the “Toolbox of the Year” award or something?

  32. Ross

    Did you know that Angelina Jolie pays good money to have people write terrible shit about Jennifer Aniston on blogs? Some humanitarian, huh?

  33. She is SO much more attractive than that vampire Jolie. And just looking at Brad is damned good evidence, if not proof, of karmic return.

  34. Ann

    @ 33. You know that is right! Pitt looks miserable and Jolie looks like death. Jennifer is just doing her thing, getting all the strange she wants. She is so lucky to have gotten rid of Pitt before he turned into a goat.

  35. kingofbeer

    Brad, you fucked up lol

    Damn SMOKIN!

  36. Mr.JosieMaran

    “Corey Haim is not getting a public memorial after all. I’ll assume because everyone forgot he died.”

    Jesus Fuckin Christ, I LdMAO

  37. John

    Trust me-lousy lay. Jens followers are a bunch of lesbians. That’s all she can attract.

  38. So smoking that men don't want her!

    Jen’s pr team post over and over under different names.
    Too bad Jen and her pr team can’t move on since it’s been
    6 years. If Jen is all that why won’t one man stay with her?
    Why do they run as fast as they can. Something fishy about her.
    Ho has been through so many men. Seems Brad has been
    happy with one women and their kids. Jen don’t seem too
    happy at all. Why do she and her pr team have to pull Brad’s
    name out of their arse’s in every post if she is so happy.
    Hot legs Mayer who’s a douche bag dumped her 3 times.
    She could not even keep a douche bag. Bradley Cooper did
    not want that thing linked to his name. He rather be with Rene.
    Gerard Butler didn’t even want her.

  39. Dread not

    Man, this chick KNOWS how to put it out there! F’n unbelievably hot!

  40. gen


    Oh, what. You’ve fucked Jennifer Aniston? I guess people can claim anything on the internet. By the way, I’m 5’10″ and 40-21-35. Trust me.

  41. Jack MeHoff

    I would lick her coin slot for hours. ;-)

  42. ericaok

    Alexander Skarsgard is a babe. Post more about him.

  43. Wowww!

    # 38 is obviously one of the Brangelunatics.

    Jen is always sexy & hotttttt! Love her.

  44. Randommolecules


    DAMN! Really? “How u dooooin’”
    Kidding seriously.

  45. shittin condoms

    brad pitt left this perfect girl that looks like she is still a teenager for that slut jolie? i will never understand that

  46. Rogue

    Big, fat whatever.

  47. Landon "Reaper" Armstrong

    She has my favorite kind of legs: Feet on one end and pussy on the other.

    All seriousness aside, she really does look fucking great!

  48. Sport

    She has always been hot. Not a big fan of the personality but she ALWAYS looks great in photos.

  49. She has this big thing with Mexico and Mexican food. And I had a great night of Mexican food and a whole bunch of people…over at her house.

  50. Bradley Cooper did
    not want that thing linked to his name. He rather be with Rene.
    Gerard Butler didn’t even want her.

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