Jennifer Aniston’s abs and other news

May 18th, 2010 // 59 Comments

- John Travolta should probably stop touching things. Just to be safe. [PopEater]

- Celebrities Without Make-Up: Do not click if pregnant. [Celebslam]

- Sarah Jessica Parker’s face will somehow still sell tickets. THE DEVIL IS REAL! [Lainey Gossip]

- Charlie Sheen’s punishment for threatening to kill his wife? $2 million an episode from CBS. Whee! [Dlisted]

- Kate Beckinsale does Cannes. [HollywoodTuna]

- Lady GaGa gave that kid a record deal. [StarPulse]

- Megan Fox’s Vagina: A Tale of Adversity [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Selita Ebanks does Maxim. [Popoholic]

- Christina Aguilera loves Lady GaGa as much as David Boreanaz isn’t bored with his wife already. [TheFABlife]

- Taylor Lautner is a comic book now. Why not? [PopSugar]

- James Franco is returning to General Hospital which pretty much proves he’s on heroin. [Just Jared]

- Michelle Rodriguez is like a Latin Lindsay Lohan except people actually want to put her in films. [The Blemish]

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Photo: Glaceau

  1. cutesy

    no way!!

  2. Matt

    Wow, this is how a real woman looks. Stunning.

  3. karmatose

    Your last link is incorrect. Links to the story above.

  4. Joe Blow

    I’d wreck Aniston’s mouth, pussy and asshole… not necessarily in that order.

  5. why the fuck can i not right click on this site anymore?

  6. PunkA

    Hot. She is way more fit than Skeletorgelina will ever be. Skeletorgelina looks like a meth or heroine addict. Her tits keep shrinking and her hair is horrible. I;d hit it with JenA and thank the god’s of vagina for my good fortune.

  7. Joey

    MY GODDD!!!!!

  8. Hi, I’m a self-absorbed cunt. Best — Jen

  9. Peanutty

    Where are the BRANGELOONS? Did they take the day off? Much deserved, I would say! Jennifer is fabulous as ever!

  10. snazzybiscuits

    Hot, but not real healthy. She smokes cigs like a chimney.

  11. gen


    She smokes?!??!

  12. Taz

    she is a top five MILF

  13. Randal

    Not only does Jennifer steal the spotlight on TV and on the big screen but she’s also stealing it with her hard work and healthy eating habits. Staying in shape never gets old.


  14. OJ's Mom

    This is more like an ad for Photoshop than an ad for Smart Water. She’s 40 for christ sake! You actually think she is in that great of shape?

    PS – If you buy SmartWater you are a fucking idiot. Seriously, it’s a bottle of fucking water. Go to the faucet, turn it on, put it in a glass and drink it.

  15. Harry Doyle

    If she weren’t so damn crazy liberal, I would give her baby, and fast………

  16. Sport

    She would never date me, so i dont care about her issues or personality or acting ability.

    She has ALWAYS been smokin hot though. Takes care of herself, eats right and exercises her way to a beautiful bod. Hollywood could take a few lessons from Jen. WOW she would be an amazing Fuk N Chuck….

  17. anon

    Of course Christina doesn’t hate Lady GaGa. She’s too busy hating men.

  18. Rogue

    … whatever.

  19. Anonymous

    @14 So is Gatorade and soda– I bet you still buy that.

  20. qwerty

    Yes she is

    And yes she is a smoker,there are hundreds of magazine quotes t prove that,she smokes during interviews,breaks on sets,everywhere from what I read.And she’s been smoking since at least ’93.
    There were some reports that she gave up about a year ago,but she probably just hides it better,as many other “health-obsessed” celebs do

    Who would believe that,say,Miranda Kerr smokes(/smoked?)?
    There are pics out there of her with a fag,and she’s a self-confessed health but,lol

  21. qwerty

    *health nut I meant

  22. #12, she can’t be a MILF. She’s not a mom.

  23. Taz

    oops, I’d just like to nail her then.

  24. Ben

    Aniston has the dumbest lesbian following. Over half of these comments are women wanting to screw her over an awful photo shopped picture. Men don’t give a shit about this frigid bitch.

  25. WOW she would be an amazing Fuk N Chuck….

  26. Rectify

    I want to pry open her ass cheeks for Parker.

  27. Tek

    LOL, you mean cougar then, Taz. :-P

    And yeah, Brad fucking lost. He probably cries himself to sleep knowing that he chose a veiny used up corpse over this.

  28. LOL

    Of course lesbians don’t know what MILF mean!

  29. Nick

    Seem Brad won since men don’t want this old cow. She is pathetic, John Douche bag Mayer didn’t even want her. All she has now is a load of pr team posters making fake post.

  30. Sara

    Definitely photo shopped. Why do she need all this kind of attention? Is she really that narcissistic?

  31. wtf

    I’m willing to bet Angelina doesn’t look half as good naked as Aniston is looking these days.

  32. he's a smoker, there are hundreds of newspaper quoted t test having smoked during the interviews is broken, everything I read.

  33. Carl

    Look so good that they have to fix her photo and no man want her. That good?

  34. #14, minus her smoking habit, yes. Who cares if she is 40? You act like 40 is so old. The only thing I can see “off” about this picture is her nose. It looks a little more piggy like (similar to Victoria Beckham’s), but it could just be the angle. She’s 40 and she has a killer bod, get over it.

  35. it is beautful!

  36. 38# is right ! haha

  37. tc

    She is the hottest, smartest and richest single women in the planet.

    Why she has nobody to fuck her ? Is vagina missing ?

  38. He really is the most beautiful

  39. What happens there is no woman in the vagina?

  40. captain america

    when americans think they can save the world:

  41. Jen

    #41, 42, 36 and 37. I HATE YOU! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  42. SO RIGHT

    I’m with Randal :) She’s healthy, hot and seems pretty down to earth. Wish her the best.

  43. mysticflamingo

    Regarding the issue of cigarette smoking: According to a biography on Jennifer by Sean Smith, she started smoking as a young actress in New York City back in the late 1980′s. She was a heavy smoker right on through her post-divorce trauma. During the past several years, she has worked toward a healthier lifestyle and has “quit” smoking, except for the one nightly cigarette she allows herself (interview with Jen in Elle magazine 2009).

  44. Stella

    DAAAAAYYYYYUUMMMMM……. she’s smokin!

  45. Master Spook

    I see you.

  46. titsonsnack

    re: #14. “This is more like an ad for Photoshop than an ad for Smart Water. She’s 40 for christ sake! You actually think she is in that great of shape?”

    you’re right, it’s so impossible for a 40 year old to be fit, she should be shipped off to the nearest old folks home.
    I don’t give a rats ass about jennifer aniston, but yes she does look like this and is in great shape. She has lots of money, and I’m assuming she has personal trainers, and works out a lot.

    This photo isn’t even that remarkable, to be honest. She’s just NOT overweight. And she’s toned. I don’t see the big unbelievable deal.


    Haha, Brad must be kicking himself. I would do very nasty things to this woman.

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