Jennifer Aniston wears short shorts

March 18th, 2008 // 90 Comments

Here’s shots of Jennifer Aniston wearing short shorts on the set of her new movie Marley & Me where she may or may not be riding horses made of butterscotch with Owen Wilson. Or something to that effect. These pictures might not have anything to do with anything but I just stared into Amy Winehouse’s melted face, so I desperately need something hot. And right about now that bar is pretty low. I’m talking core of the Earth low. You could put a baked potato in a Speedo and I’d probably be turned on. State of Idaho, let’s get freaky.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ivan

    She looks asian.

  2. pookie8

    Why was this posted? Why does she have a ring on her “ring finger”? Is it just me or do her hands look like that of a 80+ year old female?

  3. pookie8

    Why was this posted? Why does she have a ring on her “ring finger”? Is it just me or do her hands look like that of a 80+ year old female?

  4. pookie8

    Yes, those of you that said she looks different, she does. She HAS! The pathetic X is SO doing what she can to keep up. Too bad she can’t.

  5. anabanana

    She had her jaw shaved down to look softer. It used to be angular and larger. Whatever. Don’t know what I would do if my man left me for Anjelina Jolie.

  6. my comment

    No tattoos, no collection of third world kids and she doesn’t look like a vampire.

  7. justin

    She looks SO MUCH like Ellen Pompeo in this picture.


  8. bigcups

    thanks #4 for your comment. I, too thought that she looked different and that maybe she had fat transferred to her cheeks. She used to have the marionette lines around her mouth and those are gone. I liked her the old way.

  9. Ted from LA

    With those lips she could be Mrs. Fish… if he wasn’t homosexual of course.

  10. Missy

    I think she looks like she always did, I see no signs of plastic surgery! I love how everyone jumps on the bandwagon….

  11. gus

    She’s looking beautiful.

  12. tamère

    she looks like ellen pompeo in the first picture

  13. Laura

    Fire up chips is right!

  14. Sam

    GO CHIPS!!! that is awesome she is representin CMU!!!

  15. yuck

    she is ugly as sin,
    looks like dustin got some cheek implants…
    old lonely, pathetic, selfish woman.

  16. yuck

    she is ugly as sin,
    looks like dustin got some cheek implants…
    old lonely, pathetic, selfish woman.

  17. Peter

    She is so beautiful. I love her. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “”
    last week. Is she single now? Just curious.

  18. #25. Sidney, you might want to read this article and aquaint yourself with the facts. Brad and Jennifer have NEVER said that Jennifer didn’t want children. #25. Sidney, that is something the tabloids cooked up and it’s completely false.

    ALSO, I don’t think she’s had work done, Miami is warm and humid her face is probably a tlittle swollen from the heat and she has bands now, bangs can significantly transorm a persons face.

  19. sweet

    she looks likes carla bruno sister ……………

  20. fact writer

    oops on the repeat. Oh well.

    Now Sidney, GET READING.

  21. She looks great – she has always had a perfect figure and that hasn’t changed. Her face looks younger than usual and I agree with the posters who say something’s going on around the cheekbones. Can you get implants there?

    Whatever, she looks adorable.

  22. I’d face fuck that.

  23. JA

    Uh…. Those are NOT “short shorts”. Don’t you even know what short shorts are?


  24. Anonymous

    She is so much better looking than Jolie, and seems like a much nicer person. Brat Pitt really fucked up.

  25. croatiansensation

    DEF got her lips plumped and sculptra in her ‘smile lines’

  26. Solaera

    Wow. She looks so different. If someone had pointed her out on the street to me and said “Look Jennifer Aniston!” I wouldn’t have believed them. Weird, I can’t put my finger on what exactly she’s had done, but she’s starting to look like Heather Locklear. Something around the bridge of the nose and cheeks.

  27. Taylor

    She had both cheek and chin inplants done, to get rid of her pointy chin. Next person that should DEFINITELY do this: Reese Witherspoon.

  28. tatianalensky

    its Doris Day! And just about as sexy as her too.

  29. bigcups

    #60……I don’t think anyone’s “jumping on the bandwagon” at all. I saw one of these pics somewhere else and didn’t know who it was. I had a huge lol when #68 said it was the “humidity”….I’m still chuckling to myself. I live in Florida and I have NEVER seen someone become swollen, let alone unrecognizable because of the humidity. Maybe you are on her PR team?/?

  30. DR.

    #79. If you are so mentally devoid that you don’t realize that flesh swells in the heat and shrinks in the cold you should probably go find a helmet IMMEDIATELY.

    Also look up EDEMA (fluid retention) and swelling of the face. Without examining her I can’t be sure but, she looks to be suffering from mild edema, her abdomen seems a little swollen too.

    A number of things can cause edema such as; too much salt, laxatives, menses, humidity and heat and some VERY serious medical complications etc… This does not look like the work of plastic surgery. This is the classic image of facial edema; it happens regularly to all people and is not serious.

  31. Emily

    What happened to her face?

  32. random


  33. Kost2Kost

    Theres no way she got and surgery she looks exactly the same. Are you guys kidding me. She was hot 10 years ago and shes hot now. Get off jenns back

  34. mina

    yep.. She definetely had some work done.. I couldn’t recognize her either at first.

  35. blahblah

    I’m going with the majority on this one. Definitely surgically enhanced.

  36. Dee

    Yeahhhh boiiiii fire up CHIPS!! I’m a Central girl, fo sho =) I think it’s sweet that Central finally gets some recognition. Haha, sorry MSU and Eastern!

  37. Wheresmymoney


  38. plastic

    If you can’t see she has had some major work done then you are blind as a bat.

    Cheeks much much bigger. Not possible unless she added 5 stone to her body too!
    upper lip IS fuller, two three.
    lines no longer obvious from mouth to nose yet they were always a feature before.
    Chin is less square cut looking.
    Its all there to see. Precilla prestley looked good to start with too.

  39. jean

    She is such a beautiful women. And she is also very sweet. I wish her the best

  40. Wishingtheywouldstop

    I really wish these starlettes would jus stop with the cheek injections/implants and trout pout. Like Vivica Fox didnt even look bad before sh did it and now she looks all jacked up. Now Courtney Cox was starting to look old but its jus my opinion, im sure she woulda looked better with out the cheek lip combo. And Jennifer, she WAS so pretty…so sad…she didnt even look bad before.

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