Jennifer Aniston gets some Gerard Butler

April 20th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Jennifer Aniston is apparently letting 300 star Gerard Butler epically battle her vagina. The Sun reports:

The pair first got friendly at last year’s Toronto film festival, “drinking champagne and talking”, but because Jen was dating JOHN MAYER, nothing came of it.
But now she’s single, Jen’s reportedly keen on romancing the RocknRolla heartthrob and star alongside him in two upcoming movies.
The pair have reportedly been meeting up at the former Friends star’s New York apartment.

How awesome must it be to go from John Mayer to Gerard Butler? Finally, a real man who will pour whiskey into her until she stops calling him Brad. Unlike John Mayer who just sobbed quietly, put the blonde wig on and dreamed of Twittering by candlelight. *sigh*

Photos: Splash News

  1. I’d tap that too, Gerard Butler is freakin’ hot. Yum.

  2. Richard McBeef

    He’ll get tired of the boring sex and kick her down a hole.

  3. surgerylass

    Finally ! Someone who matches Jen and she matches him. I can see her sticking with this guy ~ I would like to see her stick with this one. John Mayer never looked right with Jen. Gerard Butler looks like he was made for her.

  4. Rick

    I hope for his sake his cock is armored, because her teeth are sharp (upstairs and down).

  5. Sam

    Dunno, sometimes soldiers who do really well in humid jungle conditions find it difficult to succeed in a dry, dusty desert environment.

  6. EuroNeckPain

    What’s with the Joker smile ?
    She can smile from one ear to the next while keeping her eyes wide open and eyebrows not moving, this is SCARY

  7. RP

    Definite step UP.

  8. Mr. Jones

    He would be better off with those Athenian boy-lovers.

  9. Time is running out for poor Jenn I think she’s destined to be on her own.

  10. STINK

    You think he’s shouted THIS IS MADNESS! in her vagoo?

  11. SuperMe

    She likes ugly guys doesn’t she?

  12. sushi

    It would be nice to see her getting fucked by a real man. He’s way hotter than her previous douchebags.

    I bet Angie would love to sink her teeth in that hot piece of ass.

  13. Dr. ho

    Jen’s vagina is officially 7eleven.

  14. Tale of an old Woman

    Anniston is an old hag now why would anyone want her? Seriously, her best days (starring as Rachel in all her boring idiotic movies) are far far behind her. I am not sure what the attraction is now.

  15. Vince Lombardi

    Surely, somewhere in ancient Greece, King Leonidas’ bones are spinning in their…um…. dust…. over that very very gay hat.

  16. jzhz

    Well done, Aniston. Talk about a step up…and it’s nice to see a guy in his 30′s who hasn’t let his body go to shit.

  17. MC

    Gerard Butler…now that’s a frickin’ man! Geez, it’s about time that woman came to her senses. Shit. I’m so jealous. That accent, body. That body! What was Aniston ever doing with John Mayer? I cringe when I hear his whiny voice on the radio. Oooh, and those faces he makes. Yuck.

  18. COX


  19. JEN




  21. sokka

    heres hoping in the throws of passion he yells “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA”

    …before collapsing and falling asleep on her unsatified overused body

  22. A

    What do people (mainly women) see in Gerard Butler, that guy is fug to the bone. Look at his face, he looks like one of those typical douches that still live in their parents garage.

  23. mikeock

    She’s just trying to spawn before her eggs dry up. If I were Gerard Butler, I’d sleep with one eye open, because this bitch will sense impregnation and devour the pour guy whole, like that alien chick in Species.

  24. liz4sale

    good for jen, i’d wana get some too. gerard is extrememly hot. its about time she stopped dating the man-boys.

  25. mikeock

    Nice hat, Butler. They sells men’s clothes where you bought it?

  26. Joe

    She’s so fake bet that relationship with Mayer was fake as this one is. She has had him on standby for along time. Jen is laughing her ass off knowing she got most of the media fooled.

  27. lola

    They are both mature attractive people. This seems a fitting match, if it is actually true. Jen is looking great here! The guy is not too shabby either ;)

  28. e-rock

    NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Gerard!!!!!!!! You were supposed to wait for me to be single!!!!!!!!!! NOT HIM!!!!!! I liked Jen A. till now, but that biatch better leave my man ALONE!!!!!! HE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going to go cry alone now. waaahhh. Gerard, if her face bothers you too much, you come and let me know. I will take care of you. I have a prettier face, and the bod isn’t too different from Jen’s. ;o( But there’s only one me, and you want a down to earth hippie rocker chic, right? Gerard? weeping silently.

  29. e-rock

    By the way Gerard, I live near Philly, and I know your in town filming, you look me up if you need a hot date!!!! ;o)

  30. Annie

    Lucky her. I think he is beautiful and a good catch. I don’t want to put her down, but she needs to freshen up her looks. In “He’s not that Into You” , Jen and Ben Affleck look too unbearably familiar. Martians can look down and say, “It’s those earthlings who have been on the tabloids for more than a decade.” Her long, flat hair, past-golden tan, and curveless body could use a makeover or two. And Gerry, I love you but you have to stop the sluttiness.

  31. mikeock

    #30 – admit it – you clock in at over 200 pounds, don’t you?

  32. cookiepuss


  33. Nero

    Wtf,is she dating already another one?

  34. SoTe

    Uhhh am a kill’er!!! Don’t touch him u fucked up bitch!!! Geez.. why doesn’t she go and ruin somebody else’s life, not King Leonidas… not him, plz!!

  35. Sassy

    Way to go Jen. Love you!

  36. Matt

    A screwed in the head w-hore. She need a man to make her career or else she will be ignore. Way to buy men.

  37. Aniston + Butler = Antler.

    (You’re welcome, America.)

  38. takethecake

    I don’t know why the hell I care, but I do hope this is true and it works out. If only becuz I’m so tired of hearing that Aniston hung up on Brad Pitt thing in the tabloid. Maybe now she’ll disappear into quiet retirement and happiness or some junk like that.

    Anyho, I agree that they’re def a match.

  39. Chad Vander Griff

    The bitch is fucking hot. What red blooded American would say no to pounding that woman? Personally, I can’t see why Brad left such a niece of snapper for fucking ugly man hands Jolie! Guy must be fucking crazy!

  40. Chad Vander Griff

    … AND I bet you she’s an awesome fuck in bed. It’s always the “good girls” who are the true wildcats in the sack, not ugly bitches who build a fake “look at me I’m sooo kick-ass and sexual!!” persona (ie- Ugly-Overrated-Man Hands-Jolie) who truly looks like she is a bore in the sack… Probably just lays there. Sorry, I’ll take Aniston over Jolie any day.

  41. Anniston likes ugly guys because by comparison she looks pretty. Lets face it, i have nothing against this woman, but why Pitt took up with her is beyond me, all i can say is she’s either a great lay or a great gal or both, but a beauty she aint.

  42. RaraAvis

    Now this is a match that might perk things up a bit around here. They have matching slutiness. Go for it, you two!

    #37: Antler!!!! Hilarious!!!

  43. cavy

    #37 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a good one! This relationship is probably doomed because Gerry is s whore (love him, but he is totally a whore) and Jennifer is way too needy, but I hope they last long enough to use this title “Antler”! I’m still laughing…..too funny! :0)

  44. he has a patent on the “ASSHOLE-LOOK”, folks?

  45. curious

    who makes the leather jacket he’s got on?

    (maybe one or two of you girls can stop sniping a/b jen for a second and make yourselves useful and help me out?)

  46. sin

    Damn.. She looks nice in these pictures.

  47. Camille

    too bad you don’t have any idea of Gerry’s background or you’d know he dosen’t drink !
    As for Jen, it’s about time she woke up next to a real man!

  48. Pilatunes

    Camille@47. A real man…did you see that fuckin’ hat? Give me a break, what kind of a guy mugs Strawberry Shortcake.

  49. SrfStrng

    She is such a Whore!!!

  50. Butifer

    If that’s true, then Gerard Butler has finally matured and is getting it on with a real woman for a change.

    All his other presumed hookups with 20-something club girls and models made him look like some creepy old guy going after girls that could be his daughters.

    Jen is a real woman, close to his age, beautiful, intelligent and just because she was stupid enough to hook up with John Mayer that doesn’t make her a whore or an idiot.

    She and Gerard Butler, I definitely see that and that would be a great hookup if it were true…..but then it seems more like some paps jumping the gun because they were spotted having a good time talking about their planned movie project, a romantic comedy.

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