Jennifer Aniston to John Mayer: ‘No talking’

October 23rd, 2008 // 41 Comments

And the list of Jennifer Aniston’s demands keeps on growing. As if a marriage proposal and agreeing to have a baby weren’t enough hoops for John Mayer to jump through, Jennifer Aniston wants him to shut his piehole as well. OK! Magazine reports:

“Jen is fanatical about keeping her relationships private,” an insider tells OK!, adding that the former Friends star was “horrified” when John spoke publicly to OK! on a New York City street about their August breakup.
John’s kiss-and-tell antics had Jen-watchers believing the singer was arrogant — and had exploited her for publicity. Months later, John would come back and beg Jen for a second chance.
“She told him she wanted to get back together, too, but no more street-corner press conferences and blogging about her,” a Jen insider says. Desperate, John agreed.

Okay, I understand it’s John Mayer we’re talking about here, but seriously, when did Jennifer Aniston’s vagina start playing Xbox games? And, also, how many beers does it have on tap? If it’s less than four, no dice.


  1. Bickus Dickus

    Is this really news?

  2. ashers

    is anything on this site really news?

  3. ashers

    is anything on this site really news?

  4. bb

    your face is news.

  5. These old broads with money and their demands…put your foot down pussy boy…

  6. Superevil

    I’m so fucking sick of hearing about this over-rated bitch

  7. Dirk the Magnanomous

    This is crap. Not one nipple slip or decent upskirt in several days.

    Just more Hollyweird media whores playing us for chumps. I don’t give a flying fig about John and Jen, unless you want to show some naked Jen, then we’re good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bickus Dickus

    Why is John Mayer famous again?? His music sucks, so he must be famous for banging chicks that are clinging to the tail end of their hotness….

  9. Jamie's Uterus

    I agree #6. This over rated bitch just plays the same character (herself) over and over in movies. She is ‘Rachael’ from Friends in everything. Her acting ability is so limited. She was recently labeled ‘box office poison’ and has been re-tooling her career. This is how she does it.

    I was so sick and tired of her whining about getting dumped by Brad Pitt. This bitch went to Oprah to complain about if for an hour. Poor Jen! I don’t think he was the bad guy, she’s just a pain in the fucking ass.

  10. Bickus Dickus

    wait a second, is that John Mayer or AJ from the Sopranos?

  11. @5 You tellem RD. We all know what a man you are?

  12. Nice fucking douche-cut..

  13. Why doesn’t he just go all the way and shave it bald, like Smashing Pumpkins dude, ot Gerard Way, or …uncle Fester??

    God I hope it grows back

  14. Hey Jimbo, too good to check your email anymore??

  15. your best friends girlfriend

    Seriously, it’s me.. Looks like Kim Kardashian cut it with her leg hair..

  16. mamadough

    that’s how every man should be. come home from work after making me some money, shut your fucking mouth, and get on that bed. i don’t pay you to talk. now stop crying!

  17. Dont be jealous of a commentator on a blog jimbo,,,life is stressful enough!!! now go back to basking in your own stench in your cubicle…

  18. No, Frist, they put some type of email STD filter on and for some reason yours didn’t get threw.

  19. your best friends girlfriend

    @18- threw? really? threw? God, you are a serious fucking moron..

  20. #15 ewwwwww….!!!!

    Jimbo, my emails barely even have any herpes!! Tellem to chill out over there!

  21. MightyD

    Poor guy…seriously! Mantrap…I had to chew off one of my balls once to get out of such a trap…Luckily, it grew back. Take that Lance!

  22. Actually his head LOOKS like one of Kim’s legs..

  23. I always knew frist was a sneak,,,what the hell is she doing with that moniker?

  24. your best friends girlfriend

    haha its me!! Get Kims lower back and Johns head together and it’d be a mon chi chi reunion..

  25. oh so soft and cudd-ily!!

  26. OC Dee

    Although John’s pop music is great; I am into rock, blues, and jazz. I love John’s latest music the best and the John Mayer Trio too because they play blues rock music. John did on an incredible concert last summer in Irvine, CA. I also love the way John does cover tunes too like Bold as Love by Hendrix. John totally rocks on the guitar. I love tall, successful, attractive, talented, smart, interesting, and good humor men like John. I can only imagine that Jen is having incredible sex, a lot of laughs, and interesting conversations with John. If anyone knows of any other recent artist that like to play blues rock like John, please let me know because I am always looking for new talent to enjoy. And I hope to see John in some tight or fitted jeans/pants soon because I am tired of the loose clothes a lot of men wear these days.

  27. John is a punk

    Jen is an old pathetic hag. John is a pathetic punk to let a dried up old hag tell him what to do. Whore can’t even get another man if she wanted to. The two of them are publicity whores. They got back together for more attention from the paps. All Jen do is bed hop from hotel to hotel-house to house. Douchifer is the perfect name for these two losers.

  28. mmm


  29. effyeray

    Aniston will continue to get screwed over until she dates someone who is not artistically superior to her. Her ability to play characters that are over emotional airheads with an inflated sense of self worth cannot compete with even a dweeb like Mayer’s musical talent let alone an actor on Brad Pitt’s level. Not to mention she’s fug & all kinds o’ hot chicks would die to bang these dudes. She should date someone on her talent level, say Carlos Mencia or that one kid who played Corky…..

  30. Chelle

    He appears to be channeling Johnny Cash in this photograph. Maybe he’ll burst into a moody version of “Ring of Fire” in just a moment.

  31. Brenda


    John would actually do a killer Ring of Fire or I Walk the Line cover!

  32. Daz Wiley

    Jennifer is a much used old hag. She’s unattractive and she makes lousy movies. Just go away, Jen…….we won’t miss you.

  33. Daz Wiley

    Jennifer is a much used old hag. She’s unattractive and she makes lousy movies. Just go away, Jen…….we won’t miss you.

  34. Daz Wiley

    Jennifer is a much used old hag. She’s unattractive and she makes lousy movies. Just go away, Jen…….we won’t miss you.

  35. Daz Wiley

    Jennifer is a much used old hag. She’s unattractive and she makes lousy movies. Just go away, Jen…….we won’t miss you.

  36. sandy

    You have to be desperate to sleep with this goofy dog faced weakling. Or be a gold-digging hooker/stripper. What woman in her right mind would touch that shit without rubber gloves? I wouldn’t touch that hatchling with a 10 foot pole!

  37. Suzi

    I agree with you Daz Wiley. Jen is a used up hag. She is a desperate pathetic fool. The only reason John is with her is to get media attention.
    I don’t know why this ho and her PR people think we are dumb enough to go to her sorry movies just because she is faking a showmance with John. No way will I buy any thing John Mayer puts out just because he is with this old ho.
    Sound like the old hag is telling us what she put down on a contract and punk here has to follow it.

  38. charlie

    His photos were seen at the fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^ last week. It is said he is already in relationship with a young pretty …

  39. We’re talking here about a true manly ASS-FUCKER, folks!!

  40. friendlyfires

    Walk away, John, walk away now, or kiss your career and all the goodies that comes with it, goodbye. Oh, oh, oh, too late, there they go, they’re going John, getting smaller in the distance, going, going, getting smaller, there, ah, there it is, gone.
    You bastard.

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