Jennifer Aniston to John Mayer: ‘No talking’

And the list of Jennifer Aniston’s demands keeps on growing. As if a marriage proposal and agreeing to have a baby weren’t enough hoops for John Mayer to jump through, Jennifer Aniston wants him to shut his piehole as well. OK! Magazine reports:

“Jen is fanatical about keeping her relationships private,” an insider tells OK!, adding that the former Friends star was “horrified” when John spoke publicly to OK! on a New York City street about their August breakup.
John’s kiss-and-tell antics had Jen-watchers believing the singer was arrogant — and had exploited her for publicity. Months later, John would come back and beg Jen for a second chance.
“She told him she wanted to get back together, too, but no more street-corner press conferences and blogging about her,” a Jen insider says. Desperate, John agreed.

Okay, I understand it’s John Mayer we’re talking about here, but seriously, when did Jennifer Aniston’s vagina start playing Xbox games? And, also, how many beers does it have on tap? If it’s less than four, no dice.