Jennifer Aniston talks about her new nose


Jennifer Aniston has an interview with People magazine and talks about her “lesbian” kiss with Courteney Cox on Dirt as well as the recent plastic surgery she got on her nose.

So what about that kiss between you and Courteney? It was touted as a passionate lip-lock.
It’s a good-bye kiss. I don’t honestly think people want to see Rachel and Monica have at it.

Did you two laugh when it became such a big deal?
Of course! I think I won a bet. I told Courteney, “How many days will it take to come out? ‘Lesbian kiss! Lip-lock!’ ” It was a record: about a week.

Currently the tabs are having a field day over rumors about plastic surgery – your nose, your boobs. What’s going on?
(Laughs) It’s funny. I had [a deviated septum] fixed – best thing I ever did. I slept like a baby for the first time in years. As far as all the other [rumors], as boring as it sounds, it’s still mine. All of it. Still mine.

They’re still gonna run before and after pictures …
Short of letting everybody have a feel, I don’t know what else to do. I really am pretty happy with what God gave me.

Saying you’re happy with what God gave you only counts when you haven’t had plastic surgery. You can’t get three nose jobs and be all: “Yeah, God really blessed me.” It’d be like RoboCop saying how lucky he is God gave him a naturally bulletproof body and a sweet robotic head.