Jennifer Aniston stepping out on John Mayer

January 16th, 2009 // 45 Comments

While John Mayer is earnestly doodling an engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston on his Trapper Keeper, she’s been spotted out with another man. Sources for E!’s Ted Casablanca caught Jen leaving Chateau Marmont Wednesday night with a dude who supposedly makes Brad Pitt look like, well, John Mayer:

J.A. was “absolutely radiant and ravishing” as she held tight to her man-date, exiting the posh bad-girl’s hang for babes like Sienna and Lindsay. And he wasn’t one of her gay pals or John Mayer, thong-wearer and dubious starlet escort. Nope, the guy in questions was a taller, darker and handsomer babe who held his honey tight, protected and away from peeping eyeballs like yours and mine.
In fact, we’re assured the mystery man is mucho miles ahead of Mayer in the looks department, so maybe there’s hope for Ms. A. one-upping that bitch Angie, after all, let’s pray, OK?

Oh, I see how it is. Jennifer Aniston stars in the No. 1 holiday movie in America and suddenly John Mayer’s chopped liver. – - Actually, that makes all kinds of sense. Good call.

Photos: Splash News

  1. jennyjenjen

    Hi everybody, I’m a cheap whore! I need to fuck and suck. Got any cash?


  2. whocares

    Why do people care who jennifer do if it is not you. Useless

  3. Ned

    He doesn’t have to be better looking, he just has to be straight.

  4. secret lover

    It was me! Damn it, why do you silly reporters follow us everywhere? This chick is going to need a shamWow! to clean her face off after I’m done with her. What! Cheating? Jenny, no!

  5. ItCouldBeAnyone

    Remember all those who dogged Angelina Jolie because she ‘stole’ Brad Pitt from Jen? Oh the irony of this is incredible.

  6. Fati

    come on. this guy is a body guard. and a classy lookinng one at that.

  7. They are so happy, and I heard that they met each other on meetwealthy. com, now, I also met my Mr Right here. so, I feel so lucky. Good for you.

  8. jane

    The guy in front of her? Hes supposed to be better looking than Brad Pitt or John Mayer? Do you people need glasses? Bald guys suck.

  9. havoc

    Is this Casablanca dude a fag? Because he writes like one….


  10. KG


    I just went to the meetwealthy site, but I don’t see where I can meet Jennifer Aniston on there. Is there some way you could send her my email?

  11. lex

    ummmm… i think that guy in the picture IS the bodyguard. no actual photos were taken of the “mystery man” or there would be a crazy scramble to try to ID the guy.

  12. TJ

    NINTH, bitchez.

  13. Phil

    I guess she hasn’t learned that looks aren’t everything yet. Shell learn it in a few. What is she 40?

  14. Italian Stallion

    Will John Mayer please just pull a Ledger and rid the world of his shitty music? I really hope he doesn’t say what he needs to say about all this in a song because i might just have to kill him myself and I don’t want to go to jail. Ass rape scares me something fierce, unless it’s me ass raping Megan Fox………

  15. She can do better. Most women on the planet can do better. Mayer is the ultimate chode-sandwich.

    If you want to see a hilarious video about the GUY WHO GOT TRAMPLED AT WAL-MART, and the emotional fallout of Christmas Day, check this out:

  16. Jackie

    Now John does not have to feel guilty when he bangs one of his groupies. I hope they can make this arrangement work and continue to enjoy fun times and hot passionate sex. I doubt John is making an engagement ring.

  17. p0nk

    “…And he wasn’t one of her gay pals or John Mayer, thong-wearer…”

    since when is that mutually exclusive?

  18. Jrz

    Hey Stallion!

  19. Italian Stallion

    @18 Yo…..

  20. Amy

    This guy is a bodyguard. People are so stupid and will believe anything.

  21. Amy

    This guy is a bodyguard. People are so stupid and will believe anything.

  22. Yea that’s clearly a bodyguard, #21 is right.

  23. IK

    She is desperate for a husband and a baby is that women.

  24. Dennis

    You didn`t mention the fact that it was George Clooney opening the door for them,,,,,,,,

  25. Julie Ann

    Okie dokie…I’ve gotta say it. Why can’t people, after however many years, just let the Angelina Jolie thing go. Brad Pitt is the one that cheated! He just happened to cheat with someone way more attractive and talented that “JA”.

    Just…GOD…get over it already!!!!!!!!!!! If JA still can’t get her shit together than it’s due to her being a moron, not what happened with “Angie”.

  26. Jrz

    yes, clearly.
    Shut up.

  27. Jrz

    #25–when you say someone was more atrractive and talented that (sic) JA, do you mean Julie Ann? Imma juss wonderin zall

    By the way, Angelina knew he was married… knucklehead. but the good news is that if he did it with you then he’ll do it to you, so Angelina will get hers one day. Not that she’ll really care because I don’t think she cares about anyone but herself.

  28. jealous

    I like that scarf…gimme that damn scarf bitch!

  29. marme

    If it is true GOOD Mayer is a DOUCHE I mean is kinda funny but their just not right for each other once a couple breaks up it means they are BROKEN.

  30. Fati

    No 8 – i beg to differ. this guy is not BALD, she’s got a shaved head. totally different. it suits him rather well. he’s a hotty

  31. Insatiable Peter


    Your body is a waste land. Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow. Now fuck off.


  32. home

    She’s still getting older and more pathetic

  33. leroy

    She must be so lonely. Even her mother would rather spend the holidays with Brad Pitt than Jen.

  34. britney's weave

    i had a trapper keeper in fifth grade.

  35. younies

    She is really very hot on the ***seekingsugarmomma. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  36. The “WISDOM” has landed, houston!!

  37. Ditto

    Is this Casablanca dude a fag? Because he writes like one….

    John Mayer writes like one to.

  38. West

    I herd Jen pay posters to get online and Trash Brad/Angie and make her look good. Honestly nothing can make Jen look good she should save her money.
    Jen is a pathetic cretin.

  39. Molly

    Two publicity buttwipes that will do anything to get attention. I hate them both now. I’m getting sick of their pr games.

  40. jennyjenjen

    @1 I am so curious what I’ve done or said to offend you to this level of venomous hatred. You may wish to seek therapy. You’re lashing out on someone you don’t even know, and who’s comments you have allowed to bring rage to your soul. BTW, when you start a comment with “Hi I’m Jennyjenjen”, it’s pretty obvious you are not said poster.. get a grip.

  41. AMY

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  42. zaffe

    i love jen and i wait when the book the bodyguard have write about aj and Brad

  43. ione

    I never knew what’s so great about Jennifer Aniston. A castrated monkey could play each and every of her roles even better than her. Her nose is way big, her chin is the size of Russia and she doesn’t seem to be cool, smart or talented. She’s stupid, pathetic, ugly and making all the wrong choices.

    Even if I’m not a huge Jolie fan, I prefer Angelina any day over this overrated idiot.

  44. Scruffy


  45. If it is true PLEASE Mayer has a shower thinking kinda funny, but not correct each other once a couple breaks, that means they are broken.

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