Jennifer Aniston settles her topless pictures

September 5th, 2006 // 19 Comments

Jennifer Aniston has settled a lawsuit against a photographer who took photos of her topless at her Hollywood Hills home. Aniston claimed the photographer used “invasive, intrusive and unlawful measures” to capture the topless shots with a telephoto lens, even though the photographer was standing on a public street about 300 yards away and didn’t do anything illegal to get the pictures.

In her legal documents, Aniston claimed to have suffered “shame, mortification, hurt feelings, emotional distress, anger, embarrassment, humiliation, feeling of being violated and injury to her privacy and peace of mind,” as a result of the photos. “What I was trying to sell was the pictures of Vince and her…Sending the topless pictures along with [the other photos] was maybe my mistake,” Brandt told ABC News Radio in December. “But I wasn’t intending to sell those.”

If my years at Yale law have taught me anything it’s that taking pictures of Jennifer Aniston topless is never against the law. Telephoto lens? X-Ray machine? Whatever. You can hide in her closet and set up a movie production studio if you want, because I’ll be damned if Jennifer Aniston’s shame gets in the way of your rights as a human being.


  1. dupababy

    with all the wonderful free fabulous boobage out there in the world and on the net, why in the fuck would anniston care if we all see her little buddies? jesus.. they are kind of round, have little buds on the end.. some are pretty some are saggy the real ones are kind of lopsided and the fake ones stand up like soldiers at 5am in your pjs even if you’re my 50 year old sister..

  2. While I think she has a right to say that those pics should not be published, she was showing off her chest in the movie Rock Star and her bare bottom. To say that she suffered “shame, mortification, hurt feelings, emotional distress, anger, embarrassment, humiliation, etc.” is a bit much.

  3. Is this a fake story? Jennifer Aniston has no breasts…

  4. I’m sure she’ll be topless in one of her movies to “further” her career.

  5. She should have LET them publish them. AT this point it would only have helped her career.

    Unless she’s got wonky nipples.

  6. While she looks like ass in this pic, I can respect for anyone who walks around topless in their own home.

  7. Rogue

    Jennifer Aniston: gross.

    Jennifer Aniston topless? [insert puking sound here]

  8. You sud she got no breast? How could you say so cause she is really flat!! LOL!

  9. AmberDextrose

    That’s her brother in the pic, right? Unless she didn’t have time to shave that morning.

    She should think herself lucky to have her baps papped in the privacy of her own home. I tried running naked down the street and an old lady threw a blanket over me.

  10. RichPort

    Fuck that, she’d get it. Hard. I’d hit that like Tyson on a speed bag. She doesn’t have be topless though… I would just turn up the AC, get out the dry ice, and wait to see when the turkey’s done.

  11. jrzmommy

    Don’t think women are gonna be clamoring to their hairdressers for this “Rachel”-do!! Damn girl, get some Frizz-Eze or something.

  12. Stazz

    Jennifer is just being normal. would you like to be photographed topless and then find those on the internet..She is very cute,has a great body, And if she wants to show it off in a film, thats her choice, Hope to see her Soon….

  13. bakismaki

    I’ve seen the pics, she has nothing to be ashamed about. They are not huge or anything, but they are really really perky. Definitely well above average rack.

    No wonder her nips use to always show on Friends.

  14. Peaches2133

    Gawd, I can’t stand this whiney, fugly, uesless twat. She’s ugly, has no talent, and is always crying and complaining about something. Get over yourself already! Your husband left you for a much better looking woman and your career is going down the drain. You’re stuck with a hairy and smelly giant and you have no breasts. Go kill yourself so we don’t have to hear about you anymore!

  15. Oh Dear Gosh! Somebody put her some make up on that nasty face!
    No way way…

  16. her tits weren’t even that great

  17. sanz

    she better than what any of u losers have–bitches!

  18. sanz

    she better than what any of u losers have–bitches!

  19. she is looking hottie in those kinda pictures.

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