Jennifer Aniston saved Mexico, everybody

February 9th, 2010 // 66 Comments

Jennifer Aniston explains how she’s just like Jesus by choosing to spend her 41st birthday in Mexico. Via People:

Why did she choose Mexico where she has gone many times before? “These people survive on us coming down and spending money,” Aniston explains. Considering the country’s troubles with swine flu and drug trafficking, “It sort of made sense to sort of say, ‘Hey, let’s help out Mexico.’ “

PEPE: ¡Gracias a dios! The Hollywood women are finally here to drink their margaritas at a private resort.
PEPITO: Papa, are we saved now?
PEPE: Yes, mi hijo. Oh, look at them shoo away my cousin Miguel for daring to make eye contact. ¡Gracias a Hollywood! ¡Gracias!

More Bikini Pics of Jennifer Aniston in Mexico

Photos: Flynet

  1. John Mayer

    Wow, she’s even more retarded than I thought.

  2. .

    this just lowered my respect for her. i guess there’s no such thing as smart & beautiful in hollywood.

    funny post though.

  3. Yo

    But in Jennifer’s case, she’s neither smart nor beautiful …

  4. Wacker

    wacked her yesterday. Got nothing better to do than repeat pics 2 days in a row?? Got me some SI babes today.

  5. Ben

    What the fuck are you talking about? Mexico is not an industrial epicenter. They don’t specialize in IT. Them make money off tourism. Visiting Mexico is not only good for you but also helps feed Mexicans.

  6. Bradders Pittstain

    Jen, I miss your HAWT body. The scarcrow with all the childrens is scaring me!

  7. Al

    Pinche fish.

  8. Renee

    The swine flu and kidnapping cases has hurt tourism in Mexico. Since Jennifer is high profile, she might help people remember to go to the beaches in Mexico in the winter. It makes more sense than Angie Jo going over to get her PR in Haiti.

  9. Rod

    Wreck that tuna!

  10. Michael has dropped to level

  11. i hate her dustin hoffman face

    Old, ugly, will never be a mother or have a good man – but she is rich and having fun getting more wrinkles and some skin cancer – good for her!

  12. Taz

    I’d pump the crap out of her

  13. Anna

    One of my friends work as a waiter at the hotel she´s staying. He says that she is really nice person. He also has worked for johnny knoxville, britney spears and others. The only celebrity he has complained is Eddie Murphy, my friend says he is really mean and disrespectful with all the employees.

    Maybe she thinks she is helping Mexico staying here but not really. Just a few of the guest that stays at those luxurious hotels have the need to leave since they are all inclusive, the hotel owners are mostly americans or europeans and pay almost nothing to the employees. Since hotels are employment sources they pay close to nothing in taxes, soo all the money is actually going to USA or Europe and we keep being a fkn third world country.

  14. KIKI

    @ 13. I am sorry to hear that Anna. So tourism is ok then?

  15. no

    I think this is one of the most retarded statements ever made by a celebrity.

  16. Chang

    I could come here for the celebporn … but really, the writing keeps drawing me back.

  17. Ego

    mmm .. a dumb hot pothead .. that’s almost the perfect woman.
    she makes me happy in my pants.

  18. norteco664

    Obviously every penny from tourism helps the every Country, but the way she said it, it’s like she really thinks she’s making a difference. The Hollywood women should donate one of her millions of dollars to a charity to really help out Mexico not just give a 10 dollar tip

  19. Larry is inapproriate

    @ 15

    “I am so in love with my brother right now”

    -Angelina Jolie

    THAT is the dumbest and grosses comment by far.

  20. havoc

    Her straddling my face would help Mexico too.

    Just putting that out there Jen. You know. If you’re reading this.

    Call me.

    (It doesn’t have to be from Mexico)

  21. vivausa

    mexicans are gross

  22. vivamexico

    Ignorant Americans are gross

  23. God

    Around here on my birthday the angels bring me a big glass of Spam jelly, which works well as a cucumber lubricant.

  24. Hennifer Lopez

    Hey remember that one time that Brad Pitt dumped her ugly ass for Angelina?

    yeah, thats the only thing keeping this woman relevant.

  25. stanlymorris

    she is still smokin HoT these days.

  26. Scout

    Rednecks are unpleasant

  27. Hey, vivausa, I’d love to see a picture of you! usually the ugliest people make these anonymous idiotic comments.

  28. Kangaroo

    Still smokin hot. Want to touch the hiney.

  29. Yeah! Jennifer has been saving México for years, since Friends and now.

    Thank you Rachel! Now we can eat!

    (pun intended)


  30. Come on Rachel … really?

    with yer shitty movies and tv programmes you can save the world!


    a Patriot

  31. julio

    it was a funny post… but i’m mexican

  32. Juan

    Yankees Go Home! Fucking gringos de mierda!

  33. ugh

    Jen you will die alone. Nobody likes you. Like Cameron Diaz you are an old ugly piece of shit. Your pussy is all dried up and you can’t keep a man because they are only using you. They date you for the fame. No one will date you because they are attracted to you because NO ONE is attracted to your freak square chin.

    I hope you stay in shit-hole Mexico and develop diarrhea.

  34. sandra

    Ignorant ass people , im speaking to the ones being disrespectful to mexico and jen aniston , your all a piece of shit .

  35. sarah

    Is she serious?

  36. she looks great as usual, very stunning, love her

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  38. dancy

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  39. Pedro

    Daaaamn she shouldn’t have said that. Salvador Cabañas was shot in the head coming out of a VIP Club in the beach for much less than that.

    Then again, maybe she going to private beaches, spending in Salvatore Ferragamo in Cancún and staying at the Hilton will totally help tourism. It’s not like mexico has this beautiful ancient ruins or colonial cities that she’s not at all visiting.

  40. JMC

    Seriously, she actually said that?

    Good grief some people are truly stupid.

    This is why no man will ever be more than your friend Jennifer.

  41. Alex

    I can’t stand this fucking gringo-ho. Can this bitch stick her money up her dried up frigid snatch and never come back to Mexico PLEASE!

  42. Bev

    Lovebirds leaving together
    The pretend kind.
    After a few days in Mexico celebrating her birthday, Fabulous at 41! was photographed leaving via private plane with Spit.tle and friends yesterday. This of course just days after Spittle made out with some random on the street in Venice Beach, much to the embarrassment of Jennifer and her publicist Stephen Huvane. Spitt.le was likely lightly admonished. And then summoned for the holiday conveniently in time for the tabloid cut off.
    What tabloid cut-off?
    Well, tabloids hit newsstands on Wednesdays. This means they go to print on Tuesday. Which means all photos have to be laid out by Monday. The photos of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler spending the weekend together in Cabo were widely disseminated on Sunday. Coincidence or conspiracy?
    I know of at least one magazine that will feature these shots on the cover tomorrow. At least two more were considering it. Great free press for a movie.

    LOL Jennifer Aniston is so stupid.

  43. JA is about as ordinary and plain a cute-girl-next-door as you can get. I never understood what the big fuss over her was about. Probably way too few hot women in this country, that’s why our aesthetic standards seem to be so low.

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  46. she is still hot!

  47. Doc Schweinstrudel

    What the fuck #37 was about! Is that some coded message that would turn us into zombies to go and kill Miley

  48. mandy

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  49. lolusa

    mexicans are dumb and short

  50. vivausa

    To all the so-called mexicans on here, i have a lawn that needs mowing

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