Jennifer Aniston not ‘trying to make any statement’ with GQ cover

At the premiere of her new movie Marley & Me last night, Jennifer Aniston was hounded by questions about her naked pose for the cover of GQ. Surprisingly, it appears people still confuse making a statement with shameless publicity grab. Us Magazine reports:

“I wasn’t trying to make any statement,” said the 39-year-old actress, who wears only a tie on the cover.
When a reporter tried to get him to hold a copy, Mayer joked, “No, don’t make me hold it – you’re pimping me out! Because when I touch it, angels die.”
Mayer continued, “If I have a problem with that cover, I should just pack up the Toyota and head out of town. I’m just gonna get ready to put my knuckles in the air for it.”

“Because when I touch it, angels die.” Wow. Either John Mayer just came flying out of the closet, or he’s on acid. Let’s assume both.

Photos: Splash News, WENN