Jennifer Aniston not ‘trying to make any statement’ with GQ cover

December 12th, 2008 // 55 Comments

At the premiere of her new movie Marley & Me last night, Jennifer Aniston was hounded by questions about her naked pose for the cover of GQ. Surprisingly, it appears people still confuse making a statement with shameless publicity grab. Us Magazine reports:

“I wasn’t trying to make any statement,” said the 39-year-old actress, who wears only a tie on the cover.
When a reporter tried to get him to hold a copy, Mayer joked, “No, don’t make me hold it – you’re pimping me out! Because when I touch it, angels die.”
Mayer continued, “If I have a problem with that cover, I should just pack up the Toyota and head out of town. I’m just gonna get ready to put my knuckles in the air for it.”

“Because when I touch it, angels die.” Wow. Either John Mayer just came flying out of the closet, or he’s on acid. Let’s assume both.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Anonymous


  2. Bickus Dickus

    god she looks like shit without airbrushing.

    You can see her vericose pubes hanging out of her skirt…

  3. Bickus Dickus

    @ #1: Anonymous is a drunken whore.

  4. jrz

    I’m just gonna get ready to put my knuckles in the air for it.”

    I don’t get it. What a horse’s ass.

  5. fifth

    “Vericose pubes?” What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    As for me, I appreciate her lack of ugly tattoos

  6. ugh

    Looks like Jay Leno.

  7. p0nk

    “knuckles in the air”, as opposed to dragging them on the ground.


  8. sameshitdifferentyear

    “Jennifer Aniston not ‘trying to make any statement’ with….”

    Good, because I’m not listening.

  9. PostmortemG

    I’ve never watched Friends of my own free will. I don’t know much else about this lady, besides the fact that she was married to Brad Pitt at one point or another, and that the fags on E! like her hair. I’m glad i know next to nothing about the majority of people featured on this site. I have some Spanish homework to take care of, so off i go…

  10. Rob

    10x better looking than Angelina…i would eat her box alllllll day.

  11. She’d be a hot waitress! thats about it!

  12. Rebecca

    I think she is gorgeous. 39 and more toned than anyone you know could ever be!
    shes HOT

  13. misslynn

    angels die because an angel dies every time a boy masturbates…duh…

  14. English Bob

    She looks hot in these pics, she’d be better off with Owen Wilson than that tool John Mayerwhatshisfacescrotumneck…!

  15. English Bob

    Seriously Fish what’s with all the ”chickdowntown” ads on your site? Well done you for getting some coin from ads, but what kind of people do they think visit your site? I can’t imagine Mimi (or any of the other women(i use that term VERY loosely) buying anything from them…

  16. forthelulz

    @ #9 Congrats! Your rant about how you don’t care is the longest comment on the topic.

  17. veggi

    Watch it English Bob! But, I do agree. I wouldn’t wear any of that shit. Pants are overrated..
    Oh, and team Aniston.. for no reason really..

  18. lizzy

    i think she looks great, anyone who says she looks bad is insane.

  19. It’s all part of a bizarro scheme by Aniston. Here’s proof:

    We’re thinking the movie should have been called “Me and Me” and not had a dog or Owen Wilson in it.

  20. Of course youre with team aniston you sympathize with the bitterness!

  21. ?

    This woman is desperate.

    Because of that alone, she will never be desirable by anyone.

  22. Dorito Man

    @ # 10

    I agree. She’s gorgeous.

  23. Lily

    Poor Jen :(

    She lost the hottest man alive because she thought she was at the peek of her career and she did not want to have kids because she didn’t want her body andd career to go down hill… Well, I have news for you Jen! You are now a lonely bitch who can not get over her ex, and the fact he found someone HOTTER!!! Also, your career is doomed and you now are desperately wanting to get pregnant.

    COME ON!!! Get a life!

  24. hidden101

    well, Lily, if her only problem is wanting to be impregnated, i’m sure there are lots of men out there willing to help her out, myself included. Jen, if you’re reading this, my phone number is 555-867-5309. i have a business trip this upcoming week, but i’m free next weekend. call me, sweet-tits!

    and yes, John Mayer was probably on acid. i have never seen that dude do anything NOT on drugs.

    GQ is right- she IS getting hotter. but maybe that’s just because i love the cougs. i would crawl up in her vagina and live there if i could.

  25. Mama Pinkus

    of course she’s trying to make a statement – she’s fixing to turn 40 in February and wants to make sure guys still want to fuck her

  26. RickD

    Lily @ 23:

    Pretty sure you lose all rights to tell some one to get a life when you are posting a comment for a picture of someone on TheSuperficial. Just a thought. Anyway JA is f’ing hot @ 39 and I would take her over any of the girls at my University, any day… please.

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  28. my comment

    She looks very cute here. Much better than that zombie, Jolie.

  29. jrz

    ahem…speaking of lonely bitches, Lily……..

  30. jrz

    ahem…speaking of lonely bitches, Lily……..

  31. mimi

    She’s waaaay over rated and yes she is starting to look old. Way to old for posing nude.

  32. dogsnot

    Jen still looks great. She’s lucky not to be saddled with that spineless ex-husband. Anyone who is willing to touch Angelina has got to be out of their minds.

    Go Jen!

  33. dogsnot

    Jen still looks great. She’s lucky not to be saddled with that spineless ex-husband. Anyone who is willing to touch Angelina has got to be out of their minds.

    Go Jen!

  34. Kate

    mimi = retard

    She looks awesome, I wish I had her body. You’re beyond stupid if you think she looks bad.

  35. Deacon Jones

    I love Jen. Classy, mature, and hot. Everything I look for in a woman.

  36. Taylor

    Great nose job

  37. Seth Farley

    39 year old women are the best to have sex with. No condoms, no worries.

  38. Ardgelina

    she is so pretty! and that dress is soo gorgeous!

  39. Sport

    Wayyy hotter than Jolie. Especially in the dark. Great dress I would love to foul.

  40. ummm...yeah

    The reason why women on this site won’t buy those clothes is because you’d have to be anorexic to wear them…plus they’re ugly.
    Jennifer needs to stop whoring around and go sit down somewhere…in a rocker perhaps…

  41. Lucy

    thinking the GQ photos were kinda of desperate

  42. BrandiLye

    GQ photos were as fugly as all get out. She looks mad hot otherwise, but still average by HW standards; doesn’t seem like she cares all that much. Nor should she, being recognizable is what gets her paid.

    When Owen gets his head right, perhaps makes a few blockbusters, they should form some kind of Aryan powercouple thing. Who cares if she’s Greek? Those blond heads look cute together.

  43. emmaleigh

    she is BEAUTIFUL inside and out, just ask anyone in Hollywood or anyone who’s ever known and spoken to her. Love her, love everything about her. I just feel bad that love of her life was brainwashed by a crazy, knife wielding, blood loving, Mia Farrow wannabe, no hipped, overrated walking zombie whore.

  44. emmaleigh

    “knuckles in the air” as a victorious display because that hot woman is his.

  45. my pants

    “”Because when I touch it, angels die.” Wow. Either John Mayer just came flying out of the closet, or he’s on acid. Let’s assume both.”

    Are you sure he’s not referencing this song/video?

    Maybe he was just worried about getting too excited?

  46. Maximus

    I’m with Sport. This woman is hot. Way, way, way hotter than Angelina Jolie. No contest. I want to hate her but when I see her all dolled up like this, I like it.

  47. ………………………..I KNOW, honey!!

  48. Seriously

    Her body looks great, especially given the fact that she’s about to turn 40. There’s 20 year olds that don’t look like that.

    But that’s where I draw the line. I’m just going to speak the truth, because no one else seems to have the b@lls to do it: she looks like a d@mn man in the face. She should have never picked up smoking.

  49. yuck

    her horsey face looks like a man. Heck she looks like jay Leno’s long lost sister even after the two nose jobs.

    She is desperate and quite bitter and pathetic. Hey you would have a nice body too if you didn’t have any kids and had money for trainers, personal chef, etc. But that’s it, she only has a nice body going for but nice bodies age and won’t last forever.

    She will die childless and all alone.

  50. pattyanne

    I’m really looking forward to going to the theater to see Marley & Me. I’ve been a long time fan of Owen’s, and have admired Jennifer Aniston’s comedic timing as well. Should be a good entertaining evening. As usual, Jen looks gorgeous and confidant and completely satisfied with her life…she should. It takes a strong, intelligent, confidant woman to make such success in business, and entertainment industries today. I hear her production company is doing very well also. Good for her. Gives all women something to emulate. There is more to a woman than who the man is she’s with….that is purely secondary and unimportant to who and what she is. Too many bounce from man to man in celeb ville these days, it’s nice to see some who are more particular about the company they keep, and know what a sound moral base is. Continued good luck to Mz Aniston……and remember, SHE filed for her freedom from the mistake, not the other way around :-)

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