Jennifer Aniston loves wearing bikinis

May 5th, 2008 // 125 Comments

Whoever cast Jennifer Aniston in Marley & Me is my new Jesus. The film is shooting in Miami where Jennifer is guaranteed to be sporting a bikini at least once a week. This time around she’s got a friend with her (red bikini) who I’m 90% positive is John Mayer. In the meantime, some of these pics aren’t focused very well, but with boobs, quantity is always better than quality. I mean, who cares if they’re in-focus, out-of-focus, sepiatoned, or attached to a trucker named Ralph you met last night at Arby’s hundreds of women you meet every day while racing Lamborghinis in a ninja suit.

Thanks to Karl who could find breasts in the lost city of Atlantis.


  1. Pete

    Okay reading this thread is HILARIOUS.

    Swede hater swedes aren’t all blond and there are hot people from all around the world stop being so prejudice.

    Do not tell us about your so called parenting WE DON’T CARE

    The swedish person is not a redneck moron and since they called you racist the probably have no problem with interacial dating.

    Now go back to your “parenting” and leave this board alone NO ONE wants to hear your crap

    Lastely us men absolutely like slim women, have you seen the comments here, even slightly plum girls like Britney are called total fatties, we like ‘em tight and toned.

  2. john mayers uterus

    LOL Superfish. I’m 100% sure that’s John Mayer.

  3. Pearl

    #92 & #96

    I saw an interview with Brad before he broke up with Jen. The interviewer asked Brad if he wanted kids and Brad looked very teary eyed and said yes. I suspect he wanted children but Jen did not by his sad response. And now that Brad found someone that wants a big family, Jen is now saying she wanted to start a family. I suspect Jen is self absorbed and this is part of the reason she does not want to have kids. Also Jen is probably afraid of ruining her body from being pregnant. Raising happy, smart, respectful, loveable children with good self esteem has been my biggest accomplishment. Married couples that do not want children are basically self absorbed. I enjoy my career, my family, my alone time, and adult time. I have a great balance and would not trade my life for Jen’s life. Jen makes a lot of money but her life seems boring and lonely. She should do some humanitarian work because it is a great feeling to give time and money for worthy causes.

  4. US men like women with meat on the back

    All swedes or the true ones not bred with other tribes are blonde. ALL of them. And american men are not attracted to them because most american men now are not white. I have not dated an american man since my loser husband who is most likely over there diddling swedes and german women right now. Good for him.

    I just last week went on a double date with my daugher and her older boyfriend’s uncle. He was 12 years younger than me and let me tell you what, black guys know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I aint never going back!!!!!!

    Don’t want to hear about my parenting my daughters? Why? They are very happy! How about your kids?

  5. 2 Cents


    All ethnicities male and female can be considered hot; even white people. JLo and Beyonce are fat chicks that got lucky because people buy their cheesy pop music. Since most Americans are fat; Americans embrace fat butt /thighs women like JLo and Beyonce. All males and females can relate to JLo and Beyonce because they are fat too or know people that are fat.

  6. Doc


    US men don’t have a big selection when it comes to US females with meat on their back because 70 pecent of Americans are 30 pounds or more overweight. This is why seeing a healthy and fit person is such a treasure in the US. I hope the other 30 percent continue to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

  7. Never Going Back!

    104–I’ve dated one successful white collar black man but his getto family is what bothered me. Going to family events and hearing them talk about wellfare and their huge credit card debt and how everyone owes them a living was too much for me. I could not imagine marrying into that. I also hated the fact that he wanted me to go down on him without him taking a shower first and his kinky pubic haired smelled horrible when he did not take a shower first.

  8. jeesi

    Hot stature,sun glass, blond hair and red coat are all my style!! those tall women(even models) i hook up with were also in that style. still remember the tall dating place, to share with u guys: __T a l l m i n g l e . c om_ a place to start a beautiful romance and leave sweet memories!!

  9. Racist Pigs

    104 I bet that nice black guy dumped your sorry skinny white ass too for not taking care of him. Maybe he really found a ride with a little more junk in da trunk Sis?
    What the fuck is wrong with getting welfare? Some of us deserve it bitch.
    Jlo and Beyonce are not fat. Most white women here are skinny and that is that.

  10. Jambalayaman

    Everybody knows Jen’s boobs are fake. that is the reason why they look so awkward. Still, I would do her. tight petite bodies are always a turn on, despite silicon racks and boyish faces.

  11. poot

    angelina is a mega-skank. i always liked rachel better than monica, and people who’s guts fall over their bikini bottoms should stick to one-pieces.

  12. Dr Drew


    Most people in the US are not skinny. Only 1 percent of the US population is underweight due to bad eating habits and some due to illness. US has no shortage of fat people. You do not consider JLo and Beyonce fat because you are the typical American use to seeing fat Americans or you are fat, but do not consider yourself fat, but thick or husky. The world sees Americans as fat as well as Beyonce and JLo being fat too.

    Welfare should not be a way of life, but a way to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

  13. Momma

    Dr. Drew are you a professional? I am 5′ 9.5″ and carry 211 lbs. but have large breasts and a nice shapely ass. I am well formed. I date black guys as they do not think I am fat. Am I ?
    My girls are built like me and they are bigger than most of the gals around but they are pretty. They do the corn rows and that really shows off their nice big eyes as they wear heavy eyeliner and it’s a nice accent. They got big chests and butts like their momma.

  14. Sapphire

    If that’s what a ‘real woman’ looks like then I don’t wanna look like a real woman, real women are nasty then! If I looked like that woman in the pink bathsuit I would not go out in public.

    2 cents, I’m American and white and I think JLo and Beyonce are Huge. Waaay too fat. I wouldn’t want a body like that, big fat butt and gross fat thunder thighs that’s nasty.

  15. JJ


    Another classic excuse for being fat from a typical overweight American. Being overweight is unhealthy and can cause health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

  16. BMI

    BMI people, BMI. Kim K could stand to work out, but now we’re insulting J. Lo who probably has a perfectly healthy BMI, as does Aniston I’m assuming. You people are all so shallow.

  17. Jack LaLane

    If you can pinch more than an inch of flab on your body then you are overweight. JLo, Kim K. and Beyonce can all pinch more than an inch of flab on their butts, thighs, and hips. They are fat but Americans are more accepting to fat people because most Americans are fat like JLo, Kim K., and Beyonce.

  18. Momma

    Sir 116 are you the real Jack LaLane sir???????
    Is 5’9.5″ at 211 lbs. and nicely built ok? I am big boned and very wide in the shoulders sir?

  19. Lucy

    Her body sucks. Gross.

  20. Jen Looks Great!

    I luv Jennifer. She’s so Girl Next Door. I admire her integrity too.

  21. hey

    She is so hot and many guys want to date with her,but I hear she just dates a rich guy at the dating site called “” you want to know more about her? her profile is really interesting

  22. ec

    she kind of looks like BRAD PITT (the one with her walking with a sweater on)

  23. M Gray

    Obviously most of you are VERY young. Just remember that Everybody gets only one year to be 22, then you get older. If you’re lucky, you will live to be 39 and you will HOPE you look as good as she does, or if you’re a guy, that your fat bald 39 year old ass can get someone as good as she looks. I’m 38 and have 3 kids and I work out almost everyday to be healthy and to look good. I don’t think it’s vain to want to look good even if you’re older than 35. What are you supposed to do, just say “Hey I’m old now so I’ll just let myself get fat and go to shit b/c it doesn’t matter anymore”? I want to look attractive as long as I can, and maybe not to a 25 year old, but everybody isn’t 25.

  24. I agree with 7. comments. Cut out the behemoth in the photo. two seconds in photoshop and crop her out of the picture!

  25. Well, I just turned 50 and refuse to put up MY bikini! Just because you arfen’t 20 and perfect doesn’t mean life is over!! Enjoy who you are and who cares what everyoone else thinks!!

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